Saturday, August 7, 2010

TZ needs a BREAK.

For the past few day. I have been working until late night to hit the deadline. Anyway, the team is marching towards the goal good progress with hitting 70% complete. Kudos to the team for their hard work.

Hopefully by tuesday we could get ready for the testing... No matter how I have already plan a getaway for my Port Dickson trip next weekend. Please don't stop me for going for my weekend breakaway. I need it badly 


Gratitude said...

But you ody hv so many breaks during weekends :P

smallkucing said...

Looks like you are getting over the critical period.

PD nice trip :D. Went there last weekend.

If you drop by Seremban. can go cari makan at Era Aquare. 1 western restaurant called Kensington. Not pricey and good food.

But then you make sure ask the to go slow on the food else they will pile up your table from appetizer to dessert at the same time.

TZ said...

Gratitude: always not enough with getaway breaks. 

smallkucing: i wanna to get this opportunities to relax prior to the next release...

William said...

Amazing! You've turned things around!

TZ said...

William: hehehe ... :p