Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights 3 @ Universal Studio Singapore...

I have an important appointment with the Three Vengeful Sisters @ Universal Studio Singapore on Oct 12th 2013. So who are the three Vengeful Sisters?

I yet to know how to react when i see them... Anyway, i'm looking forward to meet them this Saturday. 
Yes~ TZ is going to test his fear... :p

Anyone is planning to go too?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

500 reps exercise

Friend : Hey TZ, why are you working out so hard? Are you insane?
Me: Nope~ Why you say I insane?
Friend : You do hundreds reps of each exercise... Chin up, Push Up, Dip, Shoulder pull, Bicep curl etc...
Me : Hehehe... that's one of the training my PT ask me to do in order to get nice upper body.
Friend : Oh Really?
Me : Yes~
Friend : I will try...
Me : Don't try... Just do it?

That's was Friend A chatting with me via Phone...

Ex-colleagues: Hey TZ, long time didn;t see you in gym... thought you quit
Me: Hahaha... i quit? *inside me --> You quit also i will not quit; LoL
Ex-colleagues: You work out very hard recently. Your upper body getting nicer.
Me: Thank you. Yup~ I kind of work out hard recently. Workout 500 reps program designed by my PT.
Ex-colleagues: what is 500 reps exercise?
Me: It's you do 100 reps for 5 different exercises within 1~1.5hrs.
Ex-colleagues: Interesting, so what you do?
Me: I do chin up, push up, dip... blah blah blah
Ex-colleagues: Wow~ *Jaws dropped*

This was me bumped into Ex-colleague @ Fitness First - Paradigm Mall

Colleague in US: TZ how many push up can you do in 1 mins?
Me: Maybe 40-50... Not sure cause i didn't really count. What's about?
Colleague in US: I challenged the team over in US to start with how many push up can they do in 1 min. And will track the improvement every month.
Me: Oh~ Sound interesting, Can i join in?
Colleague in US: Certainly you can... 
Me: Will let you know the number eh~.
** Next Day
Colleague in US: TZ, what is your baseline number?
Me: 53.
Colleagues in US: Wow~
Me: Not really a good one.. Can be improved... hehehe...

That's my Colleague in US challenged me on how many push up i could do in ONE MINUTE.  How many you can do?

Me: Hey Dude~ Gym today?
Gym Dude: Nope~ Got stuck in the pile of work @ office. Still having meeting in a short while.
Me: Oh no~ poor you.
Gym Dude: Yup... a bit emo now cause cannot go to gym. Body slowly out of shape jor
Me: You must be kidding. Dude like you with a nice body... out of shape a bit it's okay. 
Gym Dude: You haven't seen me for months. My body has out a shape a bit.
Me: Don't belief... you are so conscious yet you say body out of shape, don't think so... 
Gym Dude: How you know my body still in shape since we haven't met for months
Me: Anyway, dude we will gym together when you are free eh~
Gym Dude: Okay~.

That's my once a while gym buddy via whatsapp...