Friday, April 30, 2010

My "Beautiful" city

This city is beautiful eh~

So as the people of Kuala Lumpur (KL), what would have to say about our "beautiful" city? Shall we talk about the nice part of KL or the untold truth of KL?

What do you think?...

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Define Insomnia.
Insomnia is a symptom[1] which can accompany several sleep, medical and psychiatric disorders, characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep and/or difficulty staying asleep. Insomnia is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. (adapted from Wikipedia)

Errrr... I was having this symptom for the past two days... I have no idea why this happen. Anywya, I was trying to get rid of coffee i.e. not drinking any coffee at all. But unfortunately i could not go to sleep at night. Not sure whether it's because of not having coffee or just because of my work is stressful. Errrr... work stressful... not really :p Or maybe no enough exercise for the past two days. I couldn't sleep until 4am and i woke up @ 8am... Only 4 hours sleep make me walking like a zombie and look like panda man.... Sigh~

Anyway, i hope i could get a nice sleep tonight after my working in gym. I'm going to RPM challenge and have a zombie ride with the instructor and fellow RPMer... Let's play MJ's favor song

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Photogenic: Activities

Walking by the beach holding hands - Romantic ?

Ouch! how you feel when hit by a golf ball ~ You wanna to try?

I got through all holes... how many holes you got through ?

Push Push harder push... Emmm... how to bring this boat up

Lazy and cam whoring

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Digi iPhone Package vs Maxis iPhone Package

I'm going to change my handphone, I have been looking around for nice and practical phone with good package. I came across this Digi iPhone Package which i just paid RM150 for 2 years and i will get most of the services bundle with the iPhone. Is this worth?

Hmmm... RM150 is kind of expensive for a phone bill but let me re-calculate my total budget to see whether i could afford a RM150 / month for this Digi iPhone package. Oh... I haven't explore the Maxis iPhone package yet. So what is the rate for Maxis iPhone package... anyone?

So what do you think?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cam-whoring by the beach

I went for a quick getaway from the busy metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur... Drive about 4 hours to a beach on the East Coast of Malaysia. I received a comment in my previous post and asked me why i don't have any cam-whoring shots... Am i that cam whore? Errrr...

Just standing No Action

Taking shots

Taking picture with Rubbish
Did you spot anything that no suppose to be there?

Splashy from the back
Run... Tsunami is coming...

Let's dive into... i jump you jump eh~

Take rest until the straw hut... Too bad no coconut

That's all folks...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday morning coffee

My mom is having her facial session and i am having my favorite coffee to kick start my day in a quiet [errrr... no longer now :( ] and nice coffee place. From far i have already smell the nice coffee aroma. The moment i walked into the coffee place, the place was so quite but now due to the irresponsible parents whom do not even know how to control their aggressive children. Basically, the children are running around, shouting and banning the table. And the parent dod not even educate the children and just let them running like a wild animal in Safari... Hey kiddo, this is not children playground or Zoo... please keep your voice down and sit quietly.

Anyway, does anyone know where am i now? This is the view outside the window where i'm sitting...

BTW, there is another family just came in with the children... the children are so quiet and they are whispering at the corner... the children are enjoying their breakfast and doing their reading. This is how a big difference between an educated parent and an uneducated parent... And parent who know how to educate the children and the other don't...

As i always mentioned to a bunch of my friends...
"If those couple don't know how to educate and control their children properly, please DO NOT give birth to a child. Don't let your children behaving and running like a wild animal."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A tour to Shutter Island

I just came back from a visit to Shutter Island. It was a nice visit as the scenery of the island is very beautiful with the cliff smashed by the aggressive wave from the rough sea... There were one nice and old light house in the middle of the rocky island.

"You'll never leave this island"

This island is located in US and it's an island where the mental hospital located. Okay~ it's just a movie called Shutter Island which i just watched this afternoon. It's about mental prisoner errrr... patient in the island... Just go over to the cinema and watch the movie :p

Basically this is a recommended movie to watch especially for medical student. Those medical students were so excited when come to all the cases mentioned in the movie. I bet lots of discussion among themselves after this movie. As the IT guy, i just think that it's a great movie cause the storyline is not as difficult to understand compare to the Silent of the Lambs.

Anyway, i wouldn't want to be a spoiler for the rest of you who haven't watched this movie. Go and watch it eh~ Two Thumbs up from TZ :p

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kijal Awana : The Untold truth

By now, everyone knew that i was having a nice weekend over the nice resort Kijal Awana @ Terengganu. I took lots of nice beach shots as i have shared a couple in my previous post Photogenic : The Beach. I bet these shots has made you wanna to pay a visit to this resort and enjoy the real nice beach. hehehe.... this is how the hotel advertised and also our lovely government advertised it through Cuti-Cuti Malaysia to the world and stated we have a nice, clean and breathtaking beaches

But something was not reviewed...
As i walked along the beach, guess what i found...

