Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0 - 428 : What happened to the Ending?

I salute all those who participate in the Bersih 3.0... 

Even though i didn't go down to the Bersih 3.0 event venue... I was following the event from a few sources. Lots of valuable pictures shown in the FB, Tweeters and blogs. These pictures has marked the history of Malaysia... How Malaysian can handle the peaceful sit down event. 

The Rakyat has so excited and happily to join the march since morning... I saw from the clip and pictuers ... Lots of them posing here and there to take pictures... they sat patiently for hours in front the picker line @ Dataran Merdeka...  So do other cities like Penang, Kuching, Malacca, KK etc.

Unfortunately, the ending of the Bersih 3.0 in Kuala Lumpur was not marked as a happy ending... Tear gas was flying, water canon was splashing... I am confuse now and trying to figure out what has happened to cause the police to fire the tear gas and water canon towards the public. 
  1. The main stream media has reported this is because of the Bersih 3.0 team has aggressively attempted to cross the barrier... Is there true?
  2. The public has been sitting there for hours without aggressively trying to break the barrier. Why the breaking of the barrier happened after so many hours. Logically thinking if they want to break the barrier, they would have done it earlier. 
  3. There was a man in plain yellow shirt covered his face with bandana trying to kick on the barrier repeatedly and this was from the PDRM clip. And only few of them that tried to break the barrier... Is there any possibility that these people have been hired and used by someone to create the chaos? 
  4. There was a report stated that most of the media camera that might have managed to capture the scene being destroyed or suffocated by the police? Is this true? Why the police want to do that?
I have so many question in my mind right now and we really need to take some time to do some research and place all the pictures and clips together to find out the truth... Please do not only look at one side especially those main media which was hiding the truth. We Rakyat want the truth nothing but the TRUTH... 

Anyone has anything to share on the Bersih 3.0? especially those who went on the street to experience this...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bersih 3.0 - 428

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heritage Tax - RM2/Room/Day

Malacca government is craving for more MONEY to go into Malacca Unesco Heritage site. The initial proposed is to impose 15% of the rack rate on each of the hotel room / per nite basis. So in another word, when you pay for RM100 for one night... you will have to extra paying another 15% which means that ended up you pay extra RM15 on the RM100 room. Bear in mind, this calculation is base on per room per day basis.

After hoo ha around, the government decided to tax RM2/room/day.
Hotel Receptionist (HR) : Sir, you need to pay RM2 for the heritage tax. Since you are staying for 2 nights so you need to pay RM4.
Me: >.> Since when this heritage tax started?
HR: Since April 1st 2012.
Me: Why Penang did not impose the RM2 for heritage tax. They are also Unesco Heritage site. So...
HR: This tax only impose in Malacca
Me: *in my heart - I will not be going to Malacca as often as what i used to...
Me: hmmm... okay... here you go the RM4.

Actually tell you the truth, although the RM4 is not much, by looking at how Malacca is so bad maintained. I wondered how many RM4 will not be used in the correct purposes i.e. upkeep the Heritage Site. For me i will not give RM4 if i have a chance... but too bad... the government has setup something.

So, when i went back to KL, I made a google on Heritage Tax and found that the Malacca state government is looking at imposing tax on Food outlet, entertainment etc. If this happen, Malacca will be totally out from my visit list...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Daulat Tuanku

Last Wednesday was the installation of our new king from the state of Kedah. The new palace near Jalan Duta was decorated with lights... I saw some ray shining towards the sky and also some disco lights turning here and there.

So last Sunday, after my ex-colleagues gathering, on the way back, i decided to drive up to the palace to have a look. I managed to snapshot a couples of picture using my Samsung Galaxy, no tripod!

New Palace front door
Daulat Tuanku
the door
Have you been to the front yard of the new palace?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

PT's Advice - No FAST FOOD

This weekend will be a breakaway from PT session weekend. Yup! I'm heading to Malacca for my weekend breakaway... Breakaway from my work, my boss, my parent and of cause my PT.

To tell you the truth... I missed my PT session now. Next PT session is scheduled on Monday early morning.

Let's rollback to Wednesday evening, I have a chat with my PT after my work out session. I was asking him on what he eats everyday... he told me he could eat anything and he will not worry about putting weight as his metabolism is high... I guess he might have Metabolic age = 18 years old :p Not like me 33... Sad sad.

Anyway, one of the food that he prohibited me to eat is FAST FOOD (McD, KFC - Hmmm i also not going to eat KFC, scare of being beaten and become famous in Youtube, Popeye etc.). Errrrr... maybe i was eating too much of FAST FOOD for the past few weeks... Basically we have McD twice a week... Now i regretted... Sigh~ Sigh~ and Sigh~  "I'm loving it... " TZ will sing "I hating it"... Tsk~ Tsk~  i think i have gained so much fat because of all those trans-fat from FAST FOOD... So now i say "Tak NAK" to FAST FOOD...

