Saturday, June 12, 2010

۸۸ ۸۸ ۱۴ ۱۵

In Malaysia when u want to order pizza, what number you call? Or you may just click into the Dominos pizza webpage and order a pizza online. But when you are in Tehran... What number you call for a nice pizza? Anyone know?

Pizza box

Yummylicious Square pizza

Are you drooling yet?

You have seen the top... need to see the bottom too

So, do you want to try the yummylicious pizza now?


pikey said...

I'm hungry, lols... got tapao balik onot?

[SK] said...

نجاح باهر ، وهذا هو لذيذ جدا

manglish said... tat a number?

3quarks said...

yeah looks yummy. i like thin crust:)

TZ said...

Pikey: Just call the number on the box, maybe they will ship to you via DHL ;-p

[SK]: (Please read from left to right)
جب ~ می دانید بیش از حد دیگر از تامیل عربی... توسط راه ، این عربی نیست. این فارسی است

manglish: the number is on the box.. just call and remember to speak Farsi (Persian) eh~

3quarks: It's nice :p

Twilight said...

Hee hee! Looked like Camel's food.

KY said...

Not bad. How was the taste actually?