Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend getaway ... :->

Just finished my work and hurray! Mission accomplish! We had came to agree with a good plan + a good decision on the new program/project. Unfortunately, during these few days meeting, i got lots of AR (Action Required) to follow up. This is a norm for my company on this kind of meeting. Anyway, better than nothing to follow ... :-p I will be busy on the next two weeks as i need to close all my AR before my vacation... yahoo! the vacation is approaching :-) What vacation? My Sabah trip ...

Anyway, there still 2 weeks to blog about my Sabah plan. btw, I will be going out of the city this weekend for a short getaway to my dad's hometown @ Kuala Kangsar, a small town in the state of Perak which is north of Kuala Lumpur. My parents and i will be going to visit my grand parents and great grand parents grave as what we Chinese did once a year. So it is the Ching Ming Festival in Chinese Society. This is the time that we commemorate our ancestor by paying a visit to their grave to pray and pay respect to them. I had recharged my camera battery to take some snapshot to share with all of you on what and how the Ching Ming Festival looks like. Stay tune eh!

My dad will be doing the driving this afternoon. My job is to get a nice sleep during the trip as i had worked througout the nite. Dad thanks for taking up the driving as it is not safe for me to drive :->

Yup! I have a backlog which i promise to blog on my Malacca weekend with my two colleagues and my gym buddy. Sorry for the delay, i was having an extremely busy week. I will see whether i could get the connection to the Internet in Kuala Kangsar to blog about Malacca trip. Otherwise it will be next week then :-D

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Normal day ...

Mother nature has poured lots of water to the city of Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately no flood was reported. I woke up at about 16:00 after working in US timezone. Extremely tired and not feeling well. So i decided to hit the gym to release some stress of my muscle... hehehe...

Since i have not attended any BODYPUMP this week. Decided to attend the bodypump class @ Fitness First - Maxis. Michelle was the instructor for the class today. She is very patient and she ensured her student have a correct post as her student would not hurt themselves. Way to go Michelle... :-> As usual i sweat like crazy in BodyPump class. I feel good after the class especially my back and shoulder. I got a tough time when doing the abs as my abs has not recovered from my workout yesterday and the day before ... :->


Initially, i just wanna to attend the bodypump class and left the gym early. I saw the traffic jam outside and decided to stay on for another class ... hehehe... so i hit the RPM class and Michelle was the instructor again... oh no, same instructor as bodypump ... :-( Anyway, i just wanna to kill my time to avoid the traffic jam ... so what the hack. Another room is having Bodycombat but the instructor was not there when the RPM started... i decided to stick with RPM then...

I about to leave the gym after my shower, i bump into Musa my gym buddy whom attend the BodyCombat. He brought a visitor to attend the BodyCombat class. Mike, a Korean guy whom interested to join the gym. Musa introduced me to Michael and we have some chat ...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The only guy in the class ...

As usual, I went to Gym this evening. I managed to attend 3 classes (Body Balance; Body Attack and RPM) tonite. I'm satisfied and a little tired... :->

I arrived Fitness First Maxis about 5:30pm. I quickly got myself changed and straight to the class. The instructor Cynthia shown me the new release moves as this was my first time to the new release ... The new Body Balance is tougher than the previous release but still manageable... :-> Surprisingly, doing this release i was sweating throughout the class.

After the Body Balance, i straight away hit the Body Attack class. Jackson is the instructor for today's Body Attack. He is full of energy and he motivated us throughout the class. A recommended class to attend. Guess what? I'm the only guy in the class with about more than 20's lady in the class. What a lucky day *Wink*. The class has a mix of regular and new comer. It was a enjoyable class as the energy of working out is so high that we were jumping up and down, side to side as what the Body Attack class is designed. Not to mention, i was soaking with sweat and felt good after the class.

RPM is my last attempt. I just wanna to challenge myself after the Body Attack. Decided to hit the RPM to see whether i would be able to finish the whole class. Surprise! I managed to finish the whole class without any pain in my leg.

