Monday, February 20, 2012

Routines - Bath, Poo and Pee...

We do our bath, poo and pee daily and no one talk about it. Whenever we talked about it... people will think about something else, like those kinky stuff etc etc... Anyway, i choose this topic to talk about it as i was watching someone bath, poo and pee... Yes! It's someone... And i managed to record the bathing and snapshot the poo poo and pee pee.

Disclaimer: If you are not 18 and above, please do not proceed... Click here to go to the website that suits you. You have been warned.

Please proceed...

BATH - As i mentioned, i managed to capture the clip on someone bathing..

So, what are you thinking? Are you thinking something else or you expected it's elephant bathing ;-) Now let's move on...

POO POO - Can you see any poo?

Can anyone see the POO?
Not sure how can the guy survive with all the freshly brew POO POO behind him. I think it's more to come... So managed to see where are the POO POO? If not don't worry, Scroll further for more POO POO

PEE PEE - So this is candid shots which i managed to take. POO POO and PEE PEE... Have you seen elephant POO POO and PEE PEE?

So enough of Poo Poo and Pee Pee?
Okay~ That's all folks... 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thinking Sunday

Whenever there is some time to think about my future plan... assess what i have done for the past few months or years. Weekend is the days that i could sit down and think about it. So what should i do in the near future?... 

My thought when i visited Northern Thailand
Looking at the political instability in Malaysia, the corruption happened surrounding us, the gangster paradise of the authority, the disappointed action by the lovely government etc etc... I think maybe it's time for me to explore outside the country. Is this the right move? Hmmm.... maybe... maybe not... Why? I have a good job in Malaysia. A well to do life in Malaysia. A car and condo in Malaysia. Am i satisfied with what i have? Answer is NO!... What can i do?

BTW, are you thinking about change recently, about what you want in the future, about what you need in the future?... Mind to share?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is RECYCLE good?

Recycle is good if you use it in a good way. But... unfortunately there are people recycle something that not suppose to recycle.

I went to RPM yesterday evening. As i was warming up with the other person sitting on my right side... all of a sudden, i smell salty and fishy smell... a disgusting smell which i could not use word to describe.
There was one RPM rider sitting on my left side which i belief she recycled her gym clothing. First it's so smelly, secondly, it's not hygiene to recycle the sweaty clothes.... it was the most unpleasant workout throughout the class. Both the rider on the right and myself were looking each other and put a suffering smile. What can we do?  Anyway, you could imagine how smelly is her... Sigh~

I will never recycle my gym clothing, i washed my gym cloth everyday after the gym. Soak it and wash by hand everyday. Hehehe... i always have nice and clean gym clothes for my workout session daily. So i feel fresh and smell nice :p

Do you workout regularly? Do you recycle your gym clothing? If yes, please be considerate as your surrounding people will be suffocated with the unpleasant smell...

Friday, February 17, 2012

1Malaysia vs YES,We Can

I was attending the Personal Mastery training two days ago... One of the interesting topic within the training is talking about Reticular Activating System (RAS) in our brain. We usually uses this RAS subconsciously but this training has let us know the function of RAS and it's power... You not only can program and uses RAS in your brain... you could also program others RAS... How?

The trainer shown us a successful video clip which sing about Obama election campaign tag-line...YES, WE CAN...

After watch and listening to the YES, WE CAN carefully... I wondered how our lovely government famous song 1Malaysia looks like?... So i went to Youtube and search for the clip... watched and listened carefully... 

Okay, now can you see the difference? 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I applied Thursday and Friday off last week... I went down to the city of Merlion. I spent 4 days 3 night in that country... Guess what?

Colleague : Where were you last weekend?
Me : I'm in the city of Merlion. 
Colleague : Oh, you are going to Singapore? Interview ar?
Me: Nope, I went there for meeting my friends and as a tourist since i have not been there since year 2006. Hehehe... i have free place to stay, free food... just need to buy the air ticket over.
Colleague : Sure or not? 
Me: Why you doubt about me?
Colleague : So many people going down to start their new job there... Nevermind we will see...
Me: *just give a big smile* 

Hmm... Why they think like that? First, my another colleague recently tender his resignation and got himself over to Singapore. Secondly, lots of people surrounded us just gotten their job in Singapore. So maybe this why people perceive that way when you travel down to Singapore. I'm NOT sure whether my boss also have this perception.  

Anyway, it's tough to explain and get rid of the perception... 
What would be your reaction if your friends mention he/she was visiting Singapore for a few days?