Thursday, December 29, 2011

Roll back to Quarter 1 - 2011

I gotten a new job and i switched from a local company back to MNC. I felt like i was going back home as i like to work in MNC company then the local one. Not to say local company not good but i enjoyed working in MNC.

Hey I was kind of lazy for the year 2011... I only noticed that i didn't even do a report out on Chinese New Year 2011. Anyway, it's just the same old Chinese New Year... blah blah blah... But every year i got this super huge prawn that my uncle specially gave it to me...

Super huge Prawn in Chinese New Year
I planned and booked the ticket to Bangkok (June 2011 trip) at the same time i was loaded in my job... more and more projects came under my portfolio... so did i get the day off... Hmmmm... I was working hard and playing hard too. Anyway, it was a dry March 2011 but it's good that i have something to look forward. The First time to Bangkok.

Sunset @ Wat Arun
Next : Roll back on Quarter 2 - 2011... Stay tune eh~


[SK] said...

wow, meaning you have been to Thailand for twice this year??

Medie007 said...

Bangkok. TZ's second home. HAHAHAHA