Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 (RWMF)

I have been talking about going to the Rainforest World Music Festival since decade ago...  Very sad to say i haven't visited the RWMF yet. Last year, i told my Sarawakian friend that i wanna to plan to visit the RWMF this year. Emm.... Nothing happen as i kind of forgot the event until recently i saw this poster.

Picture adapted from RWMF.net
Surprisingly no radio station talking about this event and not much people promoting about it. So, now it's too late for me to get the flight ticket, hotel accommodation and the entrance ticket to the RWMF 2012. I bet there still have the package but it should be costing a bomb... Maybe i should plan in ahead for RWMF 2013 then... Anyone can offer me a stay in Kuching?

BTW, anyone going for RWMF 2012?


foongpc said...

Yeah, this year no promotion. I also unaware about this!

TZ said...

Foongpc: yes! i think our tourism minister really done a bad job of promoting the event... Sigh~

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Should be no problem to get tickets or hotel accommodation somewhere in Kuching. The flight tickets might be a problem though.

Small Kucing said...

i have a sabahan friend who went last year

Natasha Ting said...

I wish i could go! I love to feel the rhythm and spirits of the traditional people.


Sedetik Lebih said...

anyone want a ticket for opening?.. i have 1 but can't go.. want to sell if anyone interested.. 1 day pass for opening 13 July 2012... interested?..email me farra_burn@yahoo.com

JuaN oMaR said...

some photo from the event i took if u guys wanna see


sorry for noob photography, using my phone..