Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo Hunters : Furry

What are this three pictures have in common?

Fluffy the Cat

Scooby... where's my scooby snack in Cookie Jar

Gigi the doggie

They are furry and adorable ... 

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Birthday dinner @ Chilis Bangsar

This was the 2nd time i was having Birthday in Chilis... As i mentioned earlier, i was having my birthday in Chilis Penang last year... :)

I invited Bahija to join me for the gathering ... and planned to pick her up... but ended up Bahija drove me to Bangsar.. Thanks Bahija for driving me... Coz she said today is my birthday :p

The birthday cake that given by Chilis :)

Southwest Grilled Lamb - same main course as last year

Bahija trying to light up the candle for me ... :)

Me taking picture with my cake and my favor 1800 margarita

My x-colleagues who attended the gathering

Me and my favor 1800 Margarita

I was happy to have a small gathering on my birthday... We chat and chat and chat until everyone started to make a move ... kaka :p 

On Driving around to get things done in my birthday ...

I was sending my car to have a wash after so many shit from dear birdie, dust from dearest DUKE Highway and flower/leaves from our lovely trees... All these substances were given my car different pattern of dirt and sat on my car during CNY. I got a shocked when i was trying to drive my car out from the parking lot and hit the gym. So, i told my car, "Car Car, dearest Car,  You will have a nice bath in a short while."... Blek!

Anyway, something just happened during my car having a shower ... the broken car plate has given up his life... the plate dropped on the ground. I have no choice but need to buy another plate to replace the old one. To search for shops that made a new plate was a challenge in CNY... I went to the shop that i had been last time when my plate dropped during a flash floor long time ago. Due to CNY, the shop was closed... sigh! 

How? TZ How? I was not in a good mood even though today was my birthday. So i asked around and drove along Jalan Ipoh hoping that one shop that would be able to made and sell the car plate. I stopped at least 3 car services shops and learnt something from the shops owner. Only those shop that sell car accessories will made the car plate. Along Jalan Ipoh, there were at least 10 shops but none of them were opened ... I told myself i would have no choice but driving around the city without a front car plate. 

When i felt so tired after 1 hour of searching for Car Accessories Shop... finally i was about to give up... I saw a shop which written Car Accessories ... I was so happy and wanted to jump ... Finally i managed to get my car plate... yuppie! After understand about how much they charge, I quickly made a deal with the shop owner and the shop owner requested his young and nice staff to help on fixing a new plate. Total damage : RM18.00.... must "Huat"... kakaka :p so i think i need to buy RM 18 for 2816 :p

At about 2pm, i was driving with a shining new car plate to The Curve for my gym session... Anyone planning to buy four digit today... kakaka :p If you win any money, don't forget to share with me eh! ... muhahaha :p

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another 4 more hours ...

I only have another 4 more hours to go before i'm getting another year older ... sigh! What crazy things should i do before 12am... 

I wanted to hit the gym to workout before i turn a year older ... but it is raining cats and dogs in KL downtown now... sigh! Need to stay @ home and push my plan to tomorrow i.e. hit the gym. kakaka.... 

Time really flies...  i will be getting one year older ... looking @ last year how i celebrated my birthday... guess what? i celebrated my birthday @ Chilis G-Hotel last year ... and this year i will be celebrating my birthday in Chilis Bangsar... No that i like Chilis but just coincidence that i will be in Chilis tomorrow night.

Looking forward to be one year older and smarter ... 

牛 year Day 1-2-3

It's already day 4 of 牛 year... another few hours i will be heading back to KL... good and bad... Good i will be able to go to the gym... bad I would continue with lots of eating session when i go back to KL... :p Let's flashback how's TZ celebrated his Chinese 牛 year with his aunties, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces etc... :p

Day 1 - Kuala Kangsar
We spent the whole day in Kuala Kangsar (my dad's hometown) until after dinner. Nothing much interesting in Day 1 afternoon... most of us were watching the TV program and couple of my cousins were sleeping in the aircon room... It was a damn hot day :p Activities only started late evening while we were having our dinner... We have lots of chatting, laughing etc... We drove back to Penang after the dinner.

Lo Sang

Roasted Pork

We are the singles... 

Birthday Boy and gals... 

My niece... cute?

My aunties, uncles and cousins... nephews and nieces celebrated our birthday (total 6 of us) whom born in January... Happy Birthday to me, myself ... kakaka :p ... I got to blow the candle and made a wish before my actual birthday... So, where i would celebrate my birthday? Stay tune eh!

