Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Photogenic Wednesday - 004

Tables in row... How many of them?

For more pictures, visit A Picture A Day @

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Picture A Day.

A new blog has born... Guess what? I'm launching my latest blog name "A Picture A Day" I bet all of you will be able to know what is the theme of my new blog by now. Anyway, do pay a visit of my premier post of "A Picture A Day"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

TZ in class

In an hour i will be attending a whole day class. I signed up for a certification course again and this certification course required me to attend classes every Sunday for the next 4 Sunday. So... 

no Movie on Sunday 
no Hi-tea on Sunday 
no Gym on Sunday
no dating on Sunday
no Afternoon nap on Sunday unless i sleep in class. Blek~
no Party on Saturday night :(
no Gossiping on Sunday (yaya... as if i gossip)

Anyway, just 4 weeks and i will be back to my normal Sunday activities again. Hopefully i will stay awake throughout the class and try to get as much information as possible. :)

Hey, gotta go now otherwise i will be late for my first day of class. Ciao!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cam whore with creatures

I read Weird Weird Daniel latest entry this morning and realized that the creature in his pictures were kind of familiar. I think i saw that before... Where is it? Hmmmm.... Anyone care to take a guess?

Now everybody, let's take closer look @ how the creature looks like and of cause my cam whore picture too... Hey i would like to give a kudoz to Jonzz for taking this picture of me with the creature by the river.

So what do you think about it and how would you pose if you given the chance to cam whore with this creature?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm back ....

Everyone... I'm back I'm back... let's celebrate!!!!... 

How i passed my night without internet. Hmmm... watching the NTV7 chinese drama My Kampung Days 家在半山芭 until 11pm. Later, listened to my iPod and lying on the bed trying to get myself to sleep. Unfortunately i couldn't sleep and decided to walk out to the balcony to look @ the nice view of KL.

The weather was so hot... no wind at all. While listening to my iPod, I did some reading and also texting... until about 12am when the Twin Tower started to turn off their lights... 

Hehehe... I definitely know whether it's after or before 12am. Just look out from my living room and look @ the landmark of KL... :p Next time i should record the moment the twin tower shut off their lights and share with all of you. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dial 100 for Service

What would your reaction when you see this pictures?

I see a bad service, products not reliable, support number could only access by certain phone, no instruction on the website to help people to search for support via mobile phone ...etc ... oh yes, another one , SLOW RESPONSE.

okie back to my story... 

I was extremely pissed this evening when i came back... my streamyx and land line were down... yes land line was not working. I tried to use my mobile phone to dial 100... A sweet nice lady voice say " The number you dial is not in service" Damn, i could not use my mobile to dial. Thanks to the Telekom Malaysia with the Malaysia Boleh attitude, i really don't have any other method to call. Luckily, my condo poolside is WIFI enable. So i brought my Macbook down to the poolside and google on "How to dial 100 from Digi" I managed to get two numbers... really wanna to thanks to my best buddy GOOGLE. 

Anyway please wish me luck as i'm going to call them after dinner. Hopefully these two numbers 1-300-888-123 and 1-300-889-515 are working, otherwise i will go to TM Point first thing in the morning tomorrow to screw them upside down. Don't play play with TZ eh~

TZ has no internet connection @ home... :(  sigh~ sigh~ sigh~ sigh~

this entry is updated from TZ's condo poolside... blek~

Photogenic Wednesday - 003

Beef or Pork?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

KFC for dinner

I was so tired and took a nap... when i woke up and walked out from my room. Mom asked me what i would like to have for dinner? 

Mom: What would you like to have for dinner?
Me: i don't know...
Mom: There is some pork porridge in the pot... 
Me: Errrr... mom my stomach is okay already.
Mom: So what would you want  for Dinner then.
Me: KFC KFC... 
Mom: Huh?

At the end, i have plain TLC pork porridge for my dinner... 

Stomach upset

Two days ago my stomach upset started... I still don't know what caused it but after checking out with two of my friends who has the same condition as me... I think it's the popcorn from TGV Klang Bukit Tinggi... But how the popcorn will cause such an impact?