McD lunch set - Value for Money and FAT :p
Anyway, how many fast food meals you have per week?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Earth Day 2012

April 22nd is Earth Day.. We celebrated the earth hours on March 31st 2012... Did you get all the lights off? Now let's celebrate the Earth Day. Yesterday, when i pay a visit to 1Mont Kiara, they are having the Earth Day awareness weekend. Lots of small little booth exhibit on the earth friendly merchandize and also educate the visitor on how important we save our earth.

Entrance to 1MK mall - made of recycle boxes
Paper dolls made of recycle boxes
Over the internet, there is plenty of plan to celebrate and make the Earth Day to educate our next generation on how important to save environment, use those earth friendly merchandize etc...

So what would your plan to celebrate the Earth Day?  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

300 vs 500 calories

My PT said ...
"If no training, you have to burn at least 500 calories Cardio... "
"If training, we need to burn 300 calories on Cardio... "

So what cardio exercises that i could do during non - training day. I'm fond of RPM, Easy Steps... Definitely not a fan of Body Combat as i felt more like dancing that beating.

Okay, now i started to track on my calories burn per exercise, so i could get rid of those stubborn fat and be like the Korean famous weather representative guy... RAIN...

Hmmm... Can i achieve this?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dinning on the Sky...

Let's roll back to my 2011 year end vacation... The 17 days Northern Thailand + Bangkok trip. It was a superb trip as i have taken tans of nice pictures with my Nikon D7000 - High Definition (HD). 

Anyway, my friend has booked a nice dinner on the sky - This is an open air restaurant on the roof top of a building/hotel i.e LE BUA. The restaurant is famous for its spectacular view of the sunset and lights up moment of the city of angel, Bangkok!

View on Menam Chao Phraya
View on Menam Chao Phraya
View on Silom Area
View on the tallest building in Bangkok
Silom Area
The Sirocco restaurant is one of the fine dining restaurant in Bangkok. At the end we spent around RM500+ for a meal high up @ the nice restaurant in town. Expensive dining with the ultimate experience of the most beautiful view of Bangkok. And a windy night on the roof of the building. Worth and value for money? Hmmm... try it and let us know eh~

The DOME @ LE BUA is a popular place for enjoying the view of Bangkok too... Actually you don't need to dine in that expensive restaurant to have the nice view. You could drop by the Dome Skybar to enjoy the view too. Just buy a RM50+ cocktail to enjoy the scenery :) I think this is much more worth than the dinner if you have a tight budget :p

Dome - Skybar @ Le Bua Hotel
So do plan your trip to drop by this place... you will not regard...  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello Samsung Galaxy... Goodbye iPhone

I used to be iPhone supported but iPhone let me down... Yes! they let me down...

I owned an iPhone 3Gs and happily use for few months... I was showing off my iPhone 3Gs to my friends whom owned the Dinosaur phone. As time gone by i upgraded to IOS4... still working and followed by IOS5 which claimed that iPhone 3Gs able to support. Bull Shit! I got cheated... The whole iPhone 3Gs gone after the upgrade :@... I was unable to slide to pick up calls, the whole unit lagging and hanging all the time, need to restart. My boss called and i could only tried and tried and tried to pick up, until my boss that i avoided his call... and the worst was i could not pick up Emergency call at all ... This was suffering... :@

Hey, as for me, iPhone was making history. This phone was the worst phone that i have so far... i have to continue to pay for the phone as this contract was 2 years with Digi... but not able to use it at all. Should I consider to claim from Apple my lost?

Anyway, I gave up iPhone and give Samsung Galaxy Note a try. One morning, i went down to Samsung @ The Gardens and bought my Samsung Galaxy Note within 15 mins. Now, I like my Samsung Galaxy Note so much as the HD screen is nicer... the built in camera is awesome... and also there is a pen to draw and write  message which iPhone could not provide... Everyone make a Wow to Samsung Galaxy Note... that's the best. The trend is moving towards Samsung eh~

So what phone are you using right now? 

Monday, April 16, 2012

The spoiled Toilet Seat

What Color is MONDAY?

Few weeks back there was a reported news on bomb in the toilet of an LRT station downtown. One person has injured while using the toilet... Anyway, felt sorry to the person who injured and the person who was doing that should send to hell...

Anyway, i was using the toilet cubicle for peeing this afternoon in my office. It came to my attention that something looks very weird...

