Monday, July 2, 2012

Political Tsunami

Most of you must be thinking i will write about Malaysia General Election related post eh~ You are wrong! I'm not going to write about our lovely government or those useless and useful Members of Parliament etc etc... So please do not arrest me eh~

Politician is not a job which only exists in a country... it's a globalized job and exists in everywhere... it exists in a big family, a small company, a big corporation, a country and maybe in the future it exists in space too like Star Treks... Muahahaha!!

Anyway, I'm about to tell you some story which happen in the big corporation. CHANGE is a constant  in a big corporation especially the multinational company. Almost everyone in the big corporation has to learn how to be politician. True or Not? Those who work in big corporation, are you a politician?

Recently one of my colleague got switched within 24 hours from Project Manager to Business Analyst, according to her project team members, she is doing very well on managing the project, in fact she has managed the project for couples of months since the project kicked started. The management just decided to place a new / inexperience PM to the project just because the new PM requests... (Good luck to the team)... Anyway, i weren't wanna to get myself involve into this kind of matter. So i will not write more about this... It's kind of scary as i don't know when would be my turn as i am new to this group. 

Again, I have to stress CHANGE is constant in the big corporation... So no matter how, we need to get ourselves prepare to undertake the Tsunami which might or will sweep away our career... Are you prepare to undertake / avoid the political Tsunami?


Small Kucing said...

why the Management like that one...cannot simply transfer people without ample warning mah. What if the old PM doesnt wanna go.

TZ said...

small kucing: The old PM just kept quiet and accepted the switch. What a sad story. Anyway, i also don't know why management wanna to transfer the old PM out...