Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sawadeekap - Welcome to the land of smile

I was having a 8 days vacation in the land of smile - Thailand. I left KL for Bangkok on June 2nd... The flight took around 2 hours 10 mins.

Before 15 mins to landing... we have already on the top of delta Menam Chao phraya.

Delta Menam Chao Phraya
Let's zoom in further to see what is the square boxes... It's paddy field... 

Paddy fields @ Delta Menam Chao Phraya
The flight continued to move forward and the scenery turned from the Paddy Field to the high density city scene... This city named Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Slowly we could see the skyscrapers which is like some matches boxes.

City of Bangkok - Aerial view
So anyone of you know how big is the Bangkok? According to Wikipedia records... Bangkok is about  7,761.50 km2
Can you measure?
We touched down after flown by city of Bangkok. Once we completed the immigration clearance and headed to grab a taxi to our hotel @ downtown. 

We were welcomed by the well known Bangkok jam...

Traffic Jam @ Bangkok
In regardless of the jam, i was enjoying taking pictures of the city and there is one building that drawn my attention... 

This is the tallest building in Bangkok : The Baiyoke Tower (85 floors). This building structure looks like the US bank Tower in Los Angeles USA.

Anyway, we settled our accommodation and headed out for food @ Siam Paragon.  


CH Voon said...

The tallest building in thailand is 304meter. Our malaysia Menara Telekom is 310m which is taller than them. Twin tower is 452m.

Thailand is a good place to visit

Bananazஇ said...

Nice bird's eye view of agriculture landscape to concrete jungles and the tallest building. Hope you are had lots of fun.

Medie007 said...

wah... birdeye view is very nice ler

reanaclaire said...

Oh, i would love to go Bangkok again.. it has been more than 20 over years since i last visited Bangkok.. lol..

Twilight said...

It will be my turn to visit Thailand!

Gratitude said...

Great photography kan? wakakaka

TZ said...

CH Voon : You bet~

Bananazஇ : Thanks. i have lots of fun and don't mind going back to Thailand.

Medie007: thanks thanks :)

Reanaclaire: you should pay a visit to Bangkok. Just a 2 hours flight from KL.

Twilight: when are you going to visit Thailand. Can i join?

Gratitude: yup~