What had happened to the toilet Seat?
  1. Someone too big size and heavy until the seat dislocated?
  2. Someone too stress and release on the toilet seat?
  3. Someone didn't get his expected bonus and decided to pay all his anger on the toilet seat?
Any of you can think of other possibility? mind to share?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can i be 25 years old again?

Let's continue with my previous post... I'm targeting to be 25 years old again... and my friend commented "Dream On"... of cause I'm not able to get 25 years old again on my chronological age... but i still able to get 25 again on my Metabolic age.

Have you heard about metabolic age? let's Wiki to find out. 

Last Friday, my PT gave me a weighing session before my warm up. I was shocked with my weights and felt sad with my Metabolic age. The report shown my Metabolic age is 33, which is no longer 25 as four years back. Anyway, I should be happy as my Metabolic age is still lower than my Chronological age. 

I told my PT that i wanna to be 25 years old again... My PT said that's NOT impossible. But... 
Okie, I will commit to do more cardio to boost up my burning rate a.k.a Metabolism rate. I can do it and i will be there in one month.

Yesterday, when i was browsing FB status and i came across a report / status update from one of my gym friend. His report is so nice ... Guess what? His Metabolic age is 18. Amazingly good eh~

So what is your metabolic age and Chronological age?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 12th 2012 - Gym @ Manulife FF

Fitness First Manulife - 7pm
Gym Friend : Hey TZ, how are you?
Me: *came out from class* I'm fine. How about you?
Gym Friend : Good! Hey TZ, you never come to Monday Class Step class already? Why you down grade to today class *pointed to Easy Step Class* 
Me: I have meeting on Monday until 6:30pm... cannot make it :(
Gym Friend: You didn't take Monday off. 
Me: Nope! I need to attend the management meeting. Usually i off on Friday instead... 
Gym Friend: So good boy one.
Me: ... 
Gym Friend: Come join me to the dance class.
Me: Maybe next time... I want to go for RPM later. 

After the conversation, I got down to register my 7:15pm RPM class and gotten my gadget out to FB and Whatapps while waiting for the class to get started. I managed to complete the two classes with no muscle soreness. :)

Hey guess what? I have done two classes again... I felt like i'm back to my old routine. At least two back to back classes per day. Hopefully i could sustain this cause i want to be 25 years old again. Hahaha... one of my friend counter commented on my statement "I want to be 25 years old again"... she said "Dream on"... Blek~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cool Eh~

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11th 2012

source :
The 8.6 Magnitude Earthquake hits Indonesia has triggered the Tsunami Warning to 28 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, India etc... For those people who are staying in the area that hit by year 2004 Tsunami, they are very very worry and panic. I bet they felt so panic that the history might be back again. Anyway, glad to know that there were only very small Tsunami hit.

Source : Inquirer News
It's the king installation and a national holiday for the country. The Sultan of Kedah is the 14th King of Malaysia and the highness is the first king to stay in the nicely built Palace @ Jalan Duta. It was a very huge palace from outside compare to the old one near Jalan Istana. The ceremony has been lived throughout the national TV. I didn't follow the ceremony as i was having an appointment in Klang @ 10am.

TZ was having a 2nd date with BKT, he drove to Klang early this morning to have BKT with his two other friends. if you wanna know more about his first date with BKT... read more

Dating BKT @ 飞机肉骨茶
5 person LIKE in Facebook post
Followed by the nice Pastry, Cakes and Coffee during tea @ Fruity 

Pastry, Pie and Coffee
2 person LIKE in Facebook post
Comment in Facebook : Dear PT, see what TZ is eating and you should know what to do...

I enjoyed the food so much... left Fruity around 2:30pm. Dropped my friends back to his house and headed back to KL... I didn't felt the tremor of the Earthquake as i was driving back to KL from Klang. 

BTW, i was planning to have happy hour with my ex-colleagues but after i checked on my work calendar @ Outlook, I realized i have a conference call with US team @ 9pm. So no more happy hour...  Guess what? The meeting was postponed 3 minutes before the start time ... :@ And the new date/time is April 20th 2012 9-10pm. I have declined the meeting as i will be out of town next Friday. 

That's all folks...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Pig

My sister likes to draw piggy pig since young... During her last visit, she drawn this piggy pig drawing on my newest gadget...  Hehehe... anyone know what gadget am i using?

What do you think about the drawing? Anyone wanna to purchase this drawing for RM100?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 elements of my life marching into Year 5

Time really flies... 5 Elements of my life has survived for four years one month back. I started this blog in March 8th 2007. Now we are in year 2012... it means that 5 elements of my life is marching into Year 5.

During the years, this blog has bought me into a different social life. I met lots of people from blogging. Over the years, some still stay and some has just vanished from the blog communities. My blog has accompanied me during the ups and downs... And also given me the motivation to take more picture. Why i say so? my reader once has commented that they like my blog because of the photo i took.

