Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Special Home Cook Food

I'm not sure how much food i had last week... The amount of food has made me wanna to hit the gym for hours to burn it.

Anyway, these are the special home cook food... My aunt cooked these food :)

#1 Bak Kee (Port, Peanuts and Corn Starch)
This food served with rice noodles and it's served every first day of new years. For the past decades, we were having this food first thing in the New Year days morning.

Take a closer look....

#2 Lau Shiu Fan (Rice Noodles with Crispy Pork)
This is one of my aunt's specialty... I like this especially with plenty of crispy porks.

#3 Beef Ball (Home made but imported from Thailand)
Why i say home made but imported from Hatyaai Thailand? It's because it's homemade @ Thailand. My uncle went to Thailand, bought them and import back to Malaysia.

#4 Fish head noodles
Another specialty from my aunty, i think i blog about this before in my previous blog... Anyway, this is a yummy fish head noodles.

If you given the choice to choose one of the above, what would be your choice? 


[SK] said...

wow, yummy yummy!! all very nice~~ :)

Danny said...

bak kee :)~
but y all meat one? lol ;p

foongpc said...

Wow! So much good food!! I want them all!!! : )

Medie007 said...

wah.... gong wan! :P

but y so small bowl?

Small Kucing said...

nevermind..can work out all the food when you go back to work

Gratitude said...

I thought you would have gone vegetarian on the 1st day?

TZ said...

[SK]: hehehe... there were lots more nice food during Chinese New Years.. just that it's not special home cook.

Danny: No much noodles and it's hidden at the bottom.

Foongpc: Hmmm... how to give you all? These food are not for Sales.

Medie007: I wallop a lot on Chinese New Year EVe... So this is what left over from CNY eve.

Smallkucing: That's what i think off too... No worry, eat first, bare with it later :p

Gratitude: No Vegetarian for me on 1st day of CNY. I'm not a Vegan ;-)