Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time has come ... Taiping here i come

The time has come and i need to travel to Taiping for my Taiping International Marathon...

Picture adapted from

Friend: Hey nowadays you MIA?
Me: Busy...
Friend: Are you going to Putrajaya Night Run?
Me: Nope, I'm going to Taiping International Marathon tomorrow.
Friend: Oh, now you are running marathon? (Marathon is 42km, half marathon is 21km)
Me: Hmmm...I'm actually running 10km.
Friend: okay, enjoy your run eh~

Yup, I'm only running 10km and my another friend is running 21km. Not sure i could run for 10km but definitely i could walk - run - walk - run until the end. I could make it with this strategy for NTV7 fun run... I belief i could do it this round.

Will show you the finisher medal if i could get it ~

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Teaser #5: How many snakes?

How many snake / snakes in this picture?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Changing Boss

Today an announcement that shocked TZ... TZ is going to have a new boss starting from Oct 1st 2011. A new boss for TZ means change of expectation. TZ's old boss whom hiring me into the current company will be transferred out of the team... TZ needs to setup the expectation with the new boss and go through the team lifecycle... Sad~

Anyway, TZ is looking forward to work with his new boss. Let's see what is the new expectation eh~

picture adapted from

Will it be the same as the old boss? I doubt so...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Arthur's Day celebration in Malaysia

This Friday is Arthur's day celebration. Lot's of pubs and bars has put up the Guinness offer i.e. drink Guinness get T-shirts / shirts free... So, one of the bar @ Sunway Giza has posted an Ad on the offer... the offer has started on Sept 18th and ends on Sept 22nd 2011. So go and get your T-shirt and Shirts eh~

Anyway, one of my friend has written in his status on asking around who wanna to go to the Arthur's Day celebration @ Speed City, Kuala Lumpur. As i'm curious and google this celebration and all i got is this poster...

Anyway, in a small print @ the center of the poster (if you can see), i realized this event is by exclusive invitation only. Hmmm... i wondered my friend might have gotten more than one exclusive invitation and he's asking around to have some companion to go for the celebration. Unfortunately, I have to drive to Taiping on the next day. So i think i would pass for this round. Will join you next time eh~

Whoever that is going for this party... Enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going to be SICK...

Oh man! the sick season is coming to town... I hear gym goer cough cough here and cough cough there... everywhere cough cough... The weather changes very fast... morning it was sunny and blue sky. Few hours later, the sky turned dark and the rain drops started... Must be someone like to sing " Rain drop keeps falling on my head"... hey stop it... later you got wet and sick then you know...

Anyway, i have to get some rest too... Not feeling very well. Feel like i'm going to get sick too.

Anyway, my friend has already NOT feeling well...  I was MSN with my friend...

Me: why today no plan?
Me: Staying at home playing game?
Friend: Yea
Me: So bore?
Friend: No la
Friend: NOT feeling well...
Me: Too much of beer?
Friend: No ar
Friend: Long time no drink lo
Me: hahaha...
Me: Next time we go TGIF eh~ Now 2 cocktails for RM50nett.

Then my friend didn't reply... don't know whether too concentrate on the game or dozed off because of NOT feeling well. Anyway, take a good rest and get well soon eh~

Now i gonna hit the bed soon. Before that, if i'm really sick can someone please help to call my boss to inform him i'm on SICK LEAVE eh~

Monday, September 19, 2011

See you in Cambodia

There is this teleport that transports people to Cambodia like a celebrity... cam whoring before depart to Cambodia... How to go to Cambodia like a celebrity?

So who next? This guy from Spain wanted to go to Cambodia, so...
Climb into the hole...
Then, he was preparing himself to go to Cambodia...

Off he went...
No sign of him any more...
Oh no... no sign of the teleport and him, where's he right now? Transported to Cambodia? or should i said deported to Cambodia? LoLx

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nasi Lemak Sunday

Hey have you tasted nasi lemak? Errrrr... watch Nasi Lemak?...

Taste nasi lemak...

Nasi Lemak
Watch Nasi Lemak...

Nasi Lemak 2.0
This afternoon I went with a few bloggers to watch the Nasi Lemak 2.0 (辣死你妈!)... The cinema hall was full house even the front row were seated with people. Wow~ it's so popular. Guess what? this film has hit RM1.5 millions ringgit in his first four days. Anyway, i don't want to be the spoiler for this movie. Just that if you haven't watch this movie. You should go and watch it...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smurf the Malaysia Day

La La La La La ....

For those who watched Smurf when they were young... Do you still remember the clip above?

Anyway, I went for the Smurf Movie on Malaysia Day. My mom wanna to watch the Smurf 3D and i managed to get two ticket @ GSC, IOI Mall. The movie was quite nice with song which is some people say annoying, hmmm... I don't find it annoying, do you?. Anyway, there was one nice scene which i LOL when Odlie pronouns Gargamel as GarbageSmell... :p Oh My Smurf everyone in the cinema also LoL.

