Monday, March 3, 2014

My 6 packs abs GOAL...

I have a GOAL to get 6 packs... Can i achieve it?

One of my close friend said "Aiya~ Don't think you can achieve it with your age"
Another close friend of mine said "What for?"

So what would be your said?

After being trained with my current Personal Trainer for nearly 2 years, I wanted to give my current training a change to boost the transformation of my body to achieve my Goal. I have decided to sign up Boxing / Muay Thai... so now my training will be Boxing and weights. Hope to get 6 packs and nice shoulder eh~

Last Saturday was my first Boxing Training and we will have the training once a week. :)

March 2nd 2014 - My first Boxing Training
I asked my Personal Trainer to snapshot this picture for me to see what will be the change after few months later. Will let you know how the result eh~


Twilight Man said...

I always believed you can do it. Change your glutton habits! Blame the PT lah!

[SK] said...

wherever there is a will there is a way!! sure you can get it..

Gratitude said...

Sure life! Lol

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Yes~ I can do it. Change my diet but why should i blame my PT? Are you blaming someone whenever you cannot achieve your goal? Sound like our lovely government eh~

[SK]: Thanks dude~ I will work harder.

Gratitude: Hmmm... that one definitely will have... my next life but before going too far. I have to achieve it now~