Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Burnt out

Just don't feel like waking up this morning... As blue said he is having Tuesday Blue... I think i'm having that too. I skipped my gym again yesterday. The customer testing ran smoothly but need to make sure everything being tested and signed off next Monday. Given we have quite a number of fixes needed. I need to micro manage the team again. sigh~

Okay, i know i am heading towards the burnt out stage, do I? Hmmm... Anyway, being a leader, no matter how i still have to stay focus, so my team would be able to march together.

Gotta get ready for work now. Ciao~

Have a Happy Tuesday eh~


smallkucing said...

at least it went smoothly :D

TZ said...

Smallkucing: should be smoother 

Chris said...

Sometimes it feels really lazy to work after a long break.

TZ said...

Chris: ya right ... someone here showing off. Anyway, I bet you were enjoying your holiday. I'm looking forward for one myself :p