Day 2 - Penang
Nothing much happened in the day 2... I woke up quite early and we headed to my aunties place.. one morning and the other afternoon... Aunt cooked her favorite dish... Fish head noodles. Yummy!

Day 3 - Penang
I got a ride with my parents... they went to one of my dad's friends house for CNY gathering. My dad dropped me @ my aunt place ... since my cousin Jing wanted to follow Jonzz, Soo and I for photographing session in downtown Penang heritage sites. So i arranged to go with her... My aunt later dropped us @ Komtar and we met Jonzz @ Starbucks Peringin mall...

Khoo Kongsi

Tan Jetty

Kapitan Kling Mosque

Immigration Office building 

Tallest Building in Penang - Used to be Malaysia tallest 

We headed back to Soo car @ about 3pm near the ferry terminal... Soo sent Jonzz back and later dropped Jing and I @ aunt's place before headed back home. 

3 days of continously food intake... I just wondered how many KG of fat had been stored near my waist...  i think my weight must have increased at least 1-2 kg... Why? No exercise... sigh! I better hit the gym once i reach KL today.  :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Steamboat Reunion Dinner

Chinese New Year is always talking about food ... food ... and food... Yummy! Drool Drool...How could we not talking about food if you have so much thing to eat during CNY... What i have for my reunion dinner @ Penang for near two decades?


Dinosaur  eggs

Prawns and the abalone

Special Sauces for Prawns

Cooked Prawns

Fish fillet

Let's attack the food 

The dinner was so satisfied with lots of catching up and chatting during the dinner ... with the nice food and company... the time passed so fast... It was time to get moving for the temple ... we went to the temple for the new years prayer after dinner... :)

That's my new years eve dinner ... not much different from last year.

Monday, January 26, 2009


May all your wishes come true eh! New beginning, new hope for the  牛 Year.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flashback : Chinese New Year @ the year of Rat (2008)

Less than 24 hours, we will be saying good bye to the year of Rat... See you Rat Rat in 11 years eh! ... As SK mentioned, "The gym rat says goodbye to the year of rat.. next year will workout in the gym like a cow instead.. :p" I have a good gym workout session yesterday evening... i pushed myself extremely hard so that i could rest for three days without any gym... hehehe :p Anyway, with the cow year we need to workout like a cow ... kakaka .... Should we call ourself a gym cow in Cow Year ... hahahahahaaaaa... :p

So before we left the year of Rat, let's flashback to the Chinese New Year on the year of the rat... How TZ celebrated with his parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, nephew, nieces etc...

How I celebrated the coming Chinese year? stay tune! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My last gym session...

Today will be my last gym workout in the year of Rat... hehehe :p I bet most of you have gone back or on the way back to hometown for Chinese New Year.

I'm still not sure which brunch should  i go for my workout. I will workout at least 2 hours so that i could eat as much as i could for tomorrow night. Blek!

Gotta go now...  Have a safe journey back to your hometown... for those who is going for the gym, have a nice workout ... those who is going to have last minute shopping... enjoy the rush eh! :p

Drive safely and have a nice happy 牛 year.

Photo Hunters : Chipped

This picture was taken last year during our off site team building @ Bukit Merah Resort near Penang, north of Malaysia. 

Everyone was very focus and chipped in as many ideas as we could to make our assignment successfully. No one was being left out during this brainstorming session :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Who cares? I just park as i like ...

I was annoying when driving in downtown KL today... Malaysian just not in a caring mode... they just parked their car and blocked the whole lane as they wanted ... what the Fuck! The person just left the car and went into the bank... cause the traffic jam backlog to about 400 meters... these selfish people should go to hell... but people whom do this will go to hell... I bet the hell will full of Malaysian inconsiderate drivers ... hahaha :p

I was sitting @ IOI now sipping my nice coffee, in front of me is a small garden with some small fountain... what a nice and cool view... errrr... managed to see a nice car parking illegally and blocking the traffic flow again... Fuck the driver who is so selfish... hey there are plenty of carparks in IOI mall. why can't this driver park in the carpark space instead of parking like this. In addition, where is those security guards whom are suppose to clamp the car... where is the clamp? Why no action?

I noticed Malaysian mall management only wasted world resources to put up sign but not action was taken to clamp the car... what the fuck putting so many signboards... must as well just let those inconsiderate car owner park as they like.... 

Fuck those inconsiderate car owners who park as they like and block the traffic flow... cause the traffic jam... May their blood circulation block like what the traffic does ... muhahaha :p 

Was MacGyver your idol?

I just finished watching the series MacGyver which shown in TV2 @ 12am every Thursday.

