Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last day to file your tax

I went to file my tax about 11am @ the Jalan Duta IRB building this morning... There were lots of people inside and outside the IRB building... To my surprise, the efficiency of the IRB has improved dramatically. From the moment i walked in to i walked out, the process only took about 15mins including paying my tax @ the counters... the sign to the tax paying counter is clear and there were lots of helpful staff to assist for those who needed assistant. The whole process is well planned and the most impressive portion was the counter that collect the tax. Guess what? They opened twenty counters and separate cash, 1 cheque, 2-3 cheques, 4-5 cheques and more than 10 cheques etc. I'm so impress and wanted to compliment their good work in getting this more easier with providing a improved and better services... Kudos to the IRB department.

If you need to file your tax and have not done it... you still have 10+ hours... hurry up! :->

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The 11th hours - Climate Change Week...

I received a confirmation mail to pick up the 11th hours movie narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio. So, i went to Starhill yesterday to get the ticket for this coming Saturday 3rd 2008 - 3pm.

Since i have paid RM7.00 for a whole day parking @ Lot 10. I decided to drop by Starbucks @ Bintang Walk. I was the starbucks from 14:00-17:30... was surfing and MSN with my friends.

Before i left Bintang Walk, I took a couple of picture

Pavilion - One of the KL high end shopping mall

Planet Hollywood @ Bintang Walk - KL

The Climate Change Week - The 11th hour ticket that i collected from YTL.

The Kuala Lumpur Performance Art Center which is located very near to my condominium. I took this picture from my balcony... :->

Thanks to YTL for sponsoring the 11th Hour movie... I'm looking forward for the movie to see how we could save our mother earth...

Updated: For detail about climate change week : YTL Climate Change Week

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Egg Piercer

What is this?
This is an egg piecer. This tool will protect the egg from cracking whenever you boiled it. I did this experiment with the result shown in the picture

The egg on the left i used the egg piercer and the egg on the right i was not using the egg piercer.

How to use it?
Place the egg vertically on the egg piercer and press the button to pierce the egg. Make sure the egg has been pierced. 

I like this tool so much as i don't need to place salt while boiling the egg (this is the traditional way). Moreover it's so easy and looks nice... I'm still have not come across this tool in Malaysia. Maybe you could get it from outside the country :->

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out of KL for 3D/2N

I will be going to Penang on this coming Thursday... 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is this tool use for?

It used in the kitchen. 
It related to the picture below.
My US colleague gave me on my last trip to US.

So, what do you think? Do you know the name of the tool and its purpose? Dropped me a comment... :-> Will review the answer later ... 

New Friend @ TGIF The Curve

I went to The Curve last Friday for my gym... I did 1 hour of cardio and workout my bicep, tricep, shoulder and chest. After the work out, i walked around The Curve for food... wondering around for about 45 mins and finally decided to drop by my favorite restaurant TGI Friday. 

I went in and sat by the bar as what i usually do whenever i was alone. It was about 2pm on Friday afternoon. The place was not crowded, there were two tables celebrating birthday on that day... I ordered my usual favorite drinks Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea and a set meal (Fried Calamari, Fish and Chips, Friday's ice cream) Yummy!

Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea
Fried Calamari
Fish & Chip

I was sitting there watching the 4 TVs while the bartender was preparing my drink. The bar was not as busy as Friday night. That's where i usually started conversation with the bartender. I met a new friend, his name called Benjie.

Benjie is from Phillippine and he has been working in bartending for 3 years. He used to work in Laundry Bar but recently he just transfered to TGI Friday. He is very friendly and easy to talk too. BTW, according to him, he participated couple of competition in bartending... He managed to do some juggling on the bottle and shaker for me to capture in the video... :-> Unfortunately i only have my camera with me, sorry for the resolution eh!

Benjie - the bartender @ TGIF - The Curve

Later, i ordered another drink named Electric Lemonade. We talked about which country is nice to stay and work... After talking for roughly about 2 hrs+ ... it was time for me to head home to beat the jam... :->

Electric Lemonade

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beijing Olympic Torch is here in Malaysia...

