Friday, December 30, 2011

Roll Back to Quarter 2 & Quarter 3 - 2011

My new project finally gone live and the first batch of customers came in and used the system... It was a hard work for the whole team to get the release completed. Anyway, it also earned me tans of replacement leaves. So now you know why i got to travel so much in a year ;-)

My very first run in Putrajaya. It was a relay run as Medie007 signed up for 5 of us including himself. Each of us running 3km and i was not performing well as my route was going uphill :( Anyway, it was an enjoyable run back in May.
Run TZ Run
My very first trip to Bangkok. The city of Angel... The city was very big... of cause bigger than the city of potholes. BTW, and as what Twilight said everything is CHEAP CHEAP and CHEAP... We have a good time there. I couldn't imagine i was back to the city 6 month later...

This month of the year was very dry... nothing much happened and moreover after the vacation in June. The most disappointed moment was having the announcement from my boss ... No travel for the rest of the year :(... Anyway, i was using the month of July to slim down since i gained weight in the beginning of the year. So i tried out a PT session...

My dearest Nikon D70 died... death cause : Moldy. Anyway, i gotten another baby Nikon D7000. This was the month which I had so much photographing with my new Nikon D7000. Why? i went to Ho Chih Ming, Vietnam for 10 days. It was a nice trip as i was having the drivers to drive me around. Hehehe... sis's driver. :p

Another change happened in this month... Guess what? the change of BOSS. I was reported to the Senior manager instead of the director. This was a not so good feeling as they re-shuffle the organization. Anyway, i survived the change and moving forward.

Coming up Roll Back to Quarter 4 - 2011


Small Kucing said...

looking forward to it

Happy New Year and Keep blogging!


Bengbeng said...

Happy new year 2012. TZ, the mouldy problem it cannot be fixed? I have same problem with my DX 40 nikon

Medie007 said...

gone with the old come with the new. not satisfied emh? XD

Twilight Man said...

Moldy can be fixed but slow!