Light tube :(

Plastic container :(

Tooth brush, lots of Drinking water bottles :(

Maggi pack :(

Cigarette package :(

Of cause there was not these 5 or 6 items only... They were lot's more that i did not even take shots on those. It was so disappointed by looking at this dirty beach. I think our nation and those tourist that came to our country and simply threw the rubbish should be punished and banished...

Anyway, Kijal Awana Resort has claimed that they have 7.6km of private beach... I'm really sure that these rubbish was lied within the 7.6km. The most disappointed part was such a nice resort came with a dirty beach which they emphasize so much about the beach... Please stop emphasize you have a breath-taking beach before you really clean them up.

I understand it's not the hotel fault to have a messy beach... This is all because of those uncivilized rubbish throwing nations whom have thrown the rubbish. Unfortunately, the hotel has used the beach as part of the package to get their customers. So i think they are responsible to keep the beach clean... I personally think that Kijal Awana management should start to clean up the beach before it gets out of control. Hopefully my next visit will not see so much of rubbish on the beach.

Anyway, today is Earth Day, let's keep our environment clean... please do not litter anywhere as you like... Look for a proper place to dump...

Happy Earth Day, may our mother earth clean and prosperous

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photogenic : The Beach

I went to a nice beach resort last weekend in East Coast and took lots of shots on the beach... since this is a Photogenic day... Let me share with you on the first 5...

Ermmmm... Maybe i should just produce a slide show called The Beach by TZ...

Sunset by the beach - around 7pm

A tyre track - anyone know what vehicle tyre track is this?

Couple walking by the beach - what a typical scene...
We should have more creative scene, any suggestion?

Rocky beach with wave smash on the rock

Oh~ can you see Mr. Crabby in the picture?
Please don't ask me how i recognize this is a Mr not a Ms.
There's a way to find out Mr or Ms :p

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Work piling up...

Sometime i think of workplace like a war zone. Especially you have those nasty, demanding and aggressive customers to serve. The worst things were they are not in Malaysia. They were all over the world.

A conference call has setup this afternoon to sort out some outstanding issues. These issues have been around but could not resolved... my boss was asking me yesterday... Yup~ first day after my vacation. There were so many things wasn't moving on Friday. I organized those things and let it move by itself when i was away... but not as expected. Am i going to marry to this job? Sigh~~~~

Hey, i just get a day off... just a day... seems like my colleague was looking all over for me last Friday. But luckily enough i did not get any call when i was having fun by the beach.

Okie... enough of ranting. Time to go back to the reality... Hit the office now or i will be late. Ciao~

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to the city = Back to work

Finally back to the city of potholes, selfish drivers, polluted metropolitan and the city with no stars... When i woke up a moment ago... something just came to my mind... "TZ, wake up and go to work"... Yup! I'm in KL now and it's a Monday again... ^.^

Monday after a nice vacation by the beach will be a
  • Monday with lots of things pile up waiting for my attention...
  • Monday with hectic problems waiting to knock @ my door...
  • Monday with a day that all my colleagues asking how was your holiday...
  • Monday that i talked about my vacation and made others jealous... Anyone jealous yet?
  • Monday that i need to finish my backlog and hit the gym... Can I?
  • Monday that i usually go back for dinner... oh~ have to let Mom know...
  • Monday that i need to shave after few days not shaving
Anyway, I gotta get ready for work... I don't want to be late for work on Monday.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A cooling afternoon @ Starbuck Mesra Mall

The weather outside is extremely hot... I have no complain and i don't want to complain as i wanna a nice and clear sky tonight for a starry starry night and a nice sunrise for tomorrow morning. I wanted to lay on the beach and stare @ the nice stars... Hopefully tonight i could capture some nice shots to share with all of you :)

Anyway, I'm in Starbucks Mesra Mall which the whole starbucks is so quiet. My friend and I we had the whole place by ourselves in the hot saturday afternoon until a moment ago one couples walked in... Could you imagine if this happen in Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur?

the counter

Windows seats

Me blogging now

That's all folks... I'm leaving for my next activities soon. We are going to for a cycling and photographing by the beach.

Friday, April 16, 2010


TZ is going to have a nice weekend by the beach... Away from the polluted, city of potholes, selfish drivers etc...

Bye bye KL

Hello Sandy beach

I have get ready to leave now... ciao! Have a Nice Weekend eh~

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Lazy is the main reason of not updating my blog...
So i have to be more hard working on updating my blog...
Stay tune for my next update eh~

Monday, April 12, 2010

Social Networking

Do you have Facebook? Let me add you...
Do you blog? Give me the link
Do you play Facebook game? Farmville, social city, Cafe world... be my neighbor eh~

Do you .... do you ... do you...

If you answer is "Yes I do"... then you are married to the social networking. This marriage is time consuming especially those who married to the Facebook game. There is one time my friend told me she needs to harvest @ 9pm. So at that time, i was wondering why she need to harvest, she's not the farmer... then i found out she was playing Facebook game Farmville... LoL...

