Monday, September 9, 2013

Is Monday really BLUE?

I never think Monday is BLUE even though i went through the tough time. But today is Monday... I felt the BLUE~

Price on Good and Services Hike up 
After our lovely government announced 20 cents petrol price increase, all our goods and services also climbing up the ladder. And our saving is getting smaller and smaller... Sigh~
Is there a way to beat this to retain the saving?

Ringgit Devalued
The Ringgit is getting weaker and weaker day by day... meaning we are having pay cut compare to our fellow friends in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. It will come to a point an senior executive will earn less than a fresh graduate in Singapore. Sad case eh~
Any action plan to protect my salary being devalued?

Uncertainty on the current job
Change is constant no doubt but change is getting rapidly and things just get more and more unstable. So i think this is more stressful than having some issue in your job.
Maybe should think about switching to other country...

Investment for EPF individually got CUT again
The lovely government has revised their rules on the EPF individual investment via Unit Trust. This has brought down some full time Unit Trust agent's salary... overall we no longer able to get more fund for our individual investment. This will be just depends on our lovely government on how they wanna use the fund. Another Sad case~
We really have no other alternative but depends on the lovely government~ Big SIGH~

So, what should we do as a Malaysian?


Twilight Man said...

Migrate!!! See those smart birds that migrate to the south every Winter!

Small Kucing said...

Migrate is for those higher income. For those if us who barely surviving how???...

Blue blue my world is blue ~

Twilight Man said...

Anyone can migrate la pussy! Look at the cats in my neighbourhood. They just go house to house and take a leak & rest. Same concept!

[SK] said...

yeah, go to another country if you feel the insecurity..

Medie007 said...

Balik China la... >_<

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Yup maybe should think of the two islands south one big one small since their have strong currency :p

Small Kucing: Exactly, migration only affordable by Twilight Man. We don't have money how to migrate

Twilight Man: The one is Nomad life. don't think Small Kucing want to have those lifestyle.

TZ said...

[SK] / Medie007: Chun~ Both of you can be in lovely cabinet... Closeted~

Sound like those "INNOCENT" and "KIDDO" ministers.