Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy --> Lazy --> Sxxk

I was busy chasing my vendor to get every ready for my customer since last week. I have been working more than the hours that i suppose to work. Luckily, i was still not sacrificed my gym time for my busyness. Unfortunately when it hit this week, the work schedule totally upside down... I couldn't have the chance to go for the gym cause i was chasing the vendors for quotation... Sigh~

I was not feeling well since yesterday but not as bad as now. I still able to walk without muscle pain but unfortunately this morning the muscle started pain... ouch! Ouch! ouch! Walking like an old man...

Yup, i'm sick and i got slight fever, slight sore throat, slight ... now i'm not sure how long i gonna to be this situation... Please get me out of the sick time. I wanna be healthy again. Guess what my colleague gave me to cheer me up?

"An apple a day, keep the doctor away". They changed it to "Use iPhone everyday, doctor will stay away" So doc, please don't get offended eh~

hahaha... i'm in the gym now. Took a shower and wait for friends to get ready to leave. I was doing the shortest gym session today. i have 15 mins run, 15 mins walk... After this exercise, i carried weight for my chest but felt like no energy... So gave up and hit the shower... Now i felt better... definitely need a stretch when i get back home.

Folks, the weather is changing from time to time .... take care of yourself eh~ Do more exercise and eat healthy :) Ciao~


Gratitude said...

karmic repercussion for your comment last Sat. Not feeling young now huh? mwahahahahaha

smallkucing said...

Weather changing. Kejap hot kejap rain. Easy to fall sick.

Eh..i thought it was "an apple a day keeps the doctor away.If the doctor is lenglui/chai, then throwaway the apple" :p

Medie007 said...

get well soon.

take 2 tabs panadol.
take the cetrizine first.

drink lots of water
and go to sleep.

get well soon!

[SK] said...

some times work is like that, just don't complain and you'd feel happier.. and hope you'll recover soon, cos piles of work are waiting for you, hahahaha~~ :D

Lifebook said...

Just an excuse not going to gym.. :)

William said...

sxxk = suck = BJ. :P. Get well soon.

pikey said...

Get well soon ya..... and stay positive..

Paul Figaro J said...

means u havent try full RPM47 lorr... too bad

Danny said...

get well soon .. n get more rest la.. still gymming ahh? lol ;p

TZ said...

Gratitude: hmmm... not really feeling old. But at lease i'm not as old as you Blek~

smallkucing: hahahaha.... throwaway the apple to see the doctor. I rather have the apple:p

medie007: dude, thanks for the prescription. I feel better today :)

[SK]: Agreed... need to get well soon. Piles of work waiting for me :'(

lifebook: dude, i din see you in gym recently, Where have you been?

william: eeeee.... sxxk = sick.

pikey : thanks dude :)

paul figaro J : I was so tempted to join the RPM last night but after 2nd thought i decide not to. Luckily i din join RPM otherwise i might have fainted inside the studio.

Danny: eeee... I will skip gym today.

doc said...

no offence taken.

take care & get well soon!

TZ said...

doc: hahaha ... :p thanks... I'm feeling better after taking the uphamol + cetrizine.