Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday Wishes from Social Media...

Technology has evolved to make people life so easy... it's so easy to send a birthday wishes to the birthday boy or girl nowadays. Thinking of a few decade ago. Either you give the person a call or go to the shop to purchase Birthday Card, write whatever you want, sent or hand deliver to the person. 

Guess what?

Today, you don't need to buy the birthday card or call up the person to say Happy Birthday. With the social media apps and the improved technology... you can even say Happy Birthday from far far away. As far as the arctic. Hmmm... why i didn't get my Birthday Wish from Santa?

Since Jan 30th 2013 12:00am, i have been receiving tons of wishes from various social media (Facebook, LINE, Whatsapp, SMS etc), wishes from various part of the world. I will be surprise and so touch if i received a Birthday Card in my letter box. 

Anyway, a special thanks to all my fellow friends and colleagues whom wished and celebrated my birthday... hehehe... i have few more sessions in next few days :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New chapter New image

Today is my birthday... please don't ask me how old am i? Just plug a number yourself eh~ you may base on the photo i shared below :)

How is my new image?

@12:00am, My Whatsapp rang and all i received is a birthday wish with a YouTube link...

and many more wishes from my friends... Thanks!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Reflecting... Repackage... Relaunch...

I was chatting in FB with a friend of mine whom i haven't been meeting him quite sometime due to my busy traveling schedule.

Friend : ooo Birthday Boy!!
Me : Not yet...
Friend : How old will u be ar?
Me : 3x
Friend : wait a minute. U r almost the same age as me?

blah blah blah... 

Friend : becoming age conscious are you?
Me : Nope
Friend : Age gracefully. Be thankful u live so long.

Then he started to tell me one incident which his friend die in a sudden cause heart attack. "So don't be negative be happy"

Think about it, i just have a few more hours to finish what i suppose to finish with my age now. I will carry a new age number few hours from now. Guess what? I will have a new launch of myself in a new packaging... A new me to move forward to achieve more and to be loved more.

People might see me whom have a successful career, a stable income, a going to "hot body", a good and enjoyable life. But deep inside me i feel like i have nothing. Maybe i have set myself too high expectation/goal.

First and foremost, i have to let go some of the burdens which hinder me to move forward, something which is deep inside me for so long... a less confident of me since i left a great company on 2008. I have went through up and down, experienced standing on the top of my life as well as down to the valley... but i still searching back the ME which would be able to self motivate and of cause pulled myself back up again. Today i don't see that ME again for past few years. It has to be put to STOP.

Let me use this few remaining hours to figure out how i should go...

Monday, January 21, 2013


Is TRUST very important in our day to day life?
Do you TRUST him? Do you TRUST her? Do you TRUST... ? do you... 

I'm always telling all the people I knew proudly on how i handle TRUST. I might be a few of the people whom grant the full TRUST to my fellow NEW friends and colleagues/bosses without asking them to earn the TRUST from me. But of cause, they have to make sure they know how to maintain the TRUST well... The moment i lose the TRUST on the person, it will be the end of the relationship or it might have given another chance to build back but it definitely takes a longer time to heal...

There was an incident that i abandoned the friendship because of the person bleach the TRUST... the person thought that TRUST is so easy to get from me. So, the person did not value the TRUST. I was a bit sad but for me once the TRUST broken, depends whether i wanted to make the effort to amend the broken TRUST by giving the other party another chance or just left it and walked away.

So do you like to have the granted TRUST or earned TRUST? Which is your preference?

Hey, i got this nice statement from the internet which i think it's a good things to remember when we talked about TRUST...

Do you agree?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

You think too much

Few more days, there will be another digit increase in my AGE... sad right? Every year during this period i will look back of how things going for me for the past one year in term of my personal life and career... I think year 2012 was not a good year for me. I didn't see much progress, moreover i think it's backward... Sigh~ 

Frankly speaking i might have lost in the middle of somewhere where no one could be able to lend a hand... maybe you could lend a hand by offering / introduce a job for me at the job market i wanted to...Anywhere, this is the first month of year 2013 and i'm a bit of struggling on putting myself together to decide how i would proceed with my career and personal life. 