BTW, most of my colleagues have two jobs, they are very busy... some of them even have three or four jobs.. they are farmers, mayors, mafias, chefs etc... Whenever they have a break... Facebook games appear on their screen. They turned into farmers, mayors or mafias etc... So do Facebook games actually do good to the society? Will these game take away the stressful life of our society? What do you think?...

I bet when they were back @ home... they will continue the farmers, mayors etc roles... I wondered how much time these people that married to social networking spent to handle the other half? Heheheeee... social networking like Facebook, Blog etc has become part of our life.

What would you do the moment you wake up? I bet most of us will look for our computer... check your blog, facebook and email. Then only get ready to office... I gotta go now... need to get ready to travel to the office ;-)

So do you have a Facebook or blog? How you handle your social networking life?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My very first night out with my colleagues

Last night was the night i was having my very first night out with my colleagues. We went Neway Karaoke @ One U. I wrapped up my work @ about 7ish after i sent the last mail of the week to my client oversea. I packed up and drove over to One U to meet the rest.

Anyway, most of my colleagues likes to sing... my boss too is a great singer. Almost every song he could sing them well. Boss, you really a great singer... :p

Errrr... for TZ... he was a great eater last night. My colleagues was amazed that i could eat so much of shrimps, mussels and oysters. (hahaha... they din know my record of shrimps intake that I had in YUEN). Since there was so much variety of food and i was not singing, I was focusing their all you can eat buffet dinner. Food wasn't that good but i wouldn't complaint much as i was a fan of seafood. Yummy~

Again, Karaoke is not my cup of tea.. usually i don't really sing, i went there for food and listening to other people sing. As usual, i was sitting there and enjoy myself with my colleague's singing... Luckily my colleagues sang well, not like some of my friends, they sang like cow mooing... Blek~ All of the sudden, my boss was requesting me to sing at least one song. Hmmm... do i have a choice? Nope, so i sang along with my boss one of the Chinese song. Anyone wanna to know what song i sang?

Sometime it's true, you need some warm up to perform... I started to warm up and sang a couples of song with my engineers after the first song. hehehe... I could sing too :p The singing session continues until 11pm... when they announced that they were closing... We left the place after that...

BTW, i got my confirmation letter yesterday and my boss appreciates my contribution to the company. Same goes to my engineers, they are happy to work with me. I felt so glad to join this new family... It's fun to work with them.

To my fellow colleagues, thanks for giving me the support to get me up to speed to handle the situation.

Friday, April 9, 2010

On leaving my ex-

My ex has been a good companion for years. Unfortunately, he could not perform up to my expectation. I have no choice but to leave him... *sob sob*

Every Tuesday night, I bring my ex- for an exciting moment... we perform at least 45 minutes of up and down, twist and turn, in and out... oops! I think i better stop now... I was so sad when i found out my ex was not be able to keep up my pace and he just keep complaining. He was not able to perform from that night onwards...

So i have no choice to dump my ex- and pursue another one coz I ....

So folks are you ready to meet my new companion? the companion which has accompany every night for the past one week... But still i could not get use to him... I still prefer my ex-

Come let me introduce to you my new companion... Remember this picture & this post?

Jonzz commented in the previous post "lu punya shoe la" yup! I punya shoe.

View from the side

View from the top

So what do you think of my new companion? Nice, pretty and handsome?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is this?

I know some of you starting to think something else...
anyone know what is this and what is this for?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photogenic - Meow Meow Wednesday

Yummy! My lunch...

I thought i saw a pussycat ... yes i did i did ...

What ?! Never see a pussy before?

What are you looking @.... never see cat sleep?

Shoot Shoot... I need a nap...

Wish you have a great Wednesday eh~

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money Talk

What would you do if you have this amount of money -- 10,000,000,000?I came across one notes with this amount 10,000,000,000. And there were whole stack of the notes laying on the floor.... I just don't know what to do as no one actually care about these notes... why?

Front of the currency notes from Hell Bank

Back of the currency notes from Hell Bank

When i first saw these notes, first thing came into my mind was the Zimbabwe currency notes... hahaha... no offense but in Zimbabwe they used the whole stack of currency notes to buy a loaf of bread. So how much is 10,000,000,000 worth in another world? Anyone has the answer?Don't mind sharing with us? :p

Monday, April 5, 2010


I went back to Kuala Kangsar, my dad's hometown for Qing Ming 清明. Left KL on Friday evening and got back yesterday afternoon. During these 3D/2N, we have visited total 4 graves in two different graveyards. My great grandpa was located in a small town called Batu Kurau. While my Great grandma and grandparents were buried in Kuala Kangsar.

As usual I bring along my Nikon D70 to snapshot pictures for sharing... Since most of the people snapshot the grave and those people who visited the grave... i wanna to be different. Here is my shots

View from my Grandma's grave

Great grandpa's grave

The authorities - According to my aunt

Gold cup... hmmm... not the gold cup in Europe or Africa :p

Colorful paper that covered @ the back of the grave.
Represent this grave has been visited...

That's all folks... so do you celebrate Qing Ming? if so, how do you celebrate?