The 2008 Olympic Torch has arrived in Malaysia... there will be a run on April 21st 2008 (Monday) 10am onwards... there will be a big celebration in Petronas Twin Tower late evening before leaving for the next stop Jakarta, Indonesia... :->

I have a PT session on 6pm which i don't think i would be able to attend the celebration in KLCC @ about 6pm... for those who worked near KLCC... this is a chance for you to witness the olympic torch since you are not able to go back home due to the road closure... :->

Some fact on the Beijing Olympic Torch
The Beijing Olympic Torch boasts strong Chinese characteristics, and showcases Chinese design and technical capabilities. It embodies the concepts of a Green Olympics, a High-tech Olympics and the People's Olympics.

The Key Facts about the Torch
The torch is 72 centimetres high, weighs 985 grams and is made of aluminium. The torch is of a curved surface form, with etching and anodizing being used during its production. A torch can usually keep burning for approximately 15 minutes in conditions where the flame is 25 to 30 centimetres high in a windless environment. The torch has been produced to withstand winds of up to 65 kilometres per hour and to stay alight in rain up to 50mm an hour. The flame can be identified and photographed in sunshine and areas of extreme brightness. The fuel is propane which is in accordance with environmental guidelines. The material of its form is recyclable. 

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Paid RM50/hr to stand in the queue...

It's Saturday again... This is a different Saturday as i got paid RM50/hr to stand in the queue.. You might be wondered why i got paid to stand in the queue... hehe

I got the news since last Thursday that there would be a 50% discount on all the traffic violation except the Ops Sikap, traffic lights, any accident violation. So, I contacted Kimmie to go to settle the summons on Saturday. We met in The Curve @ about 8:45am this morning, since the counter was not opened, we happily went for breakfast @ O'briens.

By the time, we came back from breakfast, the line has already formed. And more and more people came in... the line suddenly jammed up the escalator area. We were only moved just two to three steps within 1/2 hrs... There were one uncle whom standing ahead us was so pissed off with the system, he was the first to file a complaint to the police standing near the counter. Quite a number of people were taking advantage of just squeezing himself and herself into the line. This is what we called CUT QUEUE... but thanks to most of the Malaysian, they just pretended nothing happen and did not even raise the concern. The line getting pack and pack in front... no movement within 2 hrs... I was a little bit impatient and started the conversation with the two person standing behind me and in front of me. 

The line just moved an inch for about 1/2 - 1 hr... so you could imagine how slow the line was moving... why? Reason being was those moron were cutting queue... how they cut the queue? They were asking people whom were going to pay their summons to pay for them... I was so pissed because this were not fair to all of us in the line. So the uncle whom standing ahead of Kimmie and I went in front to stop this happening... The moron got stopped on paying immediately by the higher authority... but we were standing there for about 1 hours... just wasted... :-(

The best part was the whole morning, the traffic police team only open one counter for payment and two counters for checking... no information counter for people whom got lost and needed to seek for help... the lower rank staff was not trained and initiated to understand in order to solve the problem. NO ONE BOTHER... this was how the tax payer money spent. Are you sad about this? I'm very upset after this experience... 

Anyway, Kimmie and I finally managed to pay the summons at around 3:30pm as we started to line up on 9:30am... imagine how much time I spent to save RM$300... in short when i calculated the amount of saving on paying the summons today, i actually also paid RM50/hr to stand in the queue :->

My leg is so sore now thanks to the bad planning of the traffic police team, those moron that cut queue and those people who has so many summons... there were one paid about RM1000+ imagine how many this person have... :-p

I will ensure to a bid to what the limit in any highways... I don't want to go back to line up again :->

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy KL drivers...

I woke up early this morning so that i could drive to Cyberjaya and have breakfast with my ex-colleagues. Unfortunately, I was stucked in the heavy jam @ Jalan Ipoh with a bus just broke down in the middle of the road causing the who stretch of Jalan Ipoh jam... It took me 1/2 hrs to get out from the jam :'( At the end i have no choice but to call my ex-colleagues up and cancelled the breakfast session.

Okay back to the jam... there were one lady driving myV trying to cut the queue from the side... I was so pissed off and gave her a big horn... guess what she did? She looked nice but...

