Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrating Malaysia Day @ Hornbill State

huhuhu... I'm leaving city of pothole again for celebrating Malaysia Day. Another 24 hours i will be on my way to the city of Meow Meow... Guess?

This is 1960s Meow Meow City (TZ made it looks like 1960s. Nice?)... Let's roll the clock forward...

I was there on March 2009 and it was an enjoyable trip as i went with a friend of mine who likes photographing. And we met a couples of new friends at the backpacker inns. We spent 6 days in total at Kuching. Okay don't ask me why i spent 6 days in total. >.<

Anyway, this trip was a short one as i will be following a friend of mine back to his hometown and stayed in his house together with a Singaporean friend of us for a weekend. So, I'm not sure whether what my friend has arranged for us but i got to know there is one Sarawak Cruise in the itinerary... i'm bringing my Nikon D7000 for more shots. huhuhu...

Anyway, stayed tune for the report out of my weekend escape out of City of Potholes. Hello City of Meow Meow...  

Here some photos that i took when i was there in 2009

Water Front

Bidayuh house @ Cultural Village

Umai Umai - Sarawakian Sashimi
Say hello to Ritchie


Twilight Man said...

Hope you have fun! Check out to see if Ritchie has married?

TZ said...

Twilight Man: I didn't go and visit Ritchie. No time :p