Friday, June 12, 2009


I got a confirmation mail two nights back that i was accepted to go through the SAP ABAP programming courses sponsored by our lovely government. This program was given to those people that did not have job. Hehehee... I'm one of the people who is sitting on the bench now.

It's has been so many years i do not get my hand dirty on IT technical. It will be fun to go back to IT technical core and learn the most marketable skill set... Anyway, the training will start next Monday for the coming 5 weeks ... I will be tied up on learning new stuff for the next 5 weeks and my certification exam will be on end of July ... :)

Hehehe... I'm so excited to start the training now :)


Paul J said...

is about what 1 leh?

::. Anton ::. said...

Chewah chewah... after so many swear words previously, now "lovely" government huh? :P


foongpc said...

Oh, so this is what back to school is all about! Well, enjoy your training!

Haha! LOL at Anton's comment : )

Fable Frog said...

congratulation~ LOL anton is so right~ kekeke anyway, have fun at the course ya~

Bengbeng said...

u will enjoy yrself I am sure :)

TZ said...

Paul J : It's a development tools for the famous Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)... :)

::. Anton ::. : hehehe.... not easy to get the lovely government to sponsor us ... kakaka... I bet you get what i meant.

foongpc: hehehe... this is back to school... training for 5 weeks :)

Fable Frog: Thanks thanks ... :)

Bengbeng: I will definitely enjoy myself.. :p

Twilight Zone said...

It is so rare that you reply comments these days. So the govt is not so bad after all. Good luck and have fun TZ

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: I take a break from complaining... it's doesn't mean that the govt is better lor ... blek~