Thanks to my Vince Carter Basketball Nike Shoe which i don't feel any pressure during the Body Attack class and be able to perform up to expectation during the RPM. So, wear your basketball shoe for Body Attack, you will not regret ... :->


I have another hour of meeting and i could hit the bed ... :-> It is strange to work in US timezone as i missed all the fun going out lunch with my collague. I'm dreaming while they are going out for lunch ... hehehe....

Anyway, I didn't doze off during the meeting, i still chip in my idea and discussion ... way to go TZ... :-> Energy is low rite now. Going to bed shortly... Good nite everyone.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Morning Arizona ... :->

I just logged in to the network and started my day / nite... i'm a bit confuse... (FYI, it is 11:31pm Malaysia time). To all my Malaysian collague & Friends... sweet dream eh! Wakie wakie, Arizona ... I will be having a conference call from 1000-1700 (AZ) 0100-0800(Msia). I hope i would not doze off during the meeting... :-> otherwise, they will hear some ZZZZZ sound.

Anyway, since i'm not working in the daytime. I picked up my new Credit Card from the bank, and paid my telephone and broadband bill and settle my lunch in a Vietnamese Restaurant called DuViet @ Bangsar Village. The service is very good and the environment is nice too. I had the Vietnamese Beef Noodles as usual in the Vietnamese restaurant. Everytime i have Vietnamese Beef noodles, i recalled the noodles that i had in Saigon @ Chandler Arizona. No Vietnamese Beef noodles that i tasted in Malaysia is as good as the one in Chandler. Boss i need a trip to satisfy my crave for Beef Noodle @ Chandler ... hehehe... :-p

I went to Fitness First @ Maxis late evening. Attended NOR intermediate class as planned. I skipped the BodyCombat as there were too many people. But my gym buddy Musa went on with the bodycombat class. Musa, did you get your butt kicked? You know, bodycombat is all about kicking and punching. With the crowd, it is impossible to kick like a macho man.. unless you are careless and kick others butt... :-p

I switched my workout to RPM Challenge. Ben had the class and he is very experience, guess what i used to go for his class everyday in different outlet when i first started RPM. I like his class because he kind of giving lots of option for the beginner and the advance. So you could choose your own options... :->

I ended my workout with NOR's basic step class. This is not a difficult class but gurantee sweating... :-) My sweat is dripping even after the class... I sweat until all my clothing included undies totally wet ... i don't know how to describe the experience and feeling. If you are the Fitness First members ... I would urge you to join the class and experience yourself (Basic Step by NOR : Tues 8-9pm Fitness First Maxis)

Oops, gotta stop blogging rite now... hey TZ you are working ... :-p

In Transit ...

No work until 11pm tonite. Basically, I have the whole day to handle my banking, going to the gym, shopping.... hehehe... :-p

I think my bio clock is transitioning to US timezone. I felt tired even i had a nice sleep. Will need to go to the bank, settle some bill before hit the bed again @ noon (Malaysia time).

Guess what? today i'm able to attend the Intermediate Step Class teach by Nor @ Fitness First, Maxis 17:45... yahoo! :-> I think two classes for me is just nice for today work out. I would need to reserve some energy for my work later.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Leaving for US without flying...

I will be working with US folks without flying to US. Guess how i could do that? :->
Thanks to the technology provided by my company and the so called flexi hour. I will be switching Malaysia work schedule to work on US timezone. It is fun but also taxing... hehehe...

Anyway, my manager just assigned me to the new role and i'm waiting for a person to take over and transition from me on my current job... solving problem on an application. Let me tell you about my new role, i will be the person of contact and seeking / learning the customers factory business process especially operation process. Then i would need to recommend some capability solution to the customers and driving some program to achieve the most optimum factory. Sound challenging eh!... In fact it is a challenging job but that's what i like and wanted so much :-)

I will be working four days this week... in another words it is good but i need to work at least 10 hours a day to make up my Friday.

