Friday, January 28, 2011

Review on Corus Paradise Resort Port Dickson

I received an email from The Corus Paradise Resort Port Dickson after staying over there last weekend. There is a link requesting for feedback on how's my experience during the stay.

For improvement purposes, i usually will take a few minutes to feedback but unfortunately there is no reply nor acknowledgment for my past feedback of others hotels in Malaysia. So not sure they will look into my suggestion/comments. I hope to receive some feedback from the General Manager / Management on how they would improve their hotel.

So from the link within the mail, when i clicked a simple feedback form pops up...

So under the comments column, i placed these two...

  • Overall, the facilities is rundown. There is a signboard stated not suppose to swim without a proper swimming attire but no enforcement being done. The swimming pool is so dirty. The lift to the room is so wet and slippery. I would say safety is a concern especially for older people.
  • The food handling for buffet breakfast need a lot of improvement. I saw flies flying on the food (The eggs and the fried fish for NASI LEMAK), yet the staffs still standing at the side looking at the flies without doing anything.

So, do you think they will reply to me on my feedbacks/comments?

PS: I just got to know from the tripAdvisor website... the 2011 Dirtiest Hotel in Asia... Guess what? Corus Paradise Resort Port Dickson is the 2nd... i should have seen this before, anyway, please do not go to this hotel. I feel like i got cheated.
TripAdvisor link :

Friday, January 21, 2011

My very first Team Building in 2011

I just switch to a new environment last week and they nominated me to organize this quarter team building.  I cracked my head to think what would be the more suitable activities for team building. So i started to check with the team members what have they done for the past. And at the same time check with my boss on the budget. 

It's a half a day teambuilding. So i quickly shortlisted three choices for the team to choose
1. Karaoke @ Neway
2. Ice skating + meal
3. Archery + meal

Guess what? Majority has choosen...

Yup It's archery... I think everyone wanna to be Robin Hood. *wink* 

TZ is going to Sunway Pyramid for Archery this afternoon for team building... but now let's hit the bed and have a nice sleep. :p

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chinese New Year is coming...

For all the Chinese Folks, have you started your preparation for 2011 Chinese New Years? And for the those who are not celebrating CNY, what is your plan?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sun, Rain, Jam, and Sunway Giza

Sunny in Cyberjaya, but as i drove along the NKVE... The sky was getting darker and darker... When i approaches the Tropicana area, the rain was so heavy. Not to mention, the traffic too ws so so soooo bad. It took me 1.5 hours to reach Sunway Giza from Cyberjaya via NKVE.

My initial plan is to hit The Curve for gym and dinner. But unfortunately, not way i could hit the curve. The whole Persiaran Surian is jam and it's like a carpark. Sigh Sigh Sigh~ I ended up in Sunway Giza Haogies Haus for some snack before dinner. Waiting for my friend to come over to Sunway Giza now.

Hoagies Haus @ Sunway Giza

Fresh Juice - Watermelon + Cucumber

The Chicken Bolona

The Juice and Chicken Bolona cost RM10.50 after the 5% service Charge. It's a bit pricy for this kind of sandwich but it's definitely tasty and healthy... Why not give it a try?

PS: I think my friend still caught in the jam now... No sight of him yet. >.<

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Specially for Attention Seekers

I would like to dedicate this picture that i took few days ago to all my fellow Attention Seekers...

So are you an attention seeker?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First day of work...

What do you do when you are having the first day of work... I meant new environment. I was sitting in the training room with all the new hire to go through a whole day briefing from various department.

The new company has a nice environment with all the different facilities. There is a big cafeteria, a big fridge size coffee machine with all kinds of different hot drinks... And a vendor machine that sells can drink. Not to forget there is a gym with showers, a pool table, a gaming room with Dota, Warcraft etc..., a foosball table etc... So what do you think about my new office... Fun place to work?  :p

I will report myself back to the department and will get a work laptop... BTW, each of us will be given a nice lanyard together with the access card, a mug with our name on it and a nice pen drive with the company logo as the goodies for joining the company :)

What else i will get?... Hmmm... need to find out more tomorrow.  Anyway, gotta hit the bed now.

Good night everyone... Ciao~

Friday, January 7, 2011

Chapter closed...

January 7th 2010 Kuala Lumpur Cloudy: Today, marks the last page of the current chapter for TZ. Why? He is going to close this chapter as he will proceed with a different working environment from Monday onwards.

TZ has decided to move on and closed the current chapter with his current position and company. Today is the last day in this current company. He will have a new environment, new colleagues and new role on next Monday.