I was hoping to jump into another job market which bring me higher income but with so many attempts i was a bit disappointed. But no matter how, I still keep on trying and trying and trying ... like the Energizer Rabbit... Maybe it's the rabbit that has gave me the power to continue on searching... :p
No an easy search as it has to align with my career... you know i'm no longer young :p

Sometime i think i just take things too seriously which stress myself out and others people surrounding me. I handled so many tough situation years over years in the corporate world, i could manage them well and get those resolved within the budget and time. Got lots of recognition from my fellow colleagues and bosses. Now if you talk about the situation outside the office... This is a tough challenge. For those work related stuff... i could just make the decision without looking at the feeling side. But when come to stuff outside work... this is where the feeling chip in. This is where my challenge is... the more i have invested the feeling, the tougher i could handle the situation well. Maybe it's me... I THINK TOO MUCH, am I?

Anyway, i'm trying to learn to balance it but i still need a lot of support from people surrounding me to help me to get there.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

@ the Junction

You might perceive i'm standing in the valley of the world cause some emo post earlier. I even have one of my caring friend calling me to ask me whether i'm okay. I'm very appreciate i gotten friends to support in this period of time. I'm NOT standing at the valley of the mountain and i will NOT allow myself to reach there. I know inside me something is bothering me but i'm trying very hard to overcome my inner self before reaching out to close the gap. Honestly, i'm in a junction of my path and some thought need to be put together to make a better future for me and people surrounding me. * Listening to this song while writing this post

I hope the junction that i encountered is as simple as this but this is really not the case...
Is this junction that i'm in right now. Hopefully NOT~  
Picture adapted from www.cyclismas,com
Until now, i still haven't have an idea how my junction looks like, i can see a few paths and lot's of assessment and analysis needed to figure out how my junction looks like. A lot of unclear paths are hidden in the fog...

Whenever, you are in the junction. A very important skillset you need to apply i.e. DECISION MAKING. You need to be more objective to pull yourself back to make a wise decision... making decision is NOT easy eh~ If you are trying to avoid making decision or afraid to make decision and let it be. You are actually made a worst decision. No matter how we need to make DECISION.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do you think the world is being FAIR?

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be; 
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

I heard many story/case about blaming on the world and stated the world is NOT fair to him or her. Do you think the world is FAIR?

Some people just blaming and blaming the world is NOT fair to them when trouble comes in their way... why they are born this way, why they always get the worst scenario? Why, why, why and why? I don't need to mention any example here, you may see yourself in Facebook. Maybe we should build an social application and call "FAIR?" This application will give those emo/blamer to post their thought into the wall of the FAIR?.com

I myself will also blame the world for not giving me an easy life... also give me so many challenges to challenge me and make my life going up and down. I just realized that the world has been fair as i was not having the worst in the world. I have a good job, A supportive parents and plenty of caring friends. What would i have say the world is NOT fair?

To those who has blamed the world is being NOT fair, please re-look at what you have and then only comments that world is NOT Fair...  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Signal and hint from others

Sometime i was not as sensitive as i thought in some of event, people and environment. But nevertheless, i am extremely sensitive when come to a total strange place for instance traveling to a total new place, new environment. My scanner will activate and super careful on each of the detail and change surrounding me including the people.

Unfortunately in some cases, especially those environment that i am too comfortable... I tensed to relax and lose some of my sensitivity. Due to this relaxing mode, I tensed to lost some of the important detail of signal/hint from the event and people surrounding me. I'm not ignoring those signal/hint. It actually registered that moments into my mind, but i just not aware of what need to be done until someone or some event actually come on board. When i tried to scan through my memory, i realized that i should have picked up those signal and try to take action immediately. Sigh~

When came to some event no one would tell you directly as this event/environment should be delivered through signaling/hinting then actions. Some how i failed to get some signal along the way. I'm still weak on capturing some of the signal in such an environment. I don't know it is because of lack of experiences or .... Anyway, if given another opportunity, I will definitely capture all the detail to this area of signaling/hinting follow by the reaction. Action count eh! 

