Thursday, August 14, 2014

flexibility working hour

What do you understand about flexibility working hour?

Flexibility working hour is you have no fix working hour, you can work at anytime, anywhere and with anyone... 

One day i bump into one friend...  The friend was on off day.

Friend: hey you finished your work so early? (@4:30pm). What is your official working hour?
Me: I have no official working hour. I can leave as early as i wanted and adjust my working hour to have conference call meeting at night. Sometime, I need to work till 12am.  
Friend: Wow~ Meeting at night. back to office? Teleconferencing? 
Me: Nope~ Just audio conferencing with US and Panama... sometime with Europe and India. I usually work from home at night. 
Friend: Good la, you can get out from work early to hit the gym. Basically, you can avoid the crowd.
Me: You are better position as you don't need to worry after getting out from work. Basically you work 8-5:30pm. Your life is better~ No worry after 5:30pm.
Friend: My job also tedious one... lots of people i need to see during my working hour. 
Me: Tell me about it, I don't see people with their face, I hear what they say... hearing their voice. Hehe... I also see lots of people.
Friend: We all have different working responsibility. I still preferred your working hour. 
Me: Wait till you are in my shoes.. i don't think you preferred then. 
Friend and Me: LoL. We all working class slave whether is flexible or fix working hours

So do you still want to have flexible working hour or stick to 8-5:30pm? Which one is your preference? 


Small Kucing said...

it depends la if those with self discipline will be good to have fexi hours

TZ said...

Small Kucing: For those who need to work like off hour i.e Conference call with US. Flexi hours is a need so that they won't burn themselves out. If just a local job... not necessary need this flexi :)

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