Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thai Flood 2011

I didn't realize my last post was on Sept 24th 2011... Time really flies and i was busy working closely with my new boss. You know 新官上任三把火 (the new boss has three fires)... meaning every new boss will be very aggressive. So do the new boss of mine.

Anyway, let's forget everything about my new boss and what happen to my work place now.... i need to continue my blog and delight my reader eh~

For the past one week, i was following the news about Thailand Flood 2011. The city of Ayutthaya was badly hit by the flood with few meters waters from the overflown river... even the famous heritage sites was flooded with water...

Adapted from
@June 2011, i paid a visit to Ayutthaya and took a couple of picture... I visited this heritage site too. 

This picture taken by me @ Ayutthaya
Anyway, i would hope Thailand recover from the flood situation now. Let's pray for Thailand and its people.


Filip Demuinck said...

This is a drama, but I am always surpirse how many times htis happens in Thailand.


Medie007 said...

no photo of the buddha soaked in water?

Anonymous said...

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Gratitude said...

Glad to see that the Wat's inner courtyard is still above water.

Small Kucing said...

It have been happeing since....entah la..but guess next year will still the same. Same goes for Msia.

Btw, the Steamboat Palace...i just heard from friend., They no more giving eat all you want crabs. Now limited to 1 crab a erson.

TZ said...

Filip Demunick: It seems like it's a yearly event now :(

Medie007: So far i didn't see any.

Highheels : If i wear the high heels, it will have no problem to walk in the Thailand Flood right now?

Gratitude: Yup... So at least all the buddha sculpture will not destroy.

Smallkucing: I think it will be yearly event from now. Hopefully it will not be as worst as this round. Hmmm... I missed the offer in Steamboat Palace already :(