Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Eve 2013

2013 will be disappeared in about 12 hours... TZ will use these few hours to do a quick reflection

2013, an interesting year for TZ... Lots of traveling around with almost every single weeks in the months... Now everyone can fly so do TZ muhahaha... Europe, Asia, people surrounding him has tagged him the regular traveller. KLIA, TZ 2nd home!!! Oops~

2013, a year that TZ was so lazy to blog... how many blog posted in this year? 90 posts including this one. Oops *OMG* face. 90 posts out of 365 posts in one year. Just did not find any motivation to post in 2013. 

2013, TZ met a numbers of new friends which will be friends moving forward not those just hi and bye friend or for Yamcha type. Anyway, social circle still maintain in year 2013.

2013, TZ has registered so many running events outside the country especially the neighboring country of Singapore. Achieved the first 10km run without stopping i.e. no walking throughout 10km. :)

2013, a roller coaster year for TZ in working life and life outside work... So, it's exciting year or what?

2013, a year which TZ has achieved another certification and known as CPRE holder (Certified Professional Requirement Engineering) a.k.a business analyst. Still maintain ONE YEAR ONE CERTIFICATION

Now... few more hours to go before the clock hits 12am and we celebrate the beginning of year 2014

2014, TZ wanna to work hard to pursue MBA (Married But Available) oops it's Master of Business Administration. 

2014, Continue to enjoy the traveling life since people has tagged TZ as regular traveller. Travel planning has just kicked started... stay tune eh~

2014, 6 packs abs... can?

2014, TZ has signed up more running including the Singapore Zoo run and the Asia run for your life. Many more to come... 

2014, Work life was still not very clear as the organization is going to restructure but TZ might have a good opportunity. Let's see!!

2014, Need to better juggle the time to spend more time with parent instead. 

2014, TZ need to focus more on financial planning as everything is NAIK(goes up). Sad eh~

2014, TZ need to stay blogging again... Readers are you ready for some new 2014 posts?

That's all folks... See you next year :)


[SK] said...

you had a very interesting year 2013!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to you.. :)

TZ said...

[SK] thanks

Medie007 said...

*likes* such an exciting 2013. may 2014 be as exciting!

TZ said...

Medie007: Thanks Thanks :) I hope you have an exciting year 2014 too.