Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Robinhood : Trying to be

Few weeks back, I was @ Eagle Ranch Resort with a few bloggers. We spent overnight in this resort which gave me the opportunities to ride a horse, drive a go kart, kayaking and last but not least... trying to be Robin hood.

This was my very first Archery session... I never tried this sport before. So i was excited to hold the bow and placed the arrow on the bow. And imagine myself as Robin Hood... Oh forgot to get a feather and place it on my bandana ~wink~

Day #1 - Stylish eh~ (ada gaya)

Day #2 - another attempt

After 2 practice sessions, finally i got the satisfied result. I don't mind going for another Archery session in the near future.

This is TZ's result... Did you see what i saw?

Anyone wanna to go for Archery one of these day?


Filip Demuinck said...

It's not easy that's for sure.

smallkucing said...

Is it the blue circle? Not an easy task

Legolas said...

I only played archery on my Wii. Hahaha! But you got some good scores there!

Twilight said...

Yeah i saw you poke 2 arrows onto the yellow egg tart. No?

Medie007 said...

not bad eh... robin hood...

Gratitude said...

For the 1st day session, i thought you mata sepet! lolz

William said...

Practise more. Put a pineapple on Grat's head. :P

TZ said...

Filip Demuinck: It's not that easy but i have a strong arm. It become not so difficult.

Smallkucing: hahahhaaa... all the circle also not easy :p

legolas: dude, i don't even know how to calculate. maybe you can help me to count :)

Twilight: hahaha... are you craving for the egg tart from Papparich?

medie007: hmmm... still amateur

Gratitude: not mata sepet la... just that can't use to the bow :p

William: hahaha... don't want la. what if the arrow go down south instead of up north... how?