Thursday, February 11, 2010


I just got back from office 1am in the morning... Now i could hardly sleep, not because stress... because i have passed my sleepy time... :(

So, I decided to rant a bit on my disappointment of the job i have currently. Initially i take this assignment as the challenging assignment coz i have the opportunities to proof to turn around a project. If you know me well, you will know that i like challenging assignment. So when i took up this assignment, i was trying my best to improve and support the other support over the other country. I always tell myself that i want to turn this project around.

Two hours ago, i finally got disappointed, my engineer and i were trying so hard to make sure everything were in place and provided support to our support person on the other country. We sacrificed our personal time stayed up late in the office and i sacrificed my gym and dining with my parents and also my time with my fellow friends @ YUEN... not to mention my fellow reader of my blog. Just trying to impress the end customers.

Just one single email... he sent out just an email. That's it... destroyed the whole month afford to be in par of getting the end customers confident. We need to start all over again... If you get this kind of people, were you feel disappointed?... Never consult the team, Never think before action, Never do some research... and make decision to go on. Even better, this support guy thinks that he is Rimbo... He never have sufficient bullets and just hit the battle fields started shooting to all the people. At the end, we died together. So is this disappointed or what?

Sigh~ sigh~ sigh~~~~~ all the effort just wasted. I think maybe i should think of getting another job which is better pay, better prospect and better environment :p


smallkucing said...

sometimes life is like that. One tiny mistaken....

Well, try not to think of it too much now that it's done. Time to rest.

Take a good rest and rejuvenate for the next battle.

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

Medie007 said...

i also disappointed. :( frustrated more likely.

Shingo T said...

Had some similar experiences before. The feeling is very disappointing, yes.

After that, I learnt to give frequent updates to the people involved, so that in the event that I'm not in line with their expectations, they can voice it out earlier.

Effort wasted, yes it is. But hope you found a way to reduce the possibility of such unpleasant incidents from happening.

Else, it might just be your time to reconsider if you can contribute better in somewhere else.

You are still young. Don't get discouraged, ok? ^_^

KY said...

Welcome back to reality. :)
And welcome to the night support. LOL.
Think the other way buddy, someday you gonna be that guy. An email from you can decide the life of a project. That's gonna be fun!!!

Danny said...

he is just 'trying' to make u guys stronger la ;p
gd luck on getting a better job :))

C'est la vie said...

Try to look for better job lo, but you just got started. There are more to go. Take care ok? :)


huh? so fast think of another job? i believe there'll be this kind of person in every company, no matter they r in high or low position...

maybe jst bear with it and see how things go ~ :)

CH Voon said...

mmm so bad!

Feel that you really want to change job again... because of current lousy management of the company.

Good Luck!

the happy go lucky one said...

sigh thats worklife, sometimes it just doesnt evolve the way we desired *pat pat*

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

Wishing you HEALTH,