Any of you have some experience to share? How is your sensitivity towards some event, people and environment? 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How important is Communication?

My job nature has given me a training ground to deal with people from various countries around the globe. I have the opportunities to work with people from different culture and different background. Not to say different age and ethnic group.

So many years of dealing with people around the world without seeing their facial expression when communicate with them. I have developed on a skill set to sense on whether they are happy or not happy from the tone of their voice and the way they write the sentence. 

Working is working and i found this is much more simple on communication as everything is NOT very much base on the feeling for the judgement. When come to communication with the person closer to you. It's always double the afford to make the communication clear and workable. If we don't communicate properly, there will a risk to trigger unnecessary perception or miss interpretation and it will destroy the rapport or relationship of two or more parties which has built for years. 

So do you think communication is important? Especially communicate with those person which we don't see daily...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Everything is POSSIBLE extreme Ride 2013

I received an invitation from Izwan, the RPM instructor to participate on the Everything is Possible Extreme Ride 2013 at Fitness First clubs. All the participants have to finished 24 rides in any RPM classes in order to be qualified for the Finale Ride i.e. 3 hours ride in Fitness First Avenue K. 

I was given the first signature after riding in Izwan RPM class @ Summit Wednesday. I still not sure whether should i continue to participate as i will be losing most of my muscle cause i need to attend 3 classes per week in order to get the qualification. 

The instructor signature

The report card :p
Here you go the step by step explanation. All the participants need to abide to the timeline given and finished the number of RPM classes accordingly to the timeline. Is this tough? I would say not to those RPM advance riders but for those beginner, you may need to put more effort to complete the requirement. 

Anyone interested to participate the Extreme Ride 2013?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm lost...

3rd day of year 2013... I survived 2012 end of the world but I'm really lost on what had happened recently. Please do not ask me what had happened because i will NOT review it. What i would say this might be a challenge for me to get this resolved but no matter how i will get myself together to face it and try my best to get this done.

Anyway on the bright side, it might be a good testing ground on how i handle this situation and also brought me to learn about something new that i never learnt before.

Everyone, I'm okay for now... so don't worry. This could only handle by myself. No help is necessary as of right now.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution for TZ

It's 2nd day of Year 2013... "So what is your new year resolutions" asked by almost all the people. So what is yours?


  • Be better on handling all the events, challenges which are surrounding me.  
  • Spend more time with my parent, person i love, my close friends and of coz those new friends that i met which worth spending my valuable time with them. 
  • Continue stay healthy and work out my long due 6 Packs wish... Can i achieve this year?
  • Always reach for better opportunities and undertake better career enhancement. 
  • Get one or two certification within 2013, maybe doing master in International Business.
  • Seeing more parts of the world... I'm not yet plan which part of the world should i go LoL
Anyway, i will try my best to close all these resolution before the next review i.e. 2014. 

So what is your new year resolution? Do you have one?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Les Miserable @ New Year Day

Hello my fellow readers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR, May you have a brighter and happier year 2013

Anyway, My friends have asked me out for a movie @ Sunway Pyramid on the First day of the Year. They waited for me to come back from Vietnam to watch this movie together. :)

According to multiple reviews and spoilers... this movie has its own unique way of presentation. Some people said this movie is boring, some say this movie is very good... So it's a mix review. I think this movie is interesting if you really enjoy and appreciate the broadway musical. I personally found it interesting, touchy and not boring.

If you are feeling down and watching this movie, I bet you will be touch even deep especially the scene when Anne Hathaway sings I dreamed a dream. My tear nearly dropped cause i listen word by word clearly... Anyone has the same feeling?

Another great song is Do You Hear The People Sing? which sing by a group of revolutionists, I can feel their enthusiastic and encouragement to fight for a change which brought them towards the hope of freedom... My fellow people of Malaysia... are we gonna sing the same song?

The finale was the most touching part of the whole movie... My tear dropped when came to this scene. Overall, the whole movie is so good... Worth to watch :)

What do you think?

P/S: 2 hours 25th years anniversary Les Miserable concert