Gotta to rite now. Going to attend the toastmaster adhoc ugent meeting. Not sure what president will announce, anyway does not sounds good... :-p

Friday, March 23, 2007

Penang : Day 4

I met more people today. We have the two team to meet in a same room today. More decision making, argument, debate and discussion happened. It was a interesting session as the whole team is more lively with lots of vocal managers... :-)

We finished about 1/2 hr earlier than expected. After greeting everyone good bye and enjoy the weekend. I left the company for hotel. Reached hotel then realized that i had the DO NOT DISTURB lights on. As the result, the housekeeper did not house kept the room. Call the reception downstairs, get my stuff to Fitness First @ Island Plaza. Attended the RPM, taught by Andrew, one of the PT @ Island Plaza. He is very humor and new but good to RPM. He given lots of option for the new comer / amateur, for me as the advance RPMer. I ignored the easy options and heading for the hardest options. It was a tired and satisfied workout.

Felt Hungry after the workout. I have no idea where to have my dinner. I realized that is one steak house near the gurney drive is good. There is a bar and Restuarant together in a quiet old banglo. Here you go some decription about the restaurant ...

BAGAN @ Penang
A bungalow along Jalan Bagan Jermal was chosen to house BAGAN. A place where one can unwind to impress and to rendezvous in an ambience of class and style.
Bagan provides a spacious lounge, dining area, with a capacity of 100 pax. The physical layout of BAGAN was constructed in such a unique setting that a whole evening can be spent here. In such, diners can savour their favourite wine or drink from the extensive wine and drink list. Snacks are a plenty in choice for those who want a drink and have a light eat before dinner. For dinner, proceed to the dining area and experience the mouth watering dishes painstakingly prepared by our chefs. For the romantic, private dining is available upon reservation. For after dinner drinks, diners and drinkers have a choice to sit back and enjoy latin, jazz, retro and easy listening songs or proceed to the lounge which is equipped with a pool table. Here, those who enjoy a cigar with their wine as well as those who love to nibble on cheese while they enjoy their wine can do so with sheer indulgence due to the choice that is available.
The cuisine is predominantly Continental and appetizers range from Beef Carpaccio to other interesting fare like the Buffalo Mozzarella. To tickle the taste buds, the homemade Tomato Soup laced with Gin is a must. Main cuisines can be chosen from the continental as well as straits chinese menu.

As such, the New Zealand beef tenderloin and chargrilled beef sirloin are the old favourites. For the avant-garde and the adventurous try the stirfried water convolvulus with chilli "kangkong sambal " and the deepfried fish pickled in tumeric vinaigrette "acar hoo ".
Sweet temptations are not to be missed at the end of a tantalising and tasty meal. The Chocolate Mousse is a chocolate lover's dream come true. The Sherbets are so cool and refreshing to the palate, and the Lemon Cheesecake is gastronomically pleasing.

Opening hours are from 3:00pm - 1:00am (Monday to Thursday) and 3:00pm - 2:00am (Friday to Sunday). Last order for the kitchen is at 11.30pm daily. For further information , please feel free to contact us.

I ordered the NZ Beef Tenderlion and a glass of Long Island Ice Tea. The steak is very juicy and tasty. Unfortunately, i don't have a camera with me, otherwise i would have taken the food and show all of you on the great dish deco and taste... :-) I had another glass of cocktail before i left the place. I would recommend people to go to this restaurant. The only things is that it is quite pricy ... :-) What would you expect for a specialty & well designed restaurant. hehehe...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Penang : Day 3

Nothing interesting, just another day of F2F meeting. I'm very tired and lazy to go to the Fitness First @ Island Plaza. I think i will just go down to the hotel gym. I heard that the gym in the hotel is good.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Penang : Day 2

There will be 3 days (March 21-23 2007) face to face meeting @ Penang, starting today. This is the reason i'm here in Penang. The day 1 F2F is an eye opener for me as i'm meeting all the factory manager various geographic area. It is a good experience on learning how higher management define the critical success indicator / deliverable for the year... :-> I'm sad to say that i could not chip in too much idea as i'm new to their process. I would try my best to help them on archieving their goal ... this is the commitment from me... hehehe...

