Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michelin Energy XM2 - good for Malaysia drivers?

After ran over the Malaysia Boleh potholes the night before, all the 4 tyres of my car have been replaced with Michelin Energy XM2... Nice to drive but yet to test on the wet and slippery road. Michelin has claimed that Energy XM2 are more durable, better grip and more important it's potholes resistance and tested...

Everyone knows there are so so so many 1Malaysia potholes or Malaysia Boleh potholes scattered around the city of Potholes. This is the type of tyres we should have when we drive in the city of potholes. LoL.

Picture adapted from The Star Online
Potholes @ Persiaran Surian
I found an article in Stars stated how dangerous is potholes @ Persiaran Surian, those potholes caused my tyre flatten and made me change the tyre :(  Just wonder how the lovely government going to close this issue?

Anyway, I was lucky as i was not riding a bike otherwise i would have injured and might be said goodbye to this world. 


MEcoy said...

cool tires

Small Kucing said...

haha....go leave a comment at the Majlis Perbandaran website now. sure they will fix it within a week time.

The same happen four years ago. Just before election i complain about pothols neear my place. Straight awa they come and fix. Then afetr election, complain action jor

TZ said...

MEcoy: yup it's cool and nice to drive with the new tire too :)

Small kucing: That's why i called those potholes 1Malaysia Potholes or Malaysia Boleh potholes. Hey if they fixed all the potholes... then we no longer have the city of potholes.

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, Small Kucing is right.

My Kenari memang x bare any potholes oredy ><

JokerPJ said...

dang~ I just changed my tires =.=

Medie007 said...

time to menepati janji!

city said...

thanks for sharing.

Phạm Minh Tâm said...
Invite you to visit my blog and leave comments of yourselves

TZ said...

Xjion89 : Beware of those 1 Malaysia or Malaysia Boleh Potholes eh~

JokerPj : what tyres your have changed?

city: you are welcome... btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Pham Minh Tam: I could not read vietnamese language so not sure how to comment on your blog :(