Anyway, my stomach upset getting worst since last night... I was in and out the toilet with watery stool but as frequent as 3o mins once... Help! Help! anyone please Help me to stop this.... My stomach has been making noise for the whole night and i was so scared that the leakage while i was asleep. Sigh~

I was awaked by the urge of going to the toilet again this morning... I couldn't sleep well and the stomach pain has increased... :( I think it's getting worst, i have to cancel all my appointment for the day, I suppose to go for some nutrition talk with a friend of mine but ended up i just texted my friend a moment ago i don't think i could go... Sorry dude~

Why ? Why ? Please help me to stop this ... it's so suffering..... Ooops gotta go to toilet again. :'(

Chocolate Lover

Attention all Chocolate lovers,

There is one chocolate cake sales in the town... Petaling Jaya Hilton is celebrate their 25 anniversary with selling the chocolate cake for RM25++ (Normal: RM65++). 

Thanks to Bahija for letting me know and helping me to reserve one... I have a nice chocolate cake for my breakfast, tea and dessert after my dinner... Yummy! even i have stomach upset... blek~

Here is the notes that sent from Bahija... you can reserve one to by calling the number below... quick quick.... it's nice eh~
Calling all "Chocoholics" - An offer too good to ignore..! 
PJ Hilton is offering their 1 KG chocolate cake for RM25++ as a celebration of their 25th anniversary. Normal price of their cakes is  RM65++.  You may call 79559122 and ask for their coffee house Paya Serai to make the order  No joke! Just book one. 
...just sharing this offer to you all.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday !!!

If you are a birthday boy or birthday girl... How you wanna to celebrate your birthday? A simple birthday dinner with a bunch of closer friends? A birthday party with expensive gifts and a dinner in expensive place? Invites lots of friends until you only able to say "Hello" to all your invitee... so what is your choice?

This friend of mine choose none of the above... but as a friend of his. I decided to organize a simple and invited a few closer friends of his to a simple dinner. I was not sure whether where is the more suitable place... so i got the suggestion from Twilight the famous YUEN buffet Steamboat @ Sunway.

Who is the birthday boy? hehehehe... Let sing a song to him first. 

Happy Birthday to You. 
Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday to Anton. 
Happy Birthday to You.

Ok... let me cut short the story and fast forward to Friday night... I actually gave my fellow friend Anton a surprise. I told him only four of us (Anton, Medie007, Jerry Kiat and I) gathered to have simple dinner @ Yuen. Later, Twilight, Michi and K|E|E|N|Y|E|E were there too... thanks for attending the gathering. Pikey and Leumao could not attend this gathering due to Friday night conference call with US and Leumao drove back to Penang...

The moment Anton walked in, he was surprised to see Twilight and K|E|E|N|Y|E|E was sitting there... Surprise! Anton... :p Anyway, Michi joined us later... We started our all you can eat steamboat.... It's a paradise of food with so many variety of food. hehehe... my favorite seafood too.

My favorite seafood platter... Yummy! 

Yuen famous for its Teriyaki BBQ Chicken Wings, look at what twilight and Jerry holding @ their hand. They were so happy since they managed to grab lots of Chicken Wings after a fight with others. :p

Empty ice cream bowl... just guess how many bowls of ice cream we ate :p

hehehe... we sat there chatting, laughing, teasing each other, having fun from 7:30pm till 1am. We were the last table to leave the place. The food was nice but the companies even better. I hope Anton was enjoying himself as i was enjoying myself so much with the food and the companies. 

So how you wanna to celebrate your birthday? ... 

Sunday, September 20, 2009


If I say TOILET? what comes to your mind?

My stomach kept making noise since this morning .... Went in and out toilet for nearly 8 times since morning... It's stopped after i decided to take a nap @ about 3pm and 7pm. I stopped eating but just drinking water... the urge of going to the toilet came in again after my dinner. I went in & out another 2 times. What a celebration for the first day of Hari Raya.

I have no idea what has happened to my stomach... Last night i was watching movie @ KBT with friends and i bought myself a popcorn... i suspected the popcorn has problem but surprisingly the other friends of mine has no problem... So what has happened?

Oops.... gotta go to the toilet again... wish all of you have a happy and fruitful holiday eh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Selfish drivers, Reckless drivers, Law Breaking drivers

For the past few weeks, the traffic pattern in polluted metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur (KL) was changed due to the Ramadan... It's extremely bad. Just wondered whether the hunger has caused the change of the behavior of a driver? 

The congested traffic happened during the peak hours in downtown KL and PJ i.e. 4:30-6:30/7:00pm. You could see all kinds of drivers: Fast and Crazy drivers, Selfish drivers, Law Breaking drivers, reckless drivers and slow drivers. Due to all those drivers, the major roads in KL has turned into parking lot, the death tolls arise and accidents statistic goes up... 