It was a tiring day as i'm sitting in the meeting to absorb new information. But it was fun to understand and observe how senior management made the decision. This is a great experience and TZ you are on your way ... :->

Anyway, we ended the day with a great dinner @ E&O Penang. We had a buffet dinner @ Sarkies Corner. Yummy Yummy.. the buffet theme is Japanese and Chinese. I had lots of Sashimi until i'm so full ... No gym for me today as i could not get to the gym with full stomach :-p

BTW, I just received partial of the malacca photo from Ye Fei (my collague), waiting for Tracy's and Musa's copy. Will blog about Malacca later :-) Stay tune eh!...

Sarkies Corner @ E&O Penang
A colonial coffee shop that offers a wide selection of delicious local and international fare, where the choice is yours - à la carte or - if you simply can’t decide - help yourself to a little of everything in the spectacular buffet spread.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Penang : Day 1

Reached Penang at about 12pm after challenging 4 hours drive. I drove very careful as along the way, there was few parts with heavy rain and low visibility in addition plus is doing some road work. Hit the office straight after i arrived in Penang. Go into the meeting and finished my work at about 5 something. Rushing downtown to check-in. I'm staying @ Evergreen Laurel for the whole trip until Saturday.

I paid a visit to Fitness First Island Plaza tonite. Attended Alan's RPM class. Alan is an instructor of RPM and Bodypump @ Island Plaza... oh he also teaches Body Attack. He is an experience instructor and he knows how to motivate all his attendees. Moreover, he could remember each his attendees name even i'm not a regular in Island Plaza ... guess what he still remember my name :-)

Anyway, gotta to hit the bed. Need to wake up at 5 something tomorrow, need to reach office before 7am.

Alan is teaching body-attack

Rainny Tuesday Morning ...

I'm going to leave KL for Penang on a F2F meeting. I will be driving to Penang this round. You must be thinking "hey TZ, don't you know there is a flight to Penang?" The reason i drive to Penang is that i could have my own transport to go around Penang after work. Especially i could hit the Fitness First @ Island Plaza for my gym session in the evening... hehehe... :-)

I woke up about 5 something and realized that outside is raining heavily... oh what a Tuesday morning and yet i need to drive to Penang this morning. I have to delay my journey by 1.5 hour and i will only reach Penang before lunch. Anyhow, my meeting will not start until 2pm. I will have enough time to settle down in Penang before the meeting. :->

I think the rain has stopped. I better get going before the rain starts again :-)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tired and enjoyable weekend follow by busy week ...

I have a nice weekend with my two collagues (Ye Fei / Tracy) and gym buddy (Musa). It was a tired trip but we covered quite a lot of places i.e. Putrajaya, Seremban, Malacca in 1 1/2 days... :-) I don't have any picture taken as i forgot to bring my SLR camera...Damn! Anyway, waiting for my collagues and buddy to send me some picture... I will blog more once i have the picture. :->

This week will be a busy week for me. I started today with lots of mail to reply as i did not clear it last night as what i do normally in Sunday night. I am going to Penang tomorrow morning attending a face to face (F2F) meeting there with different group from various country (China, Costa Rica, US etc). Lots of pre-reading needed on the material discuss on the F2F. I don't think i have much time to blog this few days but i will try to do it (no promise)... Stay tune eh!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Less than 24 hours...

Countdown to my weekend @ Malacca ...

I'm so excited to be a tour guide again to bring my collagues to see Malacca. I'm proud of showing the Malacca to the world as there are lots of different cultures and foods to showcase. Btw, the Malacca city council has done a good job of maintaining Malacca historical sites with the modern facility. Way to go the city of Malacca.

Anyway, I will update how's the trip goes in this blog. Stay tune ...
Gotta go rite now... I'm meeting my ex-collague for lunch @ Puchong Jaya today. Need to finish the work that i planned for the morning.

Water dripping Shower ...

