Sunday, August 10, 2014

International Business

What is International Business Subject telling you? Work internationally? Expand your business and explore the international market?

This weekend is my International Business Class. Yesterday was the first day of the class that i wanted to attend long time back. I wanna to understand how i can be globalized and worked up to the value chain one decade plus ago when i was first graduated from Canada.

Today, i understand this is a very interesting subject to study with lots of theory and the main objective of this subject is on how to apply those theory and concept to exploit the opportunity for your business. If i want to explain in detail, I might need to spend multiple posts to explain it.

So, let's just make it short...

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS subject is learning on how to take good advantage of the world trade agreement and bottom-line is how to MAXIMIZE the profit of the business.

Anyone have any other input? :p


Happy walker said...

hihi, long time no visits u liao, u still remember me mah?

(A Growing Teenager Diary)

Small Kucing said... input but welcome back to blogging

TZ said...

Happy Walker: Such a long time didn't hear from you. Yes i still remember you as A Growing Teenager Diary. Interest diary for a Growing Teenager... So now no more Teenager eh~

Small Kucing: hahaha...