Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taiping International Marathon 2011

September 13th 2011 : TZ is heading to Taiping for Taiping International Marathon 2011. This is his 2nd marathon run. He will be running 10km this round. 3 km more than the NTV7 feel good run and 7KM more than Ekiden. 

TZ still remember his first official run i.e. Ekiden Run 2011 @ Putrajaya. This was a relay run and he ran together with 4 of his friends. On July 2011, he participated on the NTV7 feel good run. 

Now, TZ is preparing and counting down the days on the run @ Taiping...

Book Hotel : CHECKED

Flemington Hotel
Running Route : CHECKED

The route with all the old raintree
Scenic View along the running track : CHECKED

Scenic Lake View
Hmmm... there is a one important item which i haven't CHECKED until i came across a post regarding Taiping food in Caring is NOT only sharing. After reading her post, i have posted a comment to seek for the direction to the eatery paradise. Now I can CHECKED the place for food in Taiping.

Place for food in Taiping : CHECKED

Okay, what else i missed out?


Medie007 said...

er... your running shoes? maybe heat rubs?

TZ said...

medie007: oh... i forgot to put a CHECKED for my running shoes. :p

Small Kucing said...

after reading Claire's blog I also wanna isit Taiping

Paul Figaro J said...

10pm need heat rub meh? And how abt PBIM? have u registered?

TZ said...

smallkucing: come over on September 24th 2011. Then we can makan makan sambil bersocial (having a meal while socialize).

Paul Figaro J: Don't understand 10pm... anyway, i have registered the PBIM on Nov 20th 2011. This round i'm running 10km ;-) How about you?