Later, another guy driver also pissed me off with forcing himself out from the junction without paying any respect to the pedestrian. So i blocked him from coming out the junction with my car... then the pedestrian cross the road... I could read the lips of the guy... the guy was scolding me with the famous 4 characters word... $#@$%^#$# He thought he would bother me but for me i careless with this kind of people :-> I continued driving to Cyberjaya... Pay my phone bill @ TM Net and have my breakfast @ Cyberjaya OldTown Cafe alone. Met my ex-colleagues after breakfast. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Climate Change week @ Kuala Lumpur

I received a mail from YTL communities stated that there will be a event in Kuala Lumpur for the Climate Change Week 2008.  I visited their website and found out that there will be couples of events and activities.

YTL Corporation, as part of its long-standing involvement and commitment to the protection of the environment, will be hosting for the second consecutive year, Climate Change Week from 29 April - 4 May 2008. Specifically designed with the objective of raising environmental consciousness amongst Malaysians as well as inspire them to be part of the solution to global warming, Climate Change Week 2008 is filled with educational and thought-provoking events and activities.

Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, The 11th Hour describes the last moment when change is possible, exploring how humanity has arrived at this moment - how we live, how we impact the earth's ecosystems, and what we can do to change our course.

A first-ever book that illustrates what every responsible corporation needs to know in order to manage the waste, resource and sustainability challenges facing our planet today.

A must-attend conference for business executives of all levels, with a roll call of international and local speakers who will be addressing how businesses can mitigate climate change risks today and tomorrow!

In conjunction with Climate Change Week 2008, a gala fundraising dinner will be held in aid of three Malaysian conservation groups, to support environmental conservation projects in Malaysia.

This year, Climate Change Week will be extending its reach to youths aged 13-17 years old, in recognition of the need to involve the younger generation in the fight against global warming.

I have registered free tickets to view the 11th hours produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio in Kuala Lumpur during the Climate Change Week 2008.

As part of the resident of the earth, we definitely need to do our part on Climate Change... We need to look at how to save our environment and do ore recycle...  What do you think?

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Last PT Session

Today will be my last Personal Training (PT) session after 6 months+... I don't know whether i should continue to sign up another 30 sessions. I better think of a new goal before i continue. Set a tougher and challenging goal for myself and my future Personal Trainer... :-p

The 30 sessions will take another 4-5 months. I'm still don't know whether i would be working in KL or leave Malaysia for another country. The sessions could not be transfered even i would like to give it to someone... :-( I would be able to use for 1-2 months maybe 3 months before i got my next job. So should i signed up for another 30 sessions? I'm still wanna to beef myself up further so that i could have a nice bi-cep and tricep of course also chest and back :->

Anyway, let me finish my last session this evening @ FF-Summit. 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello! I'm MAC User...

I have been using Mac for nearly two weeks now. I went over to Machine Midvalley Megamall on Mac 29th 2008 and bought my first MacBook. So far, i'm extremely satisfy with my MacBook. It's stylish and user friendly.  Feeling different when surfing internet in Starbucks :->

Here are a couple of pictures that i took on my MacBook...

I was using Windows all the time before i got this Mac... I haven't use any Windows Vista before but for the Windows XP... I think this MacBook operating system is much more user friendly and i had lots of bad experience with virus attacking WinXP... :-(

Do watch the clip below ... it's a creative comparison between Mac and PC.

So, try out Mac... it's a different experience :->

Saturday, April 12, 2008

KLIA @ 0200

Mom's flight arrived KLIA @ about 0130. Dad and I left downtown KL @ about 12:45 and we took the KL-Putrajaya highway from KL to Cyberjaya exit and then took the Elite highway to KLIA. The journey took us about 45 mins. 

Along the KL-Putrajaya Highway, i saw a lots of youngsters gathered at the R & R area and also along the highway. I was not very comfortable, i guessed they might be waiting for something or might be waiting for car racing on the highway. I saw lots of tyre track on the highway in the daytime. This will jeopardize the highway users during late night or early morning. Dear Police, could you please do something about this?

