Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is change good?

Sometime we need changes to improve our work and life, but one question is change good?

These few days, i encountered a joke of the century... Currently i'm working in a project for this client of mine which is a well know corporate. To my surprise, they really like to change... Why i say so? Their changes will happen every minutes, seconds, hopefully not down to milliseconds etc... Anyway, their changes also involve requirement change, meeting time change etc. They even can request a meeting in the morning and expecting you to be there in the afternoon. So we need to travel from PJ to KL... sigh~

Let's get back to Monday, the client has setup a meeting with nice agenda out... and the team has prepared to go for this super duper requirement change meeting. But on Monday night, there was a call and say meeting postponed to Wednesday. Okay! (we need to contact here and there to make sure team will not go over to client place). We accepted the new meeting request on Tuesday morning for Thursday meeting. Then a phone call over and say meeting postponed to Thursday on Tuesday evening. What a joke! So we happily went back home. Guess what? I received a call @ about 8 something last night and told me that they would like to proceed with the meeting on Wednesday morning, which is today... Ish~ can't they decided such a small matter. Then i need to contact here and there to make sure the relevant person to attend the meeting...  It was a very disappointed with this unorganized corporate culture. Is all the Malaysian Corporate having the same culture?

By the way, there are plenty more changes (added new requirement, changes the business flow etc) that they have made and those have impacted to our project progress... the only thing that they don't change is the DEAD LINE... what the hell?

Anyhow, what do you think about change, is it good or bad?


Danny said...

thats y i hate working with this type of ppl.. so unorganized ;(

Legolas said...

The change you mentioned is annoying, and projected a bad image of the people and the company.

I don't like big changes, like company change, location change, or commitment change. But I've made a few and survived.

Gabriel said...

i don't like that kind of changes as well. so unorganized. if once or twice due to emergency then is fine, but more than that is simply a mess. hahaa...all the best!as an old saying goes, customers/clients are always right! :(

Twilight said...

Yawn! Yawn! Yawn! I have been enduring all these moronic clients all my life. Sometimes I just changed the clients instead.

Gratitude said...

Client is king! unfortunately, when your boss sucks up to them.

TZ said...

Danny: Me too... Sad to say that i'm working with this kind of people now.

Legolas: hehehe... i think change is everywhere. So i agreed with you it's the matter of how you survived through the change.

Gabriel: Tell me about it. It has been like that since day one. Trying to help them to improve but they resist of CHANGING to more organize way... what to do Client is King~

Twilight: you can change client but i couldn't... the only way to do is switch company :p

Gratitude: aiyo Client is King eh~ Eeee... Should i say boss is king too? But i don't think so as i can just leave my boss for another opportunity out there,

William said...

My client also like that. Every time change flow. Restructure. Change seat also often!