Friday, August 27, 2010

Movie --> Gym --> Eat --> Sleep

August 27th 2010 Kuala Lumpur: Today is a holiday for the state of Selangor. TZ has looking forward for this day. So how TZ spent the day... Okay another 30 mins. The day officially will be off.

TZ woke up around 9:30am with a morning call from his colleagues of asking him to reply the mail. Thanks to the morning call he only slept less than 5 hours. The day before, he worked until 3am and managed to sleep at around 5am.

@ 12pm, TZ left for Cathay e@Curve for a movie that he and his friend wanted to watch two weeks ago. Again deal to the busy schedule, this movie has been postponed. So what is the movie did TZ watch this morning?

After the movie, TZ went for a late lunch and chill out @ Coffee Bean before heading for gym at around 5pm. He went for RPM Challenge on 6:30pm after 1.5 hours of weights workout. It was a very enjoyable gym session after so long without a proper gym session.

Mom's cooking is the most enjoyable food for TZ... He missed his mom's cooking as it has been 2 weeks he never gone back for dinner. Yum Yum ... Mom cooked Steam fish, Stewed Beef and one vegetables. The nicest was the chicken herbs soup...

Okay, it's the end of the day and it's time for TZ to hit the bed, Recharge is important for TZ. TZ has to recharge for those energy which has lost for the past two weeks... Until then, good night folks and have a nice weekend.


Filip Demuinck said...

Seems like a busy day. All fun and action

TZ said...

Yup and i slept like a baby last night