Anyway, he feels bittersweet to leave the current colleagues as they are a bunch of friendly and fun people to work with... Anyway, life has to move on... Now the bunch of the colleagues have been added to his Facebook and become his friends ;-)

Hey, gotta go now, have to hit the office to go through the last day of work... hand over all the necessary items back to the HR. Ciao~

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Men's Body Sponge

One Sunday morning, I woke up in the morning and switched on the TV... The TV was showing this cartoon... 

Picture from

Yup it's spongebob and friends... All of the sudden, the cartoon has triggered me to think about my long lost plan which i need a nice and comfortable sponge for my shower. A sponge which will make me refresh after my shower... 

So, one night after my gym @ the curve... I decided to walk over to Daiso, the place which sells every items for RM5. Guess what i found on the rack ...
Picture from

hmmm... I don't feel like buying these type of bath sponge (picture above) as it's so girly. So i was disappointed and turned around to prepare to leave the place without getting what i want. The moment i wanted to walk out from the Bath equipment session, i saw a guy holding a sponge and reading at the back of the packaging... Bingo! this is what i want. 

So i went over to the rack and got one myself... 

Anyway, do anyone of you want to know what is the guy reading and how the sponge looks like? 

At the end i decided to purchase this sponge and give it a try... Hey, I just took my shower with this sponge a moment ago and i felt so refreshing... 

Do any of you use bath sponge to clean yourself? If yes, what type of sponge are you using?

Shoe print on the wall

Whoever that made this shoe print on the wall... His or her leg should be chopped off... Why? Because the wall has just painted and it's so white. Not even one week, this shoe print has appeared on this wall.

Anyway, this is another things that Malaysian like to do, put their artistic shoe print on the clean wall... Sigh~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kuala Lumpur vs Georgetown

Pothole here, Pothole there, everywhere Pothole... Rubbish here, Rubbish there, Rubbish everywhere...

As the resident of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur, i'm so frustrating with the rundown infrastructure that our lovely government has provided especially Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. The whole city is full of potholes, rubbish, clogged drain . The drainage underneath the cities was clogged with lots of rubbish and it smells... The resident underneath a.k.a rats are running wild and they are as big as the kittens. Can you imagine this is how Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur looks like?

On the other hand, I'm impress with how Georgetown being manage now. The road within Georgetown was so smooth and hardly can see a pothole. The streets at the downtown are also clean compare to Kuala Lumpur. And most impressive is the drainage system, i can see the clean water flowing in the drain and they did not smell. Hey Georgetown used to be very dirty and smelly like the current Kuala Lumpur but how Georgetown can be a nice city like today? So can our lovely Mayor of Kuala Lumpur do something to improve Kuala Lumpur?

Bare in mind the city of Kuala Lumpur is representing the country of Malaysia. So it will give the tourist a bad impression of the country when their first impression of Kuala Lumpur is what i mention above... Anyway, I just wondered why KL cannot have the environment or change like Georgetown Penang now? So where is the allocation of budget to clean up the mess and upgrade the infrastructure gone? Can anyone answer my question...

Monday, January 3, 2011

GST --> 6%

Did anyone of you notice our lovely government sucks another 1% from our wallet? All the Government Service Tax has increase from 5% to 6%... 

I first noticed when i paid for the dinner @ Nam Heong Chicken Rice on Jan 1st 2011. When i saw the receipt i was not very happy cause I got sucked additional 1% from the total amount spend... As for our salary, the increment getting lesser and lesser due to all the surrounding items increased. 

Anyway, need to adjust the spending again... Hopefully the petrol price not going to jerk up again. Otherwise, need to tighten the spending. No more Starbie :(

What do you think about the 1% GST increased?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Anyone buying the 4D today? Unfortunately the 20+ million jackpot has already won by someone. Anyway, don't give up. You might be the next winner with the 4D --> 1111.

It's 2011 Jan 1st... This is my very first blog post. What should i blog about? Yup, i think everyone is looking forward for my post regarding my countdown in the curve last year. So what happen in the curve?


Happy New Year...

The finale of the firework display in The Curve...

Anyway, I have to say a lot of Malaysian still in the developing mindset which sometime don't even take care of the environment... This is a very sad scene.

One day we should take some picture of before and after the party to see how much rubbish got left over in the event location. Another one more thing that i noticed was the event planner did not provide sufficient rubbish bin for people to throw those rubbish... So people just simply throw on the floor... throw it to the Flower Pot and so on...

May the year 2011 be the year for us to start saving our environment...

Happy New Year Everyone 
Please do not litter 
Use the TONG SAMPAH please.