Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water disruption @ Klang Valley (Partially)

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There will be a water disruption in 1/4 of the Klang Valley... mainly the suburban of Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya. The gym that i have been going i.e. Fitness First has text me regarding the water disruption.

RM0.00 Disruption of water supply at 5 Fitness First clubs: DU, MA, TC, 1MK, MML from 8am 22/6 - 8am 24/6. Home members r welcome to other FFClubs. Pls call respective club.

Fitness First has 12 outlets in Malaysia which 11 outlets are located in klang valley. Now 5 outlet will be impacted by the disruption of the water supply. Left 6 outlet which will jam pack especially FF @ Empire. I still not sure which outlet should i visit for my gym tomorrow. Maybe i should go to Klang Bukit Tinggi and after gym i can have BKT for dinner ;-)

Anyway, will decide tomorrow morning then.
For those who stay in the affected area, please do your preparation eh~


Twilight Man said...

I still have to go to FF @ 1MK coz got trainer. After that go to Bukit Tinggi and mandi la!

foongpc said...

No water cut also today!! Wated my time preparinng for it!! Grrrr!!

Medie007 said...

actually most the buildings in KL got their own water reserves one...

Twilight Man said...

Last night 1MK got water. If they cut tonight, I will shower at TZ's house ok.

TZ said...

Twilight man : Seems like the huge tanks save the world... i meant save the FF members :p Anyway, i was @ 1MK on Thursday. There was water too.

Foongpc: you were lucky not water disruption @ your place.

Medie007: yup... your place too eh~