Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Am i a celebrity?

I received a text on my phone

YUEN YUEN YUEN on Thursday!

then i replied
Celebrity fully book. Only available after CNY. I have company dinner on Thursday night. (something like that i also forgot the exact text)

i got a reply
Abalone, Celebrity pulak!

hahaha... This week was an extremely busy week for me. I have a disaster Monday if you read my entry yesterday. Then on Wednesday i need to head back home for dinner as i din't go back for dinner since last week. So mom is not very happy... Anyway, my parent will not be celebrating their Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Yup! I will be alone in Malaysia. Okie that will be another story...

Back to my busy slot.
Monday - work until very late --> Missed out dinner with mom
Tuesday - lots of work but managed to finish just in time to hit the gym for EASY STEP.
Wednesday - Place hold this slot for dinner with parent.
Thursday - Dinner with my colleagues --> "Soaw Gong Ciao"
Friday - Need to hit back early to take a nice sleep
Saturday - Heading to Penang early morning, driving alone
Sunday - Kuala Kangsar
Monday - Penang
Tuesday - Kuala Lumpur for dinner with uncle and aunties.
Wednesday - slot free
Thursday - slot free
Friday - Slot free
Saturday lunch - my classmate gathering
Saturday dinner - My ex-colleagues gathering
Sunday - Parent come back from Vietnam

Am i a celebrity or what? Anyway, anyone wanna to have dinner with me ... still have 3 slots free before it's gone... :p


Paul J said...

u got 3 days empty slot...tak kira celebrity

the happy go lucky one said...

so shall we meet up for loh sang or something, celebrity?

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

TZ, I have nominated you for an award.
Please come and claim it.

C'est la vie said...

If you got free time, come and find me on your free slot lo, I also very busy ok. LOL.

smallkucing said...

*pengsan* so busy ah

William said...

You're not keeping a slot for starbie?

pikey said...

Waaaah.. you guys are really a SUPER fan of Yuen steamboat...

Gratitude said...

What about the skankier bits that you omitted? :P

manglish said...

ya lor not tired meh everytime go Yuen.......hahah happy cny TZ

CH Voon said...

busy man!

every day - fill with appointment.

for me, fill with sleep at home : (

Shingo T said...

Haha, you are a busy man there, TZ.

Enjoy yourself, but don't kill yourself with a packed schedule. Have some time to breathe and enjoy a little of your own time doing your own things! ^_^