Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Near miss

Last Thursday, it was raining heavily in the evening. By the time i was heading home, there were still drizzling and the road was full of running water. That day, I skipped gym as i was tired and promised my mom to go back for dinner. 

Since i was not heading to FF-1MK, I used the non-Toll road which is Jalan Istana. If you have been to Jalan Istana before, you will know how the road looks like... There's a lots of curves in and out. I was happily cruising in the fast lane and didn't notice i was driving quite fast. Suddenly the front car pressing the emergency brake. And immediately i pressed mine. I forgot the road was full of water, as i pressed mine, my car slip out from the fast lane and nearly hit the car besides me. I thought i'm gonna hit the car besides me but luckily i was quick enough to pull back my steering to the other side and I ended up clashing my car into the side of the road. 

Car was slightly damage at the bottom, I was in shocked... I was so soooo soooo lucky that i didn't hit any cars... =.="

So folks, do drive slowly during this rainy season eh~


Small Kucing said...

thank goodness for your fast action.

foongpc said...

Wow!! You are lucky indeed! A reminder to ourselves to be more careful when driving.

Gratitude said...

Thank goodness you're ok!
Next time, we would like to hear you that you're happily driving slowly on the left lane instead, especially on wet roads.

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Medie007 said...

fuyoo.... drive carefully wor...

Ultraman Jino said...


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Bengbeng said...

we r all mortal. drive carefully wor

doc said...

just a timely reminder (warning?) to be careful on the road. i've learned mine the hard way.