Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday afternoon - To gym or NOT to gym ...

Oops! people must be thinking... My only things can be do in Saturday is to gym. I was slowing down on going to the gym recently. Kind of lazy, not sure why but i think i have to ditch my bad habit of not hitting the gym as often as i did. 

I was proudly telling everyone i'm a gym goer and hitting the gym everyday. But today, I was asking myself "To gym or NOT to gym" 

Guess what? 
One of my friend who is a blogger posted a picture in my FB after i ask this "To gym or NOT to gym"

hehehe... do you find going to gym very hard? I found consistently going to the gym is hard after you kind of slow down. 

Okay~ Time to wrap up and hit the gym eh~

1 comment:

Twilight Man said...

I changed gym after getting ripped off by FF.
Now this 24hr gym saves me enough to buy air tickets yearly! Hooray!