As a result, i have setup another blog A Picture A Day to share the photo that i took...

I knew i have lots of silent readers reading my blog from different part of the world. Some has become the regular commenters, some has become friends to hang out with and some still remain as the silent readers... Anyway, i valued all of my readers.

HAPPY 4th Years ANNIVERSARY to 5 Elements of My Life 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mom's Birthday

One week back... 

Me : Mom, where and when you wanna to have lunch / dinner for your birthday?
Mom: Not sure, any suggestion?
Me: How about Shogun @ Solaris Mont Kiara? they give the birthday boy or girl free with three paying adult.
Mom: Then we need another person. *mom and dad are thinking who should they invite.
Me: So how?
Mom: Maybe we should change to Suki-ya @ Pavilion. Their lunch is nice... I went with your sister few months back. Your dad like Lamb and Beef shabu shabu too.
Me: Okay...

April 8th 2012 : TZ checked - in Suki-ya @ Pavilion yesterday noon for lunch. 

The restaurant is situated inside Tokyo Street Pavilion. Their Shabu-Shabu is all you can eat... in another words you may eat all you can beef, chicken, and varieties of vegetable. 

waiting for the soup to broil
trays of meat (lamb and beef)
It was a nice lunch as we gotten some valuable time together as a family. The service is superb and the environment is good too. If they have cooler aircon, there will be perfect. The hot pot sending out stream which making temperature of the restaurant in the high side. Outside the restaurant is even cooler... Anyway, nothing can complain as we were having Shabu shabu... 

TZ LIKES this restaurant 

Happy Birthday Mom

Sunday, April 8, 2012

My first PT Session

I had PT few years back, one and half year after i joined the gym, if not mistaken somewhere around year 2007. I have engaged a young PT, Isaiah whom is very enthusiastic to train me up to hit my goal.

Hmmm... my goal is very simple. Get rid of those stubborn FAT, build the stamina and get a lean/tone body... So i started the PT session with this PT of mine in year 2007. Let's cut this short if you wanna to know more, visit my previous years post.

Anyway, I had a trial session with a PT, AJ in FF 1MK last Thursday. And i found that he also have the enthusiastic to help his client to achieve their goal. He has 4 years experience in this industry and he is new to FF. So i decided to sign up for 30 sessions. Anyone wanna to guess what is my goal for this round? (i will leave this question for you to answer eh~)

Today is my 1st PT session. One word... tough~ Why? Coz i have stopped this kind of training for years. Now wanna to pick up the momentum, i need to start somewhere. Today is the day. AJ requested to only kicked started the training session after i did the warmed up with 100 calories burnt. So i was struggling with the warmed up and it took around 30 mins on the threadmill to hit 100 calories. Leg was pain and sore.

You know what? more legs exercise with the back and back roll after the warm up... So now my back was sore especially lower back. I have found out another weaker point of my body after shoulder. Sigh~

After the workout, when i cool myself down. I check my earlier status up date in Facebook. My friends has left some comments

Status update : Time to have my first PT Session
Friend #1: Hope he torture you to get the result.
Friend #2: Dear Trainer, please torture him.

Anyway, after an hour of training i felt good.... :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Brotzeit @ Mid Valley

Two Friday ago, I was having the dinner with SK and Anton in Mid Valley. I didn't know there is a nice German Pub that served nice porky dishes... Sorry guys, non-halal stuff. So please do not proceed if you not into this kind of food ;-)

Porky food outlet actually targeted the niche market, so it's not easy to get a nice porky place. It happened that Anton got to know this place which he claimed that lots of bloggers have reviewed and given this place a TWO THUMBS up a.k.a LIKE in Facebook.

Brotzeit @ Midvalley is the German restaurant that we visited, we were enjoying ourselves so much with the nice porky platter for sharing... Buy 1 free 1 alcohol drinks (Vodka, Gin, ... etc). Of cause the company with two of my close friends :p

Porky platter 
Left only few pieces
Guess  what my friends said in Facebook...
Friend #1 : Pls Ta Bao (pack) some for me... ;p Hungry le ;p
Friend #2 : Wah! Looks good man!
Friend #3 : Looks delicious!
Friend #4 : Wonder if same as Singapore Brotzeit
Friend #5 : Wonderful service, food, drinks and chats!
Friend #2 : Looks quite similar.
Friend #6 : Wow

Friend #3 likes this.

Unfortunately when i found out the message, we have wallop all the eatable parts of the porky platter... Left...
Left the bone... any doggie wanna this?
Yummy! Yummy! and Yummy~
Have you been to this restaurant before?