Monday, August 31, 2015

Life post MBA

1.5 years of MBA has passed so quickly without even notice. The rushing of getting all assignment and exam done semester by semester have occupied most of my time. Classes has jammed up my weekend calendar. I was busy with classes, assignments and exam preparation.

People said it's very tough to go through the process. To me, it's a matter of how your priority, commitment and time management. No doubt it's taxing to go through the 1.5 years MBA courses but it also given me lots of fun and knowledge gained throughout the period.

The best jackpot that i gained from is to have this MBA totally FREE. Not a single cent paid to obtain this certification. YES~ my previous company has paid for it... You must have wondered why I said FREE. I suppose to have a bond of two years with this company but guess what? I was given the chance to get out from the company without need to be bonded as i was given the choice to obtain the Voluntary separation package.

Anyway, back to after MBA, since i was so FREE... I decided to sign up a two weekend course on INVESTMENT in US market through Beyond Insights, an investment training institute to learn about how to invest in US market with a right method and reduce risk of losing the capital if we do it right.

It was an overwhelming two weekend with all the financial figure which i was not fond of... Anyway, reality bites, no matter how you don't like it. You have to love it cause they will help you to make MONEY~

Other than the Investment courses, I have also sign up Thai language class and a sales class etc!!!

Now, I'm looking for a nutrition class to attend~

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The Yum List said...

Time does fly. I agree though, setting clear priorities can help you achieve many things. Sometimes it's hard, but stay focused and you are sure to achieve.