Our lovely government wanna to lower down the fatality rate of accident but on the other hand encourage drivers drive after 12am.... This period will be prompt to accident as people felt sleepy etc... :p 

Anyway, go back to the traffic in the cities... some snapshot from my camera on those selfish driver who croaked the traffic... those people should be summon. I thought the traffic police is very hardworking for this whole month ... where is the police?

This bunch of law breaking drivers... they not only caused the jam but also caused the accident.

Those law breaking drivers should be summon but where is our lovely police ... nothing being done... :(

Selfish black pick up truck driver... thought he has a big car could block the road... ROAD Bully!

Selfish Yellow sporty car... cool car but bad drivers... :p

What do you think about the traffic in KL during the Ramadan month? How do you feel while driving during this festive season?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The wind was blowing so strong, the skyline of KL is so dark, and the sky looked like going to fall down on the KL city... And loud thunder lighting over KL city .... quick quick get ready for taking my thunder lightning picture ... when i open the sliding door... the wind was extremely strong. I think i would just pass this round...

Errr. because of my hand shaking the photo is not clear... :p... Anyway, it's raining now. I bet KL traffic was very bad now. :( 

Anyone stuck in the traffic now?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today in History - September 16th

Is it a lucky day for TZ or what? As everyone knew that I was waiting for a call from all the companies that i have my resume deposit into... unfortunately TZ's phone was so quiet until this afternoon... TZ was down for the past weeks. Thanks to all my friends around me who supported me move on day by day. 

So what happened on September 16th today in TZ's book of history... hehehe... back in 1996, i started my first job in a MNC company... i got hired straight after a walk-in-interview. My start date was 091696 or 160996. Anyone wanna to buy 4 digits? here u go the number 0916 or 1609 :p

Hehehe...  this afternoon it happened again ... I got a call from one of the company that i submitted my resume in this morning... wow! so efficient...  although it's a short conversation between us but it's a good conversation. I think i would stand a chance to get this job as they need some experiences that i have obtained from my work in my previous company... I hope i could start to go back to the Corporate World on Oct 2009... Here i come again my working life... *clap clap* Blek~

Photogenic Wednesday - 002

Why? Never see a sour face?

Monday, September 14, 2009

1-Malaysia Food - Part 2

I got quite a number of comments from the blog communities with lots of different kind of Malaysian food that could become 1-Malaysia food. Just visit my previous post 1-Malaysia Food - Part 1 for more detail...

Anyway, it's time for me to review what i think my 1-Malaysia Food... :p Drum please ... dadadadadaadad .....

Swatow lane famous ABC

ABC @ Lorong Selamat

ABC @ Kuala Kangsar

ABC from on Malay stall

So i think ABC is a suitable candidate for 1-Malaysia food... reason being this dessert is seling anyway in regardless of what food stall... you can get this from a chinese food stall, a malay food stall and an indian food stall,,,, BTW, this dessert is accepted by all level of Malaysian, all age and all race... so i think this is 1-Malaysia food :p

What do you think?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Classic Cartoon...

I woke up early this morning... switch on the TV and started watching all kind of kids program and cartoons... I'm still like to watch cartoon produced from Walt Disney, cartoon that i grown up with... hehehe... one of my favorite cartoon shown in TV3 @ 10:30am this morning... 

The shows in TV3 only lasted for 1/2 hour... so short, so after the show i went into Youtube and google Video and continued to watch Tom and Jerry. And guess what I found my other favoritec cartoon too the RoadRunner, Woody Woodpecker etc...

hmmm... another of my favorite cartoon ... Roadrunner

That's all folks... BTW, what is your favorite cartoon... mind to share?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today in History - 0912

Hmmm... i just wondered what i did one year ago? i bet those people who following my blog will definitely know what i did last year today... kakaka... 

hehehe... I bet most of you sure say i was online in Starbie... oooopssss am i really like starbie that much :p BTW, I'm in Starbie now sipping my Ice Cafe Latte as i'm in Ikano after dinner with my uncle, aunt, cousin and mom. This is what we did after our Saturday dinner, we will hang out @ Ikano... Mom, uncle, aunt and cousin will be in Popular bookstore doing their reading as i accompanied by Macbook in my usual hangout place Starbie.

So back to one year ago... where am i? Errrrr.... the picture tell you everything :p

Starbucks @ Ikano

Murtabak for dinner @ Teh Tarik Place

Teh Tarik Place @ The Curve

Hmmm... I was sitting @ the same spot in Starbucks Ikano to post this entry... :p What were you doing one year ago today?