I was working out in the Curve - Fitness First last night attending the RPM Challenge. After the class and got myself cool down, i decided to hit the shower. Guess what? The water from the shower is dripping instead of the real water volume from the shower (I bet you know what i meant, rite?). It does not feel good with taking a shower like the water dripping from the pipe ... :-(

Fitness First @ The Curve is having this problem quite sometime back... I bet there are lots of ppl has already launched a complaint. Come on branch manager, can't you do something on the shower? It is uncomfortable with showering under a water dripping shower environment... :-P

You know what? I like Fitness First Summit Shower as the volume of the water is like rushing out from the shower head. After you taken the shower, you feel fresh again :-) Way to go Fitness First Summit :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Successfully connected to WWW again...

My Broadband has been downed for about 48 hrs. Finally, the Internet Service Provider managed to fix the problem yesterday after a daily follow up with them. Yahoo, I got my Broadband connection back. This means I got the flexibility back again... Attending meeting from home, checking email before hitting the bed and Working from Home (WFH)... etc.

Anyway, this is what i like about the company that i worked for. If you compare to a lot of company in Malaysia, the company that i worked for has the flexibility in term of working hour and good infrastruture for you to plan your work, execute your work without having to be physically in the office. e.g. I would be able to work from home and still be able to attend meeting and execute my work. This has help me to adjust my working life and the life after working hour e.g. gym session. (Work / Life Balance)

Thank you to my company for providing such flexibility... So my friends, don't jeolous eh!... :->

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wishing Blog ...


I got my desired role on my job. It is not full time yet but at least 50% for the start... good sign :) This is due to I still need to take care of some outstanding right now...

Guess what? My boss just announced my new role straight after i publish my feeling and wish in the last post. Oops! does my manager actually read my blog? I don't think so... I think it is a gene in the blog that granted me my wish :-P

Start your wish in your blog my friend ... Miracle does happen :->

I wish for a nice sporty car ... let see whether i got it tonite .... heheheh :-P

Will tomorrow a better day?...

I felt very down on my work last week. I have been demotivated for nearly 8 months since July 2006. But it really hit me on last Wednesday, i think i hit the bottom (still not sure) if you look at my motivation graph. My working life sucks... direction is not clear... :-) The things that hit me is that I have been influenced my current boss to assign me the deliverable / job that i shall be able to perform to exceed expectation with my strength but my requests were consistently turned down. The reasons that she gave me are that she needs a person to solve problems and problems etc .... (lists/tans for excuses... i would not wanna to bore you ... :-) )

Until last Wednesday, i was extremely down after realizing my boss is still not sure which group and focus area that she is going to assign me even until today. BTW, i realized all my collagues have their focus areas and group assigned. Boss! are you hinting me to leave the company? If yes, please say it directly... i could take it :-)

FYI, there will be another round of re-org next week. Until today, i don't have a clue where i'm going to end up and no news from my current boss. Don't mention on what project/program i'm going to work on... So how do you feel if you are in my postion ... ?

Guess what? That's one comment that i heard from my US collague / group lead over here whom work with the US folks. "Two managers in US (Ex-boss & boss that borrow 50% of my resource currently) are fighting for my resource for their group." Is this true or just to delight me ???? Anyway, i only belief 60% of the comment. You know what, i'm having 50% of my resource loan to a project to help the team to solve gaps/challenges posted by their customers. I managed to convince the customers team that gave up on this project to come back and work with the development team ... Yippe... what an accomplishment... hehehe... :-) On the other hand, i'm currently helping my ex-US Boss to organize information for managment decision for the future projcets/programs. :-> You must be thinking that with these accomplishments i should be happy and satisfy but in fact i could only see the current not the future. This is what upset me most... :'(

Finally, my ex-US Boss approached me on last Thursday, I felt more comfortable and delight as i know that my ex-US Boss is requesting my current boss for my full resource on undertaking couples of challenging projects /programs which tab into my strength as well as providing a working ground for me to grow... hehehe.... I like Challenges :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No Internet No Life!!! ... :-(

My home broadband is down again... If i not mistaken, the last time i called them up was six months ago. Guess what Internet Service Provider that i subscribed? Bingo! Streamyx...

