Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kangkung a.k.a Water Spinach

you may call this joke of the week, Joke for easing Monday Blues, or Joke of the day... When every single creative way of expression on KANGKUNG made me ROTFL. 

This is what happen?
Our lovely Malaysian Prime Minister use Kangkung to express his view and comment on the price hike    on all the price like Petrol, Toll and staple food in Malaysia. This has cause the nation not happy with what his decision. 

In one of the event, he told the public as Malaysian we only complain the price of goods raise and no one actually say thanks to the government when a price of Kangkung dropped recently. It's not fair... Something like that. 

So few hours after his statement... The Facebook flooded with all kind of jokes about Kangkung...  here is one of the example regarding the joke about McKangkung... 

Adapted from Malaysia insider

and many more creative Kangkung related material. Visit all the Facebook Page~

Anyway, we know the year 2014 might be a tough year for Malaysia but one word i would like to share with every Malaysian Reader... Enjoy~ 

Adapted from googleusercontent


Twilight Man said...

Idiots and morons are born every minute! So was he.

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Sad to see this rite?