When we arrived @ KLIA, there were lots of cars already parked @ the side of the arrival hall... Dad went inside to meet mom while i standby in the car just in case the police come. So i got some time to take snapshot some pictures to show all of you how KLIA on 1:45am.

After picking up mom, I was not comfortable to use the KL-Putrajaya Highway, so decided to use the NKVE instead. The whole journey took us about 1 hours to reach home. 

It's late or should i say it's early rite now. Gotta hit the bed... :->

Friday, April 11, 2008

Are you into Facebook?

What is Facebook? 

    + = Facebook

I pop into Wikipedia to get the explanation of Facebook and this is what i got :->

Facebook is a social networking website that was launched on February 42004. The website is owned and operated by Facebook, Inc., the parent company of the website and a privately held company. The free-access website allows users to join one or more networks, such as a schoolplace of employment, or geographic region to easily connect and interact with other people. Users can post messages for their friends to see, and update their personal profile to notify friends about themselves. The name of the website refers to the paper facebooks depicting members of a campus community that some American colleges and preparatory schools give to incoming students, faculty, and staff as a way to get to know other people on campus.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook while still a student at Harvard University. Website membership was initially limited to only Harvard students, but was soon expanded to the entire Ivy League. Later it expanded further to include any university student, then high school students, and finally to anyone aged 13 and over.

The website has more than 69 million active users worldwide.[4] From September 2006 to September 2007, the website's ranking among all websites, in terms of traffic, increased from 60th to 7th, according to Alexa.[5] It is also the most popular website for uploading photos, with 14 million uploaded daily.[4] Due to the website's popularity, Facebook has met with some criticism and controversy in its short lifespan because of privacy concerns, the politicalviews of its founders, and censorship issues. Facebook is currently the top social networking site in many Commonwealth nations such as, Canada[6]United Kingdom[7], and Australia[8].

For the past 4 years, I belief million of peoples have used the facebook to look for long lost friends, schoolmates and even relative etc... (no sure whether they also used facebook to look for pets. LoL) If you are into Facebook... you will find that facebook have lots of applications and so much things to explore and play around, but come to a point you will start feeling that Facebook annoying you... anyway, i just got a friend that posted this clip in the my Fun Wall @ Facebook. (Facebook terms : an area that you could post picture, clip and text even drawing of yours on your own fun wall or your friends fun wall for sharing)...

So, if you have not signed up your own facebook, try it out! For those who have your own facebook... what do you think?

Busy Friday ahead...

Mom is coming back tonight from China... Lots of things needed to be done before mom come back...

1. Do my laundry.
2. Vacuum the whole apartment.
3. Mop the floor.
4. Clean the Kitchen.
5. Clean the toilet.
6. Pick Mom up from the airport.

But before executes the laundry list above, i'll be going for Ginny's Pilate Fitball class today @ Fitness First Maxis. She will have two classes back to back 09:00-10:00 and 10:00-11:00. I'm still have not decided whether i should attend for two classes instead of one. The KLCC parking is so expensive :-( 

Anyway, the most important now is to hit the bed :-p

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Far Away

I woke up with the cool down song in Bodypump ... "So far away" by Amici Forever. I have been searching for this song since a few quarters ago, still not able to get that from Internet for free! :->

I had a copy in my Windows Media playlist but i could not copy out from the playlist and place it into my iPOD. Anyone has a copy that i could place into my IPod :->

So Far Away by Amici Forever

There's a land that gave me life
That made me free that made proud
And someday I will return home to land of the Hawaii cloud
Where is home I hear you say so far away so far away
I hear your voice from afar
It haunts me where ever I stray
But I must follow a star so far away so far away
In the sun upon the breeze and in the roar of rolling waves
Like the roots of ancient trees that run so deep in the earth I crave
Where is home I hear you say
So far away so far away
I hear your voice in my heart
I miss you much more than I can say
But I must follow a star so far away so far away
Where is home I hear you say so far away so far away
Where is home I hear you say so far away

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom...

