Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What about this?

Anyone know what is this used for and where you can find this?

A Picture A Day - An inspired gallery of TZ

There is a saying "An apple a day chase the doctor away"... What would you say for "A picture A day, bring everyone to love photography"? So what do you think...

Anyway, I have travel a lot of places and snapshot lots of good and bad pictures. I have selected photos to post into A picture A day... An inspired gallery of TZ

Have participated on the Wordless Wednesday and Photo Hunt on Saturday

Great Wall of China @ Mutianyu
Stay tune for more photos... visit A picture A day eh~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What is this for?

Can anyone guess what is these knob used for?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Haze in Kuala Lumpur (June 24th 2013)

After Malaysian famous blackout magic to make something appear from nowhere... Now, there is another magic to make the world famous icon Petronas Twin Tower disappeared...

Now you see it, now you don't...

Sunday Morning (June 23rd 2013)
Monday Morning (June 24th 2013)

Our lovely government has declared no school day on Monday i.e. today. Why can't they just do something to stop the situation? Are they not capable?

Dear PM, this is what you can do?
  1. Declare all school close for a day
  2. Declare State of emergency for those place API higher than 500
  3. Do cloud seeding and hope for rain.
If this is what you can do, i think everyone in Malaysia would have the capability to become PM... maybe they could do better than this... Our lovely PM, can you represent the nation to solve the root cause not just provide us this lousy temporary solution? Super disappointed!!! Maybe this is the different between self appointed leader and highly elected leader from the nation.

Looking at Singapore our neighbor, their DOE minister went over to Jakarta to discuss on resolution... their PM talked in the national TV and discuss the plan to get this haze resolve... but our lovely country DOE and PM. No Sight!!!... just report out the API and advice the nation. Drink more water eh~, wear masks eh~, collect masks from hospital eh~, don't eat heaty food eh~  and don't exercise outdoor eh~ etc... 

How long do you think this solution can last? Please do something on the root cause not just temporary solutions... START the parliament session and discuss how to get the HAZE issue resolved LAH~

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Starbucks Malaysia Facelift

Starbie has become a place for most of us to meet up to Chit Chat... Chinese said "pak pak" (gossip). The Starbie in Malaysia is undergoing face-lifting. I was surprise to see the new image of the Starbie in Ikano Power Station which i hang out almost every Saturday night after dinner with my Uncle, Aunty and Cousins.

Old look of Starbie in Malaysia

Starbie @ Subang Jaya

Starbie @ Jaya One (emo headquarter)

Starbie @ Ikano Power Station before facelift
plenty more of example on how the old Starbie looks like... cause i'm a fan of Starbie NO DOUBT all of you know eh~

So, are you ready to see the new image of Starbie in Ikano Power Station?

Starbie @ Ikano Power Station after facelift
It looks more like Starbie in Amsterdam, Brussel and Cologne...

Starbie @ Amsterdam Station, Holland
Hehehe... Starbie in Malaysia is closer to Europe already... no longer have those old Starbie look...
What do you think about post facelift image?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Unwanted visitor - HAZE in Singapore and Malaysia

Have you gotten any unwanted visitor who knock at your door and you tried to avoid?

There are some visitor that you could not avoid even how solid is your front door. When they start knocking on your door.... you have no way to hide from them. HAZE is the name of the unwanted visitor that we wanna talk about today...

It is a HAZY time again. Almost every year of this period. Singapore and Malaysia will encounter the haze issue. This is due to Sumatra's open burning. Few days back, Haze situation in KL is quite serious but since Wednesday afternoon the unwanted visitor just walked away from KL, maybe it got to know KL has listed as world no. 6th unsafe city to live in... 

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur
Sunset @ Kuala Lumpur
So where is the unwanted visitor?

Picture adapted from
Hmmm... the unwanted visitor has gone to Singapore now.
Singapore is having the worst hazy day in history. Record high on Psi. Guess what? My friend in Singapore told me as of June 20th 2013 afternoon, the PSI indicator has shot up to 371Psi. So, it was way way over the unhealthy level.

oh no... the unwanted visitor came back to Kuala Lumpur this morning...

Hazy day - captured at 11am June 21st 2013
Dear friends in Singapore and Malaysia, please wear mask, drink more water and take a good rest. Don't fall SICK eh~

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fat One Steamboat

I was having dinner with my mom, uncle, aunty and cousin at Fat One Steamboat, Sunway. We arrived around 5:30pm. Luckily we arrived early so we managed to sit inside the aircon zone. Our table was located in the between the seafood area and the plate. So everyone went to take the plate and round over to the seafood area.

Fat One Steamboat Food Counter
As you can see from the picture, the whole restaurant was full house and the amount of crowd were very huge until you would be surprise how much food being taken away within minutes. Luckily, the food was replenished in swift manner.

