Monday, January 27, 2014

Assignment! Assignment! Assignment!

Time flies... my 1st semester is going to end. How many semesters left? 5 Semesters to go... cool eh~

Rolled back to the time when you are in school... do you still remember when is the busiest moment? hehehe... 2 weeks before the final exam; because of assignments usually due 1 to 2 weeks before final. We should start the assignment as early as possible but ... we tensed to be lazy and only start when time approach to the due date.  Last minutes job...

I was busy with my assignment last week and next week... How about CNY... Hmmmm... for a married but available guy, there will not be any CNY. Is this true? - According to my senior. Sad right?

For me, CNY is just another holiday to catch up or relax. This year i will be doing my assignment during the CNY and luckily i was not celebrating my CNY in Penang. Instead i will be leaving for Vietnam. More time for me to sit down and complete my assignment.

Now i wanted to fast forward to look at after 5 Semesters... Hurray~ No more assignment. I can relax and gotten the married but available status.

Hey~ wake up TZ!!! too early to dream... you still have 1.5 years eh~



MiChi said...

haha.... it's really normal regardless of what age the student is... I just finished 10 assignments total to 300 pages in one week, thanks to my "last minute" attitude... good luck to you!

[SK] said...

good luck with your assignments.. but i think most people work better under deadline pressure, right?? :p

TZ said...

Michi: WoW~ how many subjects :) BTW, what course are you taking now?

[SK] : thanks :) hahaha... tell me about it. It's suffering :)

MiChi said...

3 subjects......taking master in educational psychology