Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad + Canada Day

My dad birthday is on the same day as Canada Day. How i gonna celebrate my dad's birthday? hehehe... mom is going to cook tonight and i will be home for dinner. I'm going to skip gym and be back to have dinner together with my parents.

Happy Birthday Dad

Canada day is the independent day for Canada. Every year they have the fireworks celebration... This reminds me when i was in Canada decade ago... Each of us got a nice Canada flag pin for free when you visit the parade. Unfortunately my photo was not in digital to show you how they celebrated Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadian


William said...

Thought you wanted to celebrate by going to Canada!

[SK] said...

next year bring your dad to Canada and celebrate his birthday together with all the canadians~~ :p

manglish said...

so guai cai ar....clap clap clap haahha happy birthday to him...Banzai Banzai Ban Ban Zai hahahaha

smallkucing said...

happy birthday to your day. a moment there i thought I read you cooking for your dad. mistake :P

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, ask a friend to mail u a maple leaf~~u make it into a bookmark~~~a good gift^^

TZ said...

William: Hahaha... how to go to Canada to celebrate?

[SK] : Hmmm good idea but i don think my dad will enjoy coz he been to Canada before :p

Manglish: *blush*... of coz :p Thanks for the wishes eh~

Smallkucing : me cooking... eeeee... have to wait for hours only can eat :p

Xjion89: i have many already as i studied in Canada :p

kashif14763 said...

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