BTW, the variety of the food and its amount is more than YUEN Buffet. The only constraint that this buffet place has is that they could not have any business from Muslim as this steamboat shop carried PORK.

Seafood Zone

All you can eat PRAWN
In summary, if you like seafood, this is the place to visit and taste the fresh seafood. Moreover, all you can eat SEAFOOD. It's way way better than YUEN buffet.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JungFrauJoch - The highest point of Europe

What TZ did on this year April fool? hahaha... TZ visited the highest point of Europe called JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe. The highest point that you may visit is located at 11,782ft / 3,571m above the sea level.

How to get there?
You have to take a two hours train from Interlaken to Kleine Scheidegg and switched to another train to go up to the JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe station. The journey took 2 hours from Interlaken including the transit to the top. The train fare cost CHF179 return which equivalent to RM716.

Train to JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe @ Kleine Scheidegg
@ the Top of Europe, you will experience the feeling of gasping for breath as the air is thinner. 
Anyway, how's the view at the top?

First view via window when we first arrived @ the top
Information Board regarding the height of the place
the 100 years old building, underneath is the railway that brought us up
the view of Top of Europe in video clip

As we walked along to the other side of the building we were directed to the Icy Glacier area of the mountain. This is an interesting area as the floor, ceiling, wall were made of ice. i.e. we are inside the glacier.

Tunnel inside glacier
Met the Pooh family
Trying to squeeze myself through a small and narrow tunnel
We stayed there for half a day and decided to leave the place to head back to Interlaken to do some shopping and later catch our train back to Zurich for our connecting train to Brussel, Belgium. There will be another adventure in Brussel, Belgium eh~

JungFrauJoch - Top of Europe is a worth to visit as we have experienced quick a number of things which we would not be able to find them in Malaysia
  1. The high altitude gasping for breath cause it's 11,782ft above sea level about 2.5 times higher than Mt. Kinabalu.
  2. Walking and half sliding on the icy floor inside the Glacier. Squeeze through the small tunnel inside the Glacier
  3. Sit in the train that climb up the mountain with spectacular view of the rocky Alps mountain range
  4. Amazing long tunnel inside the mountain range which is built 100 years ago
  5. JungFrauJoch got its Unesco World Heritage status on 2001   

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TZ got stalked

Do you agree Monday is a BLUE day?  For me it was an interesting day for me... I was wearing Blue T-Shirt and Blue Jeans for today attire in the office. (for those who don't know, my office allow me to wear T-shirt and Jeans to office. Yahoo~)

As usual i finished my work at around 4pm and headed to gym for my Personal Training Session. After the PT session, i usually sit on the couch and cool myself down. Of cause started playing with my phone. Answering FB updates. All of the sudden i gotten this picture via Whatsapp...

TZ is playing with his phone
To my surprise, the picture above sent with a couple of messages...
" Don't be a hypocrite ok. You spend lots of time watsap la." 
"I post this to Facebook ok :)"

My reply...
"up to u :)"
"cooling down b4 shower"
"not like you"

Monday, June 17, 2013

Friday Booze @ Morgan Fields Pavilion KL

My ex-colleague just got back from Taiwan for a few weeks break before her job starts. She whatsapp me and asked me to organize/contact the other two colleagues of us to chill out during happy hour on Friday night. I added all the invitees to the whatsapp, kicked start the conversation as a group and arranged with them. At the end, we decided to meet in Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

During all the whatsapping, we didn't decide where we wanna drink and snack in Pavilion. We kind of agree to walk around and go with the flow. We came across Morgan Fields which offered 3pints of Hoegaarden or 3 Pint of 1664 Blanc beer for RM80 nett. So we decided to bunk in Morgan Fields.

Looking at the menu, the sharing ribs and chicken platter has attracted us to order. The Ribs in the menu kept sending the signal... ORDER ME! ORDER ME!... 

Pork Rib with Hoegaarden; is it booze or what?

The drink was good no doubt... it's Hoegaarden. The platter was yummilious too. Chat and eat then we only realized we ate a lot. We decided to have 2 round of different beer, ordered 1664 Blanc for our 2nd round.

It was a pleasant night out with so much of catch up...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Capture from
Google becoming more and more creative with different events and festival banner... Today is father's day... so this click-able banner in Google shown different dad's from various culture and countries. Kudos to Google for being so creative.

All the Dad in planet earth

So, how you celebrated your father's day?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ballet Under The Stars (Giselle) - Singapore 2013

Yesterday, I received a whatsapp from my friend in Singapore when i was doing my preparation for conferencing at night.

In the afternoon,

Friend A: It's ballet under the stars on July 27th - featuring "Giselle" - you wanna come?