If i have a chance to rate the services provided by Streamyx, i would rate their services extremely unsatisfied. I wanted to change ISP but unfortunately i don't have much choice thanks to the telco policy set in Malaysia. Thanks to those who made these policy.

Anyway, the problem is that I could not obtain an IP from Streamyx Server with a stable ADSL line. I could see the status from my D-Link Modem this means in technical the physical communication layer is working fine. When coming to request an IP address, the server could not assigned one. Base on my network experience, I suspected the server is run out of IP because of overloading of request for IP. Do you have this problem since yesterday?

I called up the help desk last nite, and gone through the whole standard instruction before they were willingly help me to launch a report. To fix the problem they need two working day i.e. 48 hrs. Hey come on just the IP address issue, need 2 working days... what kind of service are you providing ... :-( I really have no further comment... This is Malaysia business.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Near Missed @ RPM class...

It's difficult for me to wake up today... i'm not sure why maybe because of the bad dream that i had last nite... hehehe...

I missed my regular Sunday 10am Step Class with Daniel @ FF-Uptown. I managed to reach FF-Uptown @ about 11 something. I bumped into Daniel the instructor. He is wondering that where have i been for the past 2 months. This is because he knew i'm very keen to attend his class since day one. (I seldom missed the class :-> ). But recently, because of my work, I have been missing in action for about 2 months (Assignment in Penang). One of my classmate thought that i have given up gym. Giving up Gym ... these words is not in my dictionary and this will be the last things in my list... :-)

Since i arrived at the gym about 11 something, there are only two choices BODY COMBAT or RPM. So guess what i choose? Bingo! ... RPM hehehe.... I was the 1st one in the class, setup my bike and start rolling to warm up. Lilian the instructor came in and we started the conversation about RPM new release. She told me that she is going to teach the new release i.e. RELEASE 34... Hurray, new song, new workout and everything new ...

Started the warm up track as usual ... nothing special... Song for Track #1 was so so only... At track 2, there is some variation with the previous releases track #2. In the mid of the track, we need to roll our paddle faster than before... This was what happen to me during the rolling. All of the Sudden, i felt that something was pulling my left leg and my shoe was getting tighter. I got a shock and quickly stop the bike. Guess what? My shoe lace has been suck into the paddle and my feet has been stuck with the bike. I stopped the bike immediately with a proper emergency stopped. Then, i slowly got my leg out from the paddle, untied the shoe lace from the paddle of the bike. Tightened my shoe lace and continue the class. Fortunately, i'm familiar with the Bike and was not panic. Otherwise, my leg could be seriously injured in this incident.

So all the RPMer, tighten your shoe lace and ensure that it will not get suck into the paddle eh!... This is important, if it does, you will injure your leg badly.

Be careful and enjoy your ride :-)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Malacca - Here i come ...

One of my collagues from China who is on assignment in Malaysia will be going back to China next month. So, before she leaves the country, i would like her to see Malacca, our historical city.

I managed to book two rooms @ Aldy (got the confirmation yesterday)... :-)
BTW, another collague of mine whom is also from China on assignment will be coming together with the one that is going to leave Malaysia. I have invited Musa, my gym buddy to join us too. I'm excited and looking forward for next weekend... Till then, i still have one task to accomplish, setting the trip itinerary.

I hope my two Chinese Collagues and Musa will enjoy this trip... :-)

Shape your abs...

It's Saturday again... hehehe... my pilate class @ Fitness First Maxis. Guess what? This class helps you to shape your abs and other parts of the body. Hehehe, in few months i will have 6 packs :-p

Anyway, Ginny, the regular pilate instructor is on training today. Her class is replaced by John whom is also a good pilate instructor. He has a slightly different style than Ginny but both are good. He started with a warm-up which made me sweat :-) I had a good workout with the replaced instructor. Way to go John... :-)

I did some grocery shopping and ended buying 1/2 chicken for my lunch... i'm so hungry after the Pilate workout and craving for food. :-p

Light & Easy PT session

My PT knew i'm sick since Monday. He has planned a light & easy session. Although it is light but with the non fully recovered body it is hard too ... I felt quite tiring after the PT session. In order to challenge myself, i decided to attend the Body Attack class.