Few Decade ago...

When i was still studying in primary school, I was a fan of MacGyver. I was so amazed with his knowledges and actions to overcome all his challenges. I was so eager to become like him.. Knowledgable, smart and not scare to take up different challenges... I have been placing him as my idol until the series stopped its production... I never missed a single episode even if i had an exam. My mom had recorded the series for me to watch after my exam... Thanks mom~


When I watched back those old series in TV2... I just laughing at myself as i treated MacGyver an my idol which was not even exist in this world. Just a character in the series produced by the Hollywood... hahaha... TZ was so naive to have MacGyver his hero... :p Just curious, anyone know someone that have the knowledge, workable ideas and look as MacGyver... Can you introduce him to me? I would like to know him :)

Anyway, hehehe... anyone was sharing the same idol as me when you were a kids?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dominos Pizza : 40 years of delivery...

I'm damn hungry now ... I ordered my nice and juicy pizza @ 12:13pm... but guess what? the 40 years of delivery experience did not deliver any pizza to my door step. I ended up sitting in the cafe downstair of my condo to get my lunch... 

I called them up after 45 mins of waiting ... then they took about 10 mins to let me know that there was a technical problem which my ordered was not getting to their system... errrrr... then how they knew exactly what i ordered... do they have a crystal ball or just could read my mind... Ish! 

They mentioned to me they will deliver my order in 30 mins. Anyway, I decided to cancel my order as i don't think i could wait for 30 mins without any guarantee... Anyway, what compensate that i got for waiting for 30 mins ? Answer is nothing ... no even an apology from Dominos... Sigh! i have written Dominos in my boycott list with bad customer service, not deliver as per promise, not even apology for making mistake... 

No Dominos for TZ. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gender Confusion: Male or Female?

I was shopping for male and female converter for my MacBook to my flat screen TV... it's a tough time to shop for this converter... hehehe, i myself have confused which one is male in my TV and which one is Female... Now, I know my MacBook is male and I need the Mini DVI female to match with my Macbook. :)

I managed to shop for one converter which is suit my Macbook and with the other end is Female. Now need a Male DVI and a Female HDMI... the only doubt that i have is what is gender for my Flat Screen TV... Male or Female... a check is needed to confirm? 

Anyway, any volunteer doc here to help me to check whether my flat screen TV is male or female... ? I also wanna to learn how to check ... muhahaha :p

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Is he cute?... I'D rather go nude ....

Is he Cute?


Where you can get this eco shopping bag that I was attracted to? I got this eco shopping bag when i shopped in F.O.S last Sunday. There are three types of shopping bag (Save the dolphin, Save the Whale and this) but i like this more. I was hanging this bag and walk around One U... Lots of people just paused and looked at the bag and me... I felt nude even though not naked... muhahaha :p So, anyone wanna to see me naked? Errrrr... i don't wear fur, i only wear cotton... so no chance :p

Birthday Prezo

Another one more week... I will be another 1 year older... sigh! The time passed so fast... since like i was having my birthday yesterday... anyway, I will be having my birthday in Kuala Lumpur this year... i had my birthday @ Penang last year with my buddy Gary and my friends Mahen who was working in Chili's Penang... :)

Guess what? I got my prezo early this year... I got two pairs of 501 button fly Levis Jeans from my nephew as my prezo... Thanks Ray for the two pairs of 501 levis... The jeans fit me so well :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mid-valley vs Sunway Pyramid...

I'm going shopping today with my nephew whom is just back from US for Chinese New Year. Now i need to choose one of the shopping mall to go... MidValley vs Sunway Pyramid which one is better. Errrrr...  which is your preference?

Anyway, will decide when i meet my nephew @10am later... :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Son got cheated...

A interesting drama filmed in One Utama... 

I was taking escalator down from the top floor... when i reached the gents and children department @ Jusco. I came across a couple with 2 children... one girl and one boy. The boy has a toy in his hand and a smile to his dad... asking his dad to get him the nice toy that he wanted so much. I was not sure whether the boy has been bugging his dad for the toy for a long time or not ... but the father was asking the boy's mother to bring both the boy and his sister down to the ground floor which is the ladies department. At the same time, he promised his son to pay for the toy after the boy went down later.

What i saw just few minutes later... the father left the toy on one of the shelf and went down the escalator together with me ... The boy and his mom + sis was in front of me and the dad was at the back of me. The boy kept looking back on his dad, I bet he knew that he got cheated by his dad as his face turn sad when he saw his dad came down with nothing... When reached the end of the escalator, I heard that the father said to the son that he could not pay in the ladies department... errrrr... such an excuse, he thought that his son was as dump as him... muhahaha... i bet his son i.e. the boy actually saw the whole action... 