After few minutes, Friend B whatsapp me...
Friend B: Are you coming to SG in July? Friend A wanna watch Giselle - Ballet under the stars
Me: Okay. Then I will go to Singapore every month :p
Friend B: No Problem.

So i reply back to Friend A that i'm okay for the ballet under the stars
Me : Okay
Friend A: Yay!!! I go book tickets.

At night,  40 mins before the conference.
As I was looking at the air ticket to Singapore on that weekend in July. I asked Friend A...

Me: Hey the ballet is on Saturday?
Friend A: Yes!
Me: Once you confirm i will book the air ticket eh~
Friend A: Friend B super on lah - he bought tickets liao!

Then, I received Friend B whatsapp image
Ballet Under The Stars - Giselle
Me: eeee... Got dress code?
Friend B: It's open.

So, I have to book my air ticket to Singapore... Going down south on July 2013 again.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

TZ @ ambiguous period...

Reorganization, Restructuring, Re-mapping resources... are very common terminology in Multinational Companies. The more the workforce turns into global, the more political issues arose.  Due to the saving storm, most of the companies will keep restructuring and reorganizing until they reach the target or stay within the cost.

Guess what? I'm going to report to a different manager again after the restructuring of my team. Hurray~ This will be my 4th boss within 2.5 years with the company. Is it good or bad to me? Hmm... I think good is we get to have fresh start whenever there is a change but... Bad is obviously we need to re-adjust ourselves to new expectation from different boss. Style change again eh~. Sigh!

Anyway, whenever there is a restructuring/reorganizing... there will be an ambiguous period within the team. Lots of rumors are wondering around too. This colleague is going to resign, that colleague is looking for a better position outside the team (i.e. internal transfer). blah blah blah... So how true is that?

TZ is in the ambiguous period as he forced to leave the good manager whom he is reporting and could easily work well with . Now he has to start all over again to work out the expectation with the new boss... Good or bad?
when to say; where to start; what to expect; how to action; why?
LoL... this no longer on figuring where to visit shown in the picture above. It is the period on getting the 4W and 1H answered and plan out the right career path... :p

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

SkyBar @ Traders Hotel

Yup! the bar is high up in the sky...

The famous and popular Skybar is located at 33th floors of Traders Hotel KLCC. The bar has become an icon or a must visit place when you are in  Kuala Lumpur.

SkyBar located at 33th floor of Trader Hotel. It started with a simple pool bar like other poolside bar in Kuala Lumpur. If you look into the picture below carefully, you would be able to see some people swimming in the pool. Once sundown... the Skybar will turn into a live bar with nice music and booze. Not to mention the spectacular view of Petronas Twin Tower as the backdrop of the bar which has made this place a very nice place to chill and hangout with friends after work or weekend.

Skybar - Traders Hotel KLCC
Last Monday (June 10th) was my friend's birthday. I was searching high and low for a nice place to celebrate my friend's birthday. Finally i figured out and brought her to this prestigious bar in Kuala Lumpur.  We order foods and drinks, sitting facing outside, waiting for the spectacular moment...

Skybar Bucket - Crispy seafood; Satay; Spicy Chicken Wings

Mojito x 2
Spectacular moment... what is the moment about?
If you get a nice seat by the windows you will get a splendid view of Petronas Twin Tower...

Sunset view
Sundown... Lights up
Completely lights up in dark
So the spectacular moment is that you got the chance to see the different snapshots of the Petronas Twin Tower as time passerby from sunset until the lights up completely as the sky getting darker and darker.

You might also wanna to turn around and look at the bar with the pool and it's surrounding area within the CBD of Kuala Lumpur.

SkyBar after dark
CBD of Kuala Lumpur
Are you convince to pay a visit now?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cellini Salt Cellar

If you have read my earlier post regarding Historical Artifact created by Benvenuto. Are you able to guess what is this historical artifact used for?

Cellini Salt Cellar front view
It's a Salt Cellar on the dining table. Yes it's a very beautiful piece of art sculpture created by Benvenuto Cellini in 1543. There are two sculptures Male and Female. The Male sculpture represent the sea and the Female sculpture represents the earth.

Let's have a 360 view of the Salt Cellar... Can you see the detail on the sculpture itself?

Cellini Salt Cellar - Side View
Another Side view... How about the sculpture in the house, look at how define is the sculpture.

Cellini Salt Cellar - Side View
Okay let's turn around and see the other side of the view... which i considered the back view of the Salt Cellar. Can you see those sculpture beneath the bowl?

Cellini Salt Cellar - Behind View
Do you know where would the salt being placed in this Salt Cellar? If you guess the bowl... You are right! The salt was placed in the bowl beside the male sculpture.

So, what do you think about the Cellini Salt Cellar?

