Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flat Tyre

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Have you gotten a flat tyre before? What would you do when you have a flat tyre?
1. Call AAM
2. Call friends to help
3. Call siblings
4. Do it yourself

Which is your answer?

I have a flat tyre on my way back from the Curve after my gym and snack last night. It was around 10pm. I was driving and suddenly i heard a very loud sound and my steering was tilt towards the left side of the car. So i quickly on the signal and stopped by the road... Oh no the tyre has just flatten. 


Without wasting anytime, I transfered my laptop bag inside the car from the trunk, got hold of all the tools. And kick start the project. 

The first thing i need to do is to locate the connector under the car to hold the Jack. 

After i located the connector, i jacked up the car with the Jack and the given tools. Next was the unscrew part, unscrewing the 4 tighten nuts from the flat tyre was not an easy job. You need strength and tools. I was using leg to step, arm to pull to unscrew all 4 nuts. 

Took out the flatten tyre and tried to fit the spare tyre on to the ring. The car was not high enough to place the spare tyre. So i continued to jack up the car until the spare tyre fit into the ring. Screwed the 4 nuts and made sure all the nuts were tighten. Again i have to use arm and leg to tighten the nuts. Of cause with the tools... 

Anyway, it was a second workout for me and guess what? I figured out this was another type of workout which i wet my whole polo shirt and i felt the whole body muscle being worked out after i completed the project a.k.a changing the tyre.

I drove home safely "HOME SWEET HOME"


foongpc said...

I will definitely call AAM cos I have no spare tyre in my car haha!

MEcoy said...

haha i remember when we went to batanggas the 4hrs drive turned 12 bcos of tire problem can you imagine?

Twilight Man said...

I hate flat tyres. Worst of all was when the tyre got torn and need to be replaced. Heartaches!

Medie007 said...

so u replace ur flat one d?

Ev. C said...

You're lucky. I knew someone who drove and busted all 4 tyres and rims of his MPV on the same stretch of road (Curve underpass towards kota d'sara). Hohohoho.

TZ said...

Foongpc: How you gonna survive if you encountered the flat tyre? AAM will not replace a new tyre for you.

Twilight Man: I ended up replaced all 4 tyres.

Medie007: Already done~ when you are back to KL i show you my new tyres

Ev. C: oh I'm not the only one...

Justin Chan said...

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chris vogas said...

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Rita said...

I used to call my friends to replace my flat tire, but now, I can do it myself. It's not hard to learn the process, you just have to study religiously. They’re glad that I keep my tools and spare tire in the trunk since I don't have to bother them anymore. And they don't have to rush to my location during midnight. Hehe! :)

Rita @ EvansTire.com