Friday, September 11, 2009

090909 Pasta Salad

Since my friends have postponed my lunch date with 4 ladies. I opened the cabinet and fridge to search for ingredients to cook my lunch... At the end i decided to make pasta salad since i have all the ingredients ready in the kitchen... I gathered all the ingredients and started my cooking... 

After 1/2 hour i completed the cooking and placed the pasta salad into the fridge to cool down in the fridge. 

Lunch served around 12:30pm after the pasta was cool down in the fridge. The pasta was served with the salad cream. That's TZ's simple 090909 lunch... Anyone interested with the recipe?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1-Malaysia food - part one

Few weeks back, SK has mentioned about Nasi Lemak is the food that represent Malaysia... hehehe... Recently i found another food that is more suitable to represent Malaysia and i bet all Malaysian likes this food. I would not wanna to share out what food yet ... Just wanna to ask my fellow bloggers ... what food do you think is 1 Malaysia food?

Note: picture is from medielicious.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photogenic Wednesday - 001

I wanna to dedicate Wednesday post to all the photogenic objects in this universe.. September 09th 2009 marks the first post on Photogenic Wednesday... Let's be photogenic eh? 

Am i photogenic enough?

HaVE a NiCe Day

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kickass Coffee @ Bad Ass Coffee...

Medie007 and I went for dinner last night @ Tropicana City Mall. After dinner we decided to chillout @ a coffee place... when we walked around the mall, we came across the Bad Ass Coffee place... Looking @ the interesting menu in front of this weird name cafe. The development director Suki approached us and explained what food and coffee they served. So we decided to walk around and get back to the place later.

After walking for a while, we decided to give Bad Ass Coffee a try... 

Inside Bad Ass Coffee place 

Ice Jitter juice (ice is made out of coffee)

The Bad Ass coffee has 7 different signature drink which i chosen my usual favorite and hardly available in Malaysia i.e. Coffee with Irish Cream. They called this coffee Jitter Juice. BTW, there are 6 more drinks for me to try in my few visits.

By now, I bet all of you must be wondered why the coffee place name Bad Ass... hehehe... I just snapshots the coffee cup as there is a story behind... 

Bad Ass story

Cam whoring with Bad Ass Coffee

Hey that's it folks... Just go ahead and pay a visit and check it out, taste and experience the kickass** Bad Ass Coffee... hmmm... btw they also serve food but because of we had our dinner earlier... we gotta skipped the food. The Bad Ass coffee is definitely better than the coffee from my favorite Starbie and Coffee Bean... I think i would visit Bad Ass coffee if there is a choice of Starbie, Coffee Bean and Bad Ass... Oldtown is definitely out of the list ... blek~

** kickass in north america slang means very good, excellent; COOL, AWESOME. (source from

Merdeka Weekend with Bloggers

I got the opportunities to have the Merdeka dinner with 9 others bloggers which three of them whom i met them for the first time on that day. The nine bloggers consist of Michi, Twilight, Anton, Leumao, Medie007, Jerry Kiat, Danny-the big mouth, K|E|E|N|Y|E|E, Froggie and TZ. 

Thanks to Anton who organized this dinner @ Mizi Steamboat, Puchong. We managed to get a room by ourselves as we have 10 of us. Each of us given our own steamboat pot and we ordered our own set... Let's review what i ate that night since Leumao has reviewed the team that attended the gathering... 

Juicy Beef for Shabu shabu


Basic Platter

Signature Sauce for the Streamboat

hehehee.... what a nice blogger gathering. After the dinner we drove over to Pappa Rich where lots of camwhoring there... check out Leu's blog for further information... :p

Monday, September 7, 2009

Final Destination 4

Fresh meat is flying around... the blood is splashing every way... the sharpen edge of the object is moving towards you... the scary sound and the beating sound of my heart has made me so excited and scared at the same time while watching this movie on last Saturday afternoon at e@Curve.

Two of my friends and I decided to give the 3D another tried after we were disappointed with the movie UP... i told my friends... this would be the last 3D movie that i will have if this movie sucks... So, we bought the ticket and headed to the cinema.

Since Final Destination 4 was rated as 5.4/10 (4,040) as of today @ IMDB. So i just don't know whether it's good or not good ... anyway, the 3D was nicer compare to UP.

So do go and watch the Final Destination 4 - 3D and experience the moment that the object from the screen moving towards you. :p