Wednesday, February 2, 2011

@ penang

Tz just checked into the Island of Penang. Who else is in Penang for Chinese New Year celebration?


Xjion89 said...

Happy Chinese New Year^^
Hv a great rabbit year!^^

[SK] said...

me in KL..
happy CNY to you~~

foongpc said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you!! I'm staying put in PJ : )

Twilight said...

Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!!

TZ said...

Xjion89: Same to you too... Happy Chinese New Year :)

[SK]: Dude, you can get your sun tan lotion, beach chair and a coconut to LDP for sun tanning :p

foongpc: Happy CNY to you too... :p

Twilight: Where is Grandma this year... @ Penang? Anyway, happy CNY eh~ Huat ar!