Today is my mom's birthday. Mom is in Hainan Island, China participates in the 10 days Ink Painting exhibition. She left China last Thursday and will only be back this coming Saturday. I have given mom a nice present on her birthday. I hope she likes it... You must have been thinking what kind of present i have given my mom... As a son,  I knew mom wanted so much to participate in this exhibition, so i signed her up in the trip. I hope mom enjoy the trip, looking forward for some pictures... 

Since, mom is not around today, dad has suggested to go out dinner with mom when she is back...

Happy Birthday Mom... I love you :-> 

Saturday, April 5, 2008

13:30-18:00 --> 4.5hours

I must be out of my mind today...

After having lunch with my aunts and uncles, I headed to Fitness First IOI Mall as i have a PT session there @ 3 O'clock. I should have bought along my MacBook so that i could pop over to Starbucks and chill out there rather than hitting the gym so early. 

As I arrived @ IOI Mall 1.5 hrs early and no much thing can be done in the mall. So, I decided to attend Isaiah's BodyPump class. The new release of BodyPump is tough especially Squart, Chest, Lunges and Bi-cep Track... Imagine no rest in between for chest track... and lots of combination and bottom half for bi-cep. No mentioning the Squart ended with 12 bottom half. If you are BodyPump regular, you will understand how suffer is the bottom half :-p I was a little struggling on the class but sweat like a pig and wet the floor... LoL :-p

After the class, i straightaway hit the treadmill and get myself warm-up for my PT session. The PT session was quite okay today since Isaiah knew that i have attended the BodyPump earlier. We have changed the initial plan to next Wednesday i.e. 1 Rep Max exercise program to a functional workout targeting my whole body muscle at the same time focus on my core/smaller muscle which did not cover in bodypump. What was done in the PT session?

3 sets of Rotate Lunges 8 reps each - 15KG, 20KG and 25KG
3 sets of Chest Bench Press 8 reps each - 20KG, 25KG and 30KG
3 sets of Obliques rotate with barbell - 10KG, 15KG and 30KG
3 sets of Bi-cep curls 8 reps each (I forgot to check the weight)
3 sets of Tri-cep 8 reps each (Forgot to check the weight)
Abs with weight, bridge on the fitball

My energy was running low after the PT session. We ended the session with a light stretch. i went into the locker room to get my Nitrotech (Protein drink) that i brought for after workout. Felt better after drinking the protein drink. I prepared myself to attend my last class of the day i.e. RPM. Isaiah was teaching the RPM class and guess what? There were only three of us including Isaiah the instructor. It was not a motivated session today as the crowd was not there. Don't tell Isaiah, I nearly felt asleep when we hit track 4 i.e. recover track. This was not due to Isaiah class was boring, it's because my energy level was low. Fortunately i did not fell off the bicycle, otherwise... LoL. 

Now, after the 4.5 hrs of workout in the gym today, my body felt tired and some part of my body actually felt some soreness... moreover, i drank so much water and 100+ (isotonic drink) Hopefully, i would not get muscle pain on Monday (usually i will only feel the pain after one day... ).

It was a nice workout and i achieved working out in the gym for 4.5 hours in total :-p I still figure out whether i should hit the gym tomorrow (Sunday) or just stay @ home and relax myself since i have done enough for today :-p

Pay a visit to the Malaysia Largest Market ...

I managed to pay a visit to a huge market last Friday for the 1st time. I heard from friends and read lots of article about these kind of market for those people whom wanted to get a better opportunities. These kind of market usually jammed with people. The were no surprise with Malaysia's but still not as bad as what in China. You must be wondered what market i was visiting last Friday... hehehe definitely not a wet market (I don't go wet market :-p )... it was a job market i.e. Career & Training fair 2008 organized by

I reached Midvalley as expected and my ex-colleagues and friends still not arrived. So i have a chance to stand near the entrance of the fair to observed the how the crowd reacted and how the people walked in and out. Took a couple of pictures but too bad they did turn out good except this one :-( 
There were lots of young people holding a stake of files and quickly walked into the exhibition area. When I saw their facial expression, they were so enthusiastic to get a job. I bet they were Recent College Graduate that wanted a job fast to earn their first dollar/Ringgit. From the same view, i managed to see some of the sour facial expression too which i belief they failed to get what they expected. From my analysis, i think this guy was desperate for a job and could not get one over in the exhibition... poor him. As for me, i don't know why i wanted to go there, maybe i just wanted to observe the situation and get some feel of how the job market now. 

