Monday, May 28, 2012

My Healthy organic Lunch by Bahija

I was having lunch with Bahija a week before... We talked about exercise and eating healthy during our lunch in McD. 

Bahija : Hey next week i cook some Healthy Organic Lunch for you. I have bought the Hatcha Miso base. The original Miso soup base... it's Brown in color.
TZ: Hmm... nice, i had it before in Tokyo. 
Bahija: Okay next Tuesday i will cook it and you just need to reheat later.

On Monday evening, I received a message from Bahija that she was going to cook the Hatcha Miso Soup with Buckwheat Soba... wow~ I was excited and arranged with her on the pick up.

Few minutes later, i received a mail from her with the Title : You Healthy Lunch Menu. Opened the mail and saw some information regarding the organic healthy food that she was going to prepare...

It's all Organic :)

1. Organic Hatcha miso soup with anti-oxidant nutrient rich kombu
2.  Organic buckwheat soba with spicy hatcha miso dressing
  Steamed organic Choy sum
1. Mix some spicy Hatcha miso dressing into the Hatcha miso soup. 
2. Eat with the buckwheat soba and steamed organic Choy sum.
*The Organic Hatcha miso soup will remove radiation from our body.
*The Organic spicy Hatcha miso dressing will protect heart health, liver health, liver detox, protect against high blood pressure, anti-oxidants.

After my gym workout, on my way back, i stopped by Bahija's place and collected from her the lunch that she has prepared. She told me it would have scored 100 if she has the traditional Japanese triangle cloth. Anyway, it was so nice of her to make me lunch :)

On Tuesday noon, I took out the lunch from the fridge and got a few quick snap for this post. I had the healthy organic lunch by Bahija.

Buckwheat Soba with Stream Choy Sum + Hatcha Miso Soup
It' was a yummy and healthy lunch and it's done by Bahija... that's count eh~
So folks, don't be jealous eh~


JokerPJ said...

how's the taste? edible?

Medie007 said...


TZ said...

JokerPJ: the taste is good... i like it so much.

Medie007: Hmmm..... :p

[SK] said...

wow, looks yummy!! and most important of all, there's somebody who cooked that specially for you.. :)

TZ said...

[SK]: :)