OK! Guess what was the next reaction of the son when they started walking @ the ladies department... of course cry and cry and cry!... the boy shouted so loud that he got cheated by his dad... what a waste... I should follow them to see the whole drama... but i didn't :p 

Anyway, my father never lied to me on not getting me toy... he always explained why he thinks that he don't want to pay for the toy... hehehe :) What were your dad did when you wanted a toy that he don't agree to pay? Mind to share... or what would your do if your son wanna a toy that you don't want to pay for it?...

Today's plan....

Finally i have been to Malaysia so called Bachelor Night... nothing much... just like a gathering to me. I saw children running around... so many aunties gossiping and uncle talking about politic when i reach my friends place. Initially, I had a big question mark as why my two ladies x-colleagues were invited too. But when i reached there, straightaway i got the answer... hehehe. Errrrr...  It was a lot different from the bachelor night back in Canada... so now i know how's Malaysian bachelor night like... BORING! anyway, we just sat there chatting and chatting and chatting ... nothing much... left the place at about 11pm. Hit the bed after back to my condo.... 

Woke up 9am today... plan to do some shopping with my mom in One U later. Hopefully i could get a carpark.  The federal highway was packed with cars due to everyone was driving to hit Midvalley yesterday.... Sigh! I had to skip Midvalley and hit One U... My Today's plan ... nothing much... Just shop shop shop shop until drop... :p Later, I will attend the wedding tonite.

 Anyway gotta to go now. Will update later eh! :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bachelor Night @ Wedding Weekend...

errrrr.... am i getting marry? Surprise!!!

hehehe... I'm not getting marry... I got an invitation from my x-colleagues WK on his wedding day tomorrow. But tonight is his Bachelor night. Hey, i never attended any bachelor night in Malaysia... Just wondered how it goes. First bachelor night that i attended was in Canada... and it was a very crazy night. The night was so wild and almost everyone got passed out after lots of drinking, dancing and going crazy... hehehe... in Canada, the peak of the bachelor night is the strip dancing... the rest of the buddy will hire a stripper to tease the person that is going to get marry the next day... it was really a crazy night... blek~

So this friend of mine WK is working in Canada for the past one year...  hehehe... just wondered whether he has adapted the Canada culture which has a crazy bachelor night in Malaysia... errrrr... I think maybe just the drinking but not the dancing and the stripping ... this is still Malaysia... :p

Anyway, I will be going with 3 others x-colleagues of mine tonight for the bachelor party. Will bring along my camera for some nice shots ... maybe if he decided to proceed with the Canada way of Bachelor night ... I might have a chance to capture some interesting and valuable candid shots ... huhahahah.... 

Photo Hunters : HAT

Since most of you will post the picture of HAT... I would like to make myself different that i would post the photo of a tortoise... Why Tortoise? Have you heard about the story on Hare and Tortoise (HAT) Race? 

Hahaha... I could not capture Hare as Hare was running too fast... Where is Hare? Ask tortoise :p

Run Tortoise Run... Run for the HAT race ... Muhahaha :p

For more information in photo Hunters :

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pain... Pain...

From the first glance of the title, what was the first thing came to your mind? What would you relate pain with?

I was working out in the Fitness first axis last night with Little Gray Dots (LGD). We were regular in the Thursday RPM class before our workout. As usual after the RPM we hit the free weight and workout together...

Last night, I was wondering whether i could get the muscle pain feel which i didn't have it quite sometime ago after my PT session. So I decided to push a bit off my limit at the same time push LGD too. So, our workout plan were

* Chest Bench Press
* Back roll
* Chest Cable Press
* Shoulder push up
* Abs with weight

I have been so comfortable with the weight on each of the exercise, off i went my limit, I pushed all my limit for all the exercises. hehehe :p BTW, when i retrieved the 20KG plate errrr... i tought of SK's toes... scary... decided not to use the 20KG plate ... instead just use 10KG then add two 5 KG to add up 20KG for my chest bench press... SK, hope that you have recovered from the injury...

Guess what? I woke up this morning with all the muscle pain feeling ... yahoo! The feeling that i have not been having for so long.... all of you must have been thinking that this guy has gone nuts... lilke feeling the muscle pain feel. Some of you must have thinking that i'm into SM too... errrr... nup, I'm not into SM but curious about how it feel... anyone can tell me how it feel??? huhhhahahah... Anyway, hopefully, LGD still able to wake up and go to work today... not sleeping on the bed having muscle pain.

