Thursday, September 3, 2015

Merdeka weekend with Sister and Nephew

Sister and Nephew are in town last weekend during the Merdeka weekend. Most of my friends have gone to the BERSIH 4.0 but i didn't take part of the event as my sister and nephew were in town. Hey, this didn't mean that i support the kok kok gai as he has said that whoever didn't appear in the Bersih 4.0 means support him. Come on, some of us just tight up with something else.

Anyway, let's just don't talk about the event. Later my blog got blocked. :')

I spent my Merdeka weekend with my sister and nephew in Port Dickson... My sister have rented two room in Thistle Resort which my parent were there too... It was so crowded with families...

I was enjoying the sea breeze with the "People Mountain People Sea" but still not that bad as i managed to build the sand castle with my nephew.

Was there only 2 day 1 night... Short but enjoyable. How's you celebrated the Merdeka weekend?


Small Kucing said... go doesnt means support kok kok kai leh. I feel it is dangerous to bring kids to rally though it's good to teach them about being patriotic but there are others ways of teaching. Adult can run and yet be trample but will be worse for children

Anyway...LOL...saw in FB got friend when to PD too. crowded. We headed north instead

TZ said...

Small Kucing: It's very crowded.