Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Going to be SICK...

Oh man! the sick season is coming to town... I hear gym goer cough cough here and cough cough there... everywhere cough cough... The weather changes very fast... morning it was sunny and blue sky. Few hours later, the sky turned dark and the rain drops started... Must be someone like to sing " Rain drop keeps falling on my head"... hey stop it... later you got wet and sick then you know...

Anyway, i have to get some rest too... Not feeling very well. Feel like i'm going to get sick too.

Anyway, my friend has already NOT feeling well...  I was MSN with my friend...

Me: why today no plan?
Me: Staying at home playing game?
Friend: Yea
Me: So bore?
Friend: No la
Friend: NOT feeling well...
Me: Too much of beer?
Friend: No ar
Friend: Long time no drink lo
Me: hahaha...
Me: Next time we go TGIF eh~ Now 2 cocktails for RM50nett.

Then my friend didn't reply... don't know whether too concentrate on the game or dozed off because of NOT feeling well. Anyway, take a good rest and get well soon eh~

Now i gonna hit the bed soon. Before that, if i'm really sick can someone please help to call my boss to inform him i'm on SICK LEAVE eh~


ladyviral said...

drink more fluids. alot of people are falling sick. i myself have been sick for 3 weeks.

Twilight Man said...

Your friend and you drink same beer & hit same gym. Sure sick lah.

Small Kucing said...

rest more la

Gratitude said...

Sick, then how to run this weekend?

Medie007 said...

rest well. ;)

TZ said...

Ladyviral: thanks... take care eh~

Twilight Man: hahaha... you prediction is wrong. I never go drinking with this friend of mine. :p BTW, this friend of mine never go gym.

Small kucing: thanks :)

Gratitude: Now i worry so have to rest more and get well soon.

Medie007: Since you are doctor... any medicine to speed up the recovery?