Let's see how long I will recover this round... going to have a nice stretch before i hit the shower .... Ciao!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

On Singing and Dancing Mode

I promised my friends to stay on with the class that i usually would not attend. Let's rollback to see what is the deal... Last Friday, i was attending the BodyAttack class together with this friend of mine @ Fitness First - IOI Mall... he mentioned that he would only attend BodyAttack and the Funky Dance class, he would like to skip the step class. I managed to make a deal with him if he stayed on with the Step class, i would attend the Funky Dance Class by Bernard. Guess what? the deal was on...  So, we proceed with the Step followed by the Funky Dance ...

Here are the three songs that i danced during the one hour of Funky Dance Class... actually there were four songs,  i forgot one of them ... Sigh! 

Cookie Jar


In the Ayer

Anyway, it was a tired and tortured one hour as the first timer in the middle of all the expert dancer... moreover i could not shake shake even though the music should make me shake my body well... hehehe :p If you know me in person, maybe you would imagine how i shake in the class... don't laugh wor... :p

I think my friend has triggered my dancing mode... I'm looking forward for another one hour of torture in the Funky Dance class for another time i.e. tomorrow night. weeeeee! " I like girls, they like me, they look so good in their seven jeans... yada yada yada... " humming away the song cookie jar.... blek!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TZ got robbed...

TZ is extremely upset after found out his Credit Card number was being used by someone to purchase computer from Dell online... @#@#%^^%&$ total damage : RM2,149... the amount has been appeared in the Credit Card statement even though the bank could not reached him. What the FUCK!

Anyway, I need to pay a visit to the bank to settle the issue as soon as possible... Will have a busy Tuesday morning... hopefully, the bank could void the transaction and I could get back the money from the bank... Otherwise ... *sob sob*

No matter how, I would make sure the person that used my Credit Card to purchase the computer go to jail ... Jail he/she goes! Do not pass GO... I will follow up with the bank with all my energy as he/she has used my hard earn money. No Mercy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Where is Marty?

SK and K|E|E|N|Y|E|E are wondering and asking where is Marty? hahaha... Marty is a celebrity and he appeared in the movie clip that i posted earlier in the my Youtube.. Since both SK and K|E|E|N|Y|E|E were searching high and low for Marty... I decided to go and look for myself, in and out, up and down, left and right.... Finally i got Marty, but Marty was not happy, in fact he was a bit and just shown his butt...

SK and K|E|E|N|Y|E|E, how to make Marty happy again and post for us to take nice nice picture of him on our next visit... :p 

On Visiting friends @ Zoo Negara, Malaysia

It has been 10 years back my last visit to the Zoo Negara (National Zoo of Malaysia) which located @ Northeast of Kuala Lumpur.

Since i have not been to the zoo for a long long time and would like to try out my 18-200mm Nikon, I suggested to pay a visit to the Zoo as Jonzz was planning a trip to KL last Saturday together with Andrew and meetng Julee in KL. We arrived there about 10:30am, bought the ticket and headed into the Zoo.

"You sharpen your skill, I sharpen my pawn"

"I'm hungry ... feed me! Feed me! ..."

"Oli Otya? Erinnya lyange nze entugga"

"Take picture take picture ... quick take picture! I'm having my tiger walking... "

"Let's smile! A smile is better than a thousand smiles ... hehehe"

" No picture please! I'm thinking and stop staring at my wee wee"

"Hey someone is taking picture ... come let's pose :)"

"Shhhh..... I'm not dead... I'm enjoying my nap"

"Croak! Croak! Where is Fable Frog (Froggie)? why he's not here?"

" Hey you, why you make some funny face... am i that ugly and smelly ah? "

We were hungry after walking from cages to cages in the Zoo for hours... So we decided to drop by the restaurant in the Zoo... Food was not that nice and it was extremely expensive... so we decided not to eat and continue our journey to visit more of our friends... After the decision we walked over to this steak... heheheeheeee...

"Hey i know you are hungry... I don't taste good... shoot shoot... I'm not your steak"

"I thought i saw a hungry person... yes i did! i did! "

Anyway, there is plenty more pictures that i took... since i could not uploaded all, I decided to make it a shot clip.. hope you enjoy it :)

We left the Zoo with our hungry stomach... so I'm sure there were no animal was disappeared from his or her cage... muhahaha :p What a fun day in The Zoo.

More pictures @ tz-photo --> Zoo Negara

Hey folks, anyone know what is this animal doing ???