So have you watched the Smurf?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Teaser #4 - Have you seen this holly see eyes?

Do you notice there is a holy see eyes in the middle of the picture above. Anyone know which currency notes has this holy eyes in it? 

Give it a try, show us the picture of the currency notes... Anyway, i will reveal the answer on Monday post :p Happy Malaysia Day eh~

PS: the first person reveal the answer with the picture shown in my comment session will win a small gift from me ;-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crabbie Crab I Luv you

Few months back, I went to Klang and had a nice Crabbie Crab dinner with a few friends. To be specific, we had our dinner in one place and have this Crabbie Crab delicacy in another place. I drove my friends all the way to Port Klang just for the Crabbie Crab...

Oops ... wrong dish.
Look @ the nice baked crabbie Crab... Fresh from the kitchen
On your mark, get set GO!
Each of us have one whole big crabbie crab
I'm drooling now.
The crab is mine... 
Now are you drooling away because of those nice and juicy crabbie crab. How many crabs you can eat at one time?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taiping International Marathon 2011

September 13th 2011 : TZ is heading to Taiping for Taiping International Marathon 2011. This is his 2nd marathon run. He will be running 10km this round. 3 km more than the NTV7 feel good run and 7KM more than Ekiden. 

TZ still remember his first official run i.e. Ekiden Run 2011 @ Putrajaya. This was a relay run and he ran together with 4 of his friends. On July 2011, he participated on the NTV7 feel good run. 

Now, TZ is preparing and counting down the days on the run @ Taiping...

Book Hotel : CHECKED

Flemington Hotel
Running Route : CHECKED

The route with all the old raintree
Scenic View along the running track : CHECKED

Scenic Lake View
Hmmm... there is a one important item which i haven't CHECKED until i came across a post regarding Taiping food in Caring is NOT only sharing. After reading her post, i have posted a comment to seek for the direction to the eatery paradise. Now I can CHECKED the place for food in Taiping.

Place for food in Taiping : CHECKED

Okay, what else i missed out?

Monday, September 12, 2011

City with Motorbikes > cars

Do you know in which city you can get to have motorbikes more than cars on the street? If you happen to pay a visit of this city which is called Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a Saigon). What if when you wake up early morning and realize that you don't see any motorbike on the street of HCMC. Then you are still dreaming :p


Let me show you some pictures that i took during my trip in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Saturday morning @ HCMC
Saturday morning @ HCMC - @ a junction
On your mark, get set, go~ 

My very first road crossing @ HCMC
New action for me to learn
Vietnam Independent day Travel @National Highway
Are you able to calculate how many motorbikes?
Now i bet you understand why i say if you are in HCMC and you don't see any motorbike on the street... you must be having a sweet dream. A dream that most probably will not happen.

Anyway, you might not be able to imagine how messy is the traffic in HCMC. You have to go to HCMC to experience how messy is their traffic. Anyway, since i have bought myself a new Nikon D7000. I managed to take a clip and share with all of you. 

What do you think? Can you manage to get out from the mess if you are the driver?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Don't 阻着个地球转

阻着个地球转 - please use cantonese to read out this 6 chinese characters. 

I was in a hurry to office yesterday morning to catch my morning tele-conferencing (a.k.a meeting). The journey from my house to office usually takes me around 45 mins without jam. 

Picture adapted from 
Guess what? when i was on the fast lane @ MEX highway, there was this slow driver with a signal and immediately came into my lane and moving like 50KM/hr in the fastest lane. As i was hurry, i flashed the driver but no action taken. The driver continued to drive 50km/hr. So as a result, i switched to the middle lane. Guess what? the driver put a signal an into my lane again with the slow speed. Sigh~ The slow driver was back to the middle lane and in front of me :( Why he wanted to switch back to middle lane? hehehe.. this was due to there was a car going very close to his car. Forcing him out from the fast lane. He has no choice but to left the fast lane.

I was frustrated and tried to force the car to go into the slowest lane but unfortunately he still taking his own sweet time to drive on the middle lane. Hey dude, don't 阻着个地球转 eh~

Okay now what is the meaning of 阻着个地球转? This cantonese saying means that please do not prevent the earth to rotate. Indirectly asking people NOT to block the way.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back from Country "V"

I just got back from country "V" on Monday. I have so much work to catch up on Tuesday. Basically i spent the whole day to get everything in place and was reading my mail from work for the past 10 days. Near to a thousand mails.

Anyway, let's put aside the 1000+ work emails... guess what? I have taken around 1000+ pictures during my 10 days in Country "V"... Now, i have so much things to share with all of you but just don't want to share it like one of our fellow blogger... errrrr no offense eh~ Everyone has his / her own style of present his / her thought.

Now, how should i start...