The new release of Body Attack has not much different from the previous release, the only different is that the tempo / pace is faster then the previous releases. I would recommend you to attend the Body Attack if the fitness center that you sign with offer this GX-Class... You will not regret, a good workout :-)
A rapid calorie burner that delivers fast improvement in general endurance and an increase in overall body strength

* PT = Personal Trainer not Personal Torture :-)

Friday, March 9, 2007

Back in Action ...

I'm feeling much more better compare to the past few days... hehehe... gym here i come :-)

I have a PT session from 1900-2000 @ Fitness First, Summit tonite. I definitely will have a good workout tonite as i have been missing my workout in the gym for the past couples of days.

Ok! Gotta to go rite now. Otherwise i will be late for my workout session.

You are not invited

One of my collague is leaving the company next week. The rest of the collagues are throwing her a farewell party. I'm not invited to this party... don't know why???

Anyway, the collague that is leaving was my girlfriend. Just wanna to question the organizer why can't i attend the farewell... Now everyone in the office thought that i don't wanna to attend the party... It is not fair to me.

Hey ladies and gentlement, the truth is i'm not invited :-(

Thursday, March 8, 2007

a New Blog Title was born

Guess what? I got this blog title after i woke up from a nap this evening. All of the sudden it came to my mind that i would like to name my blog 5 Elements of my life . hehehe...

Which 5 elements?

  1. FEELING: Life is like a roller costal which sometime you will feel happy; sad; frastruction; exciting; down; disappointed etc...
  2. DREAM: I use DREAM as one of the element as I think everyone including myself should have a dream and wishes in our life.
  3. MAKING DECISION: Important element eh! The moment you wake up everyday, you are making decision... small, risky, impactful, .... So what is your decision ?
  4. HEALTH: A strong mind starts with a fit body. What is more important HEALTH or others? you decide.
  5. WEALTH: Job would be able to help on generate wealth. So do investment. Let's work Smart and Invest Smart.

Enough for me to talk about the 5 elements of my life. What is the elements of your life?

Skipping Gym

I missed going to gym since Tuesday as i'm sick (fever + flu) :-(

I will miss gym tonite ... i thot i would be able to go for GX classes tonite when i woke up this morning. But because of the air con @ the office, i ended up going back home ...

Will take a good rest after work. I hope i could resume my gym session soon... otherwise i will get FAT! FAT! and FAT! :'(

My first blog

Hello World....
Welcome to my blog. Just in case you wanna understand why i so inspired by the IL DIVO's song. Here you go the lyric

Lonely the path you have chosen
A restless road, no turning back
One day you will find your light again
Don't you knowDon't let go be strong

Follow your heart
Let your love lead through the darkness
Back to a place you once knew
I believe I believe I believe in you
Follow your dreams
Be yourself an angel of kindness
There's nothing that you cannot do
I believe I believe I believe in you

Tout seul tu t'en iras tout seul
Coeur ouvert à l'univers
Poursuis ta quête
Sans regarder derrière
N'attends pas
Que le jour se lève

Suis ton étoile
Vas jusqu'où ton rêve t'emporte
Un jour tu le toucheras
Si tu crois
Si tu crois
Si tu crois en toi

Suis ta lumière
N'éteins pas la flamme que tu portes
Au fond de toi souviens toi
Que je crois
Que je crois
Que je crois en toi

Someday I'll find you
Someday you'll find me too
And when I hold you closeI know that it's true

Follow your heart
Let your love lead through the darknessBack to a place you once knew
I believe I believe I believe in you
Follow your dreams
Be yourself an angel of kindness
There's nothing that you cannot do
I believe I believe I believe in you

BTW, I don't understand French but i'm so inspired on the English portion of the lyric. hehehe...