Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kucing watching Sunset

So what is this kucing doing on the rock? Shall we ask smallkucing?

I din manage to take a picture with this kucing as i was trying to side beside the kucing and enjoy the Sunset @ Pangkor.

Kucing @ Pangkor - watching Sunset
Dedicate to SmallKucing

Bunch of people just trying to take u jump , i jump picture

Reflection on the beach

Rocky Bay - able to walk over when low tide

My favorite Sunset picture - Taken by TZ :p


Medie007 said...

*medie likes this*

William said...

Yes, the sunset pic is superb.

KY said...

So only the sunset pic was taken by TZ? Who took the others?

M-Knight said...

awesome sunset......

smallkucing said...

Hahaha..kucing watch babes on the beach..*evil grinz*

TZ said...

Medie007: TZ like this too.

William: Thanks thanks ... :)

KY: All the pictures are taken by me... just wanna to emphasize the last picture coz it's my favorite :p

M-knight: thanks :)

smallkucing: now i know what smallkucing do when go to the beach... Blek~

CH Voon said...

kucing is not watching sunset... wait to catch those fishes which watching sunset.

TZ said...

CH Voon: Kucing scare water... how to catch fish?