Monday, June 10, 2013

After Earth - The Movie

Quote from After Earth which i remember clearly...

Cypher Raige:   Son, this is not training.  This is a “Class One” quarantined planet.  The threats we will be facing are real.  The temperatures on this planet fluctuate dangerously.  Everything has evolved to kill humans.  Every single decision we make will be life or death.  But if we are going to survive this, you must realize that fear is not real.  It is a product of thoughts you create.  Now do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.  Do you know where we are?
Kitai Raige:   No, sir.
Cypher Raige:   This is Earth.

Anyway, the movie was not that great. The story line was so boring. I would not wanna to tell you in detail as i don't want people out there called me SPOILER :p If you want me to rate this movie, i would rate 4.5/10... To me the movie only so so... Not that great. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Historical Artifact created by Benvenuto

This golden attractive artifact was placed in Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. And this is the main icon of the museum i.e. they advertise this artifact as part of the attraction in the museum. I got the opportunity to view this when i was in Vienna.

Artifact created in 1543
So, what was this item used for?

ps: i will review the answer in next two days :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

CSC RUN BY THE BAY - Singapore

After the infamous Sundown Run @ Singapore. The TZ running saga continues with the next @ Singapore... CSC RUN BY THE BAY.

Picture adapted from CSC RUN BY THE BAY
Hurray~ in conjunction of the CSC RUN BY THE BAY, TZ has planned a full events of activities for the August 22nd - August 25th 2013 weekend @ Singapore.

THURSDAY NITE - Arriving Singapore
FRIDAY DAYTIME - working from Singapore
FRIDAY NITE - The Phantom of the Opera 
SATURDAY + NITE - the national Zoo of Singapore / Nite Safari
SUNDAY MORNING - Run by the Bay
SUNDAY NITE - back to City of Potholes 

I wondered how the finisher medal of the CSC RUN BY THE BAY looks like. Hopefully it's as nice as the medal that i got from Sundown 2013. Hehehehe... TZ running trip has gone international. Anyway, anyone of you are planning to participate on this run?

Picture adapted from CSC Run by The Bay
I got to know my friend has registered me in the run... So i have to start training myself to run the CSC RUN BY THE BAY 2013 on August 25th 2013 @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Fellow CSC RUN BY THE BAY runner... see you in there!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Phantom of The Opera @ Marina Bay Sand, Singapore

Anyone is going to watch this performance?

I will be flying down to Singapore to watch this performance on August 2013. This is my first time to watch such a great boardwalk musical performance LIVE... Hope i have a great experience :)

Once the ticket reserved, I will make my air ticket reservation and have to tell my boss i would work from Singapore for Friday. Yay~ Yay~ i'm gonna watch POTO...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No show, meeting Rescheduled

Is there so difficult to get your 15 mins meeting time?

Meeting has been rescheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled since last week until today... the person is not showing in the meeting now and I bet the meeting will reschedule again. SIGH~ Is this an indicator to me that i should move on? Or just that i think too much... >.>

Anyway, i think i gotta let the person know that this could not be continued as i got annoyed by this kind of arrangement especially I need to cut down my lunch time, rushing through the meal, getting out from an enjoyable update from colleagues and quickly get into the meeting. Wait...Wait and Wait... NO SHOW!!!  or received reschedule meeting appointment. This show how important am i... it's time to move on...

How would you have done if you gotten this situation?

Monday, June 3, 2013

Singapore Sundown Marathon 2013

Flown down south onto the island of Lion on last Thursday evening, Preparing for my first evening run on Friday late night or should I say early Saturday morning... The flag off was at 00:30.

On your mark, get set, Goooooooooooo....

picture adapted from Sundown Official Page

Thousands over people rushing to the front to kick start on the run... Anyone able to locate TZ?

Rollback to before run...
snap snap here and snap snap there; upload pictures to the social media were what the runner did...
Sundown with Singapore eye as backdrop
During running...
TZ ran the first 3km and then slowed down to walk for 6km with the speed of 4.0-5.0km/hr... and ran the last one km again when approaching the finishing line.

After 1hr 34mins 11secs...

Sweaty and energy drained TZ - smile with the finisher medal
At that moment, I was doubt whether able to grab the finished medal. While approaching the counter that distributing items... First item they given out was a can of 100plus, followed by a bottle of water and a banana... I was disappointed as i thought i don't get any finisher medal as i finished more than 1.5 hrs. But to my surprise, I was given the finisher medal before i left the distribution counter... Yay! Yay! I successfully added another medal into my running corner.

Sundown 2013 Finisher Medal - Front
Sundown 2013 Finisher Medal - Back
Overall, it was a tiring run but quite interesting as it's running at night instead of early morning. Now, it's the recovering of my soreness leg takes time... :p