Once my friends arrived, we happily walked into the exhibition hall. AIG was our 1st stop... The AIG booth looked impressive and i filled out a form and mentioning that i would post my Resume later. Anyway, they have some games but i did not manage to win anything ... it wasn't my lucky day. :-> We moved over to others booths... managed to stop by Petronas, Obtech, Lenovo, TRW, Intel, AMD, Philip Morris etc. I also got to know a head hunter who were so keen to search for people with 10 years experience on Project Management and Supply Chain Related domain knowledge expert. She passed me her contact and i promised to send my resume over next week. 

Overall, the job fair was quite organized and kudos to the organizing committees. There were some hiccup as they kept asking the visitor to fill up the registration form somewhere else but they don't provide some tables other than the registration booth. I was so annoying with the lady that kept asking us as the visitor to leave the registration booth without a complete forms. So, i posted a direct statement to her and asked her to improve the situation later. Hopefully they improved that the next day. I knew she was not that happy... Oops! I might trash my career away in the career fair... ;-) 

Actually i did not get what i wanted but i did not feel disappointed as my kind of job will not be like so common that you could get it from these kind of job fair. I think the job fair is more benefit for those RCG and 4-5 years experience. Anyway, hopefully these group of people will get their job that they wanted... :->

We had dinner after visited the job fair and headed for 27 dresses.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Malaysia Largest Career Fair / Post Grad Fair and Entrepreneurship expo 2008

There are three fairs/expos will held in the same location i.e. Mid Valley Convention Center on April 4th - 6th 2008. The organizer has claimed that these three exhibition to be the largest fair/expo in Malaysia.

Since I'm not working, i'm thinking of paying a visit today afternoon together with my ex-colleagues... Let's see what i could get from the fair :-> Hopefully i could get a nice job with a nice company.

Entrepreneurship expo:

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Farewell Party @ Borneo Rainforest

Last Friday was the farewell party @ Borneo Rainforest. Waqar, my colleague has offered me to pull over night in his place. Thanks Waqar for hosting me.

We arrived Borneo Rainforest Cafe at about 7pm. Started with the food (oops! i forgot to take the picture of the food again :-( Anyway, the food was so so, what i enjoyed most was the crowd.) I managed to meet lots of old colleagues whom left the company for better opportunities outside... 

After the dinner at about 10pm, we moved over to the bar area... the organizing committee has reserved a nice corner for us to mingled around and dance. We started to drink and dance, slowly more and more people joined the dancing floor. It was an enjoyable and memorable night.

Group Photo
My two chill out friends
Dancing Guy
Beer Anyone
Drop by tz-photo for more picture...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Beginning of the new chapter...

I was sad to leave my previous company yesterday... it was a hectic day for me to get everything ready before end of yesterday. I was rushing here and there. Moreover, so many programs has been lined up for us whom were leaving in March 31st 2008.

Starting 8am, my last meeting with Penang folks to hang over the last piece of information. Once i finished the meeting, i got sucked into another room for the exit process, signed off lots of document. After completed the process, i walked back to my cub to transfer all important file from my laptop to the server and shared drive.

At noon, we had our lunch @ Verendah Cyberview Lodge. It was sad because our first team lunch was there 7 years ago but same venue for our last team lunch.. *sniff sniff*. Lots of picture taking and chatting, of course questioning on what's next :-p

Nice Lunch @ Verendah, Cyberview Lodge
Team picture 

The organizing committee has thrown a party for all of us whom are leaving on March 31st 2008. It was a sad moment and some of my colleague has cried out. Again a bitter sweet feeling for me. TZ is looking forward for the change.

Today, I woke up about 9 something... having stomach upset. I think must be eating too much yesterday :-p Anyway, just dumped my laundry to the washing machine and now in the dryer. I'm going to plan out what need to complete this week. Feeling a little unusual after not going to